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Syberia 3 Walkthrough
Part 1 - Beginning To Valsembor

by Mr. Bill

Game Authored and Directed by Artist Benoit Sokal, Produced by Microids and Koalabs Studio,
Published by Anuman Interactive


Free Kate Walker from Upper Clinic (Psych Ward?).

Fix the Call Button.

What is wrong with the Squid Key?

Heading to the Lower Clinic

Must we go to Olga's office?

Where did Olga go? Sword Puzzle!

Underground River? (Secret Place)

Kate arrives at Youkol Village.

Ostriches are being poisoned. Dam Puzzle!

Market Place? Part of Youkol Village!

Kate needs an Official Stamped Pass to enter Valsembor!

Syberia 3 Walkthrough Part 2 Valsembor to Baranour

Free Kate Walker from Psych Ward on the very top of the Hospital.

Kate wakes up and notices a young man who knows who she is and introduces himself. Talk to Kurk at length (meaning use all options of discussion until you get repetition). He is the leader of a group of Nomads called Youkols. Kurk and his group are the ones who found Kate and nourished and cared for her from near death.

Fix the Call Button.

After talking with Kurk she tries to leave the room. The door is locked and the call button does not seem to work. Kurk suggests she try to fix it and find something to unscrew the screw that is holding the cover in place. He also suggests that she look all around on the box for a schematic or diagram of the boxes contents.

She finds a knife that will do the job on the table in front of kurk. Use the knife in your inventory (hit I or use center mouse button or roller to bring up inventory). To use the knife on the screw it must be in the center right position of the inventory where it tells you it is a knife. Place and left click your cursor over the screw and it should say use. Click to use. Use, at the least, 7 circular movements of the mouse (counter clockwise - to the left) to unscrew the screw. Now the front of the Call Button Box drops down. Notice the green wire is not attached. Place it in the top hole in the box (left click and while holding button down move mouse upwards towards the hole for the green wire). Then left click on the round thing that the wires are coming from and push the mouse downward to close this thing. Now left click and hold on the hotspot on the front of the round button thing and move the mouse upwards to close the front cover.

Left picture - Knife in correct position in inventory to be of use as seen in right picture

Left picture - 3 hotspots indicated by green arrows; right picture - click on hotspot of round thing and move mouse downward to close it.

Left picture - round button thing closed, left click at hotspot and hold, move mouse upward like arrow; right picture - cover is closed and call button light is on.

Now push the red button and if you fixed it correctly the button lights up and the door will now open. Use the doorknob and enter the courtyard. Explore all of the areas in this courtyard with the fountain. Talk to everyone and explore the areas you can easily enter along the sides like the Aviary and a room with a bench and table for relaxing or playing chess.

Find the area (yellow arrow in the screenshot) that has that bench on the left side as you enter it and the two fellows (Anton and Leon) playing chess over on the left side. Talk to them at length. When finished with choices notice a hot spot on the wall between them is still there. Click on the hotspot and notice that they take turns saying something. Anton Speaks of being sleepy and maintaining the bird automaton aviary. Remember this.

Now it is time for Kate to enter Dr. Mangoling's Office (red arrow in the screenshot) for her so called checkup. His office is just to your right of the area where she met both Anton and Leon playing chess. After a brief introduction between Number ten (Kate) and Dr. Mangoling, he starts asking questions while she is hooked up to the lie detector chair. The outcome should be the same no matter how she answers his questions. Kate will be given a key that resembles a squid to open the elevator door (exit) so that you can leave this floor. The Key is a puzzle you must solve. He also allows Kate to get her clothes back.

What's with this Squid Key and the Exit (Elevator Door)?

Next Kate goes to the exit (elevator) and tries the key. When you go to use the key you will be shown two or three views and finally a close-up where you can see that you need to rotate all eight tentacles into position right over the slot that matches the shape of the tentacle. Rotating is again accomplished by left clicking and holding the mouse button down, then moving the mouse in either a clockwise or counterclockwise circular motion around the base or dot at the base of each tentacle. When all tentacles are aligned with the slots of the same shape the door should open. It doesn't and Kate is upset. Talk again with Dr. Mangoling about the key. He's no help. Look closely at (observe) the key. Kate finds a hole in the key, something is missing. She wants to see what a properly working key looks like.

Left Screenshot - Starting Point, Right Screenshot - They line up fairly well - not perfect.

Let's go to Dr. Mangoling's Office and see what we can find. Open the drawer with the white hot spot on it. Kate will go to the window to see if it is safe to open the drawer. First have your key in position in your inventory so that you can compare the two (observe key and picture of one). When she does open the drawer take an orangish red brochure out of the drawer (in bottom right). Kate lays it on the counter. Open it page by page until you see a picture of this key. Kate notices that a pin is missing from her key. How am I going to fix this key? Let's go talk to Kurk, maybe he has an idea.

After conversing with Kurk, he asks Kate to show him what a normal key looks like. Have the brochure (pamphlet) ready in the inventory to show Kurk. Use Brochure on Kurk. He thinks the Youkol Smith can fix it, but how do we get it to him. Kurk says he has a messenger out near the balcony so he can be in touch with his tribe. If we can get the key to the messenger, the messenger will take it to the smith who in turn will return the key to us after it is fixed. Kate goes out on the balcony (to the right of Kurk) to find this messenger and sees the owl. She tries calling him, but the owl ignores her. Kate goes back in and tells Kurk that the owl won't come when she calls him. Kurk tells her to find something that will interest the owl and get him to come. What have we seen that might interest an owl? No mice or rats, maybe a bird, an automaton bird? OK, Maybe. Let's give it a try. Let's go to the Aviary (yellow arrow), which is left of the elevator (red arrow), and see if we can get one. Darn, it is locked! Who would have the key? Didn't Anton say he was maintaining the Aviary? YES! Go out into the courtyard where the elevator is. Then go to your right until you are near Dr. Mangoling's Office and turn left through the opening where Anton and Leon were playing chess. Hey Anton is asleep on the bench and what is that around his neck? Would you believe a key? Take it! Let's go to the Aviary and get us a bird automaton. Stand in front of the locked door so you can see the white hot spot at the keyhole. Place the key into the usable spot in the inventory and then use it on the keyhole. The door opens. The one to Kate's right is the one with the hot spot. Got it.

Now we need to go to where the owl was again. First go to Kate's room and then out onto the balcony. Place the bird on the perch in front of Kate and then click on the bird to get it moving. When the owl comes Kate will put the brochure and the Squid key in the owl's backpack. The owl flies away. When you enter back into the room Kate will get very worried about Kurk who seems out of it. Olga Efimova will Enter and give Kate a tough time. Just leave when she asks you to. When Olga leaves the room she will briefly stop and speak to you. After she leaves, let's go back out to the balcony and see if the messenger is back with a fixed squid key. Now we have it.

Now let's Try the fixed key and get out of this place, but first we need to stop and see how Kurk is doing and what we can do to help him. We need to find the man who is making the leg prosthesis for Kurk and get it to Kurk as soon as possible. We need to find the Youkol Camp and tell the Shaman, Madam Ayawaska, about him. Okay, let's go try the key. Yes!, it worked this time because the elevator door opened. Enter the elevator and left click on the elevator controls.

At last Kate has reached the Lower Clinic of the Hospital.

Kate is now on her way down to the lower floor of the Hospital where we will find Doctor Zamiatine, who runs this hospital, and his assistant Doctor Olga Efimova. Both of their offices are down here. We will talk to the receptionist soon, who is behind the glass window in front of Kate (see screenshot to the left - arrow with R). She should tell us where to find Dr. Zamiatine. First you should take the door on the left that leads to the outside (arrow at far left) and listen to the two workers outside talking about the lockdown here at the hospital. There is also another worker over by the gate to the right who can't go home because they have shutdown the funicular (sort of a streetcar or trolley-like car) that would travel up and down the slope connecting the clinic and Valsembor.

Let's go back in and talk to the receptionist who is now right in front of Kate. OK, she told us where we could find Dr. Zamiatine. Just down a little hall to your right in the above screenshot (arrow with the D), but directly behind the receptionist's enclosure now since we are in front of her. If you kept talking to the receptionist, she suggests to Kate that maybe she should go back up to her room. Right! From where you are now you can access that opening (little hall) to Dr. Zamiatine's office from either side of the receptionist enclosure. If you are on the other side of the receptionist from the above screenshot, then the little hall would be on your left.

Let's go and speak with Dr. Zamiatine at length. His Door is the white arrow in the screenshot on the right. Dr. Zamiatine was nice, but believes Dr. Olga Efimova is a good assistant and Kate needs her permission to leave the clinic. Her office is the yellow arrow in this screenshot. He did give us the name of the man making Kurk's prosthesis leg and he likes and respects the Youkols. The man who is making Kurk's Prosthesis is Simon Steiner. Dr. Zamiatine also gave Kate a Book, The Anthology of the Youkols, which you should learn to read. Good practice for some other readings to come.

Must we speak with Olga?

Great, now we need to go see Olga. Her office is just down the same hall to your right or Kate's left (yellow arrow). The door is closed now. When Kate opens the door she over hears a conversation about herself. Olga is talking to a colonel and he wants Olga to prevent Kate from leaving the Clinic until he and his men arrive. She assures him that she will keep her there. Then Olga gets up from the computer on her desk and walks to the right of the room and disappears. Kate then goes to the computer to see what she can find out. Read the four emails and then close the emails by left clicking on Quit. Suddenly she is faced with a live face to face chat with detective Nic Cantin that the FBI hired to arrest and take her back to the US. Interesting!


Where did Olga disappear to? Sword Puzzle!

Now Kate wants to find out where Olga has gone and what she is up to. Go to the right of the room and notice a pullcord handle (see the two screenshots below). A curtain opens to the left when you pull it (left click on the handle and hold the button down and then move the mouse downward). This reveals a small shield that was hidden behind the curtain. Click on its hotspot and you are given a close-up. It is designed with what looks like colored gems or lights and also the design of a squid which is similar to the one on Olga's computer.

Left picture shows the hotspot on the handle of the pullcord; Right picture shows the two hotspots (one on handle of sword and one on the shield).

We can't do anything with this shield yet so let's look at the silver sword on Kate's right. Again click on its hotspot for a closer view. Notice it has three images on the handle. First let's see what the handle design above the images consist of. Notice three hotspots on three small locking levers on the left. You may be having difficulty seeing them on your screen. The next three screenshots below have been brightened to show them in detail, one for each portion of the handle images below. Move each lever out to the left and up, now each part of the handle can be rotated. It is a three piece puzzle. Top one is rear end of an animal, middle is middle of an animal, and bottom one is head of the animal. Great Going - Yes, it is a Squid again. This squid pattern is nearly identical to the one on Olga's Computer.

Left picture - 3 locking levers moved out and up; Center picture - three images can be rotated now that the locking levers have been removed; Right picture - Did you get a squid?

Hey look at the pointed end of the sword. The sword must have risen when you solved the handle puzzle. We didn't see these colored gems before! Ok, notice the arrangement of the colored gems and transfer that arrangement to the small shield up on the wall to your left. You select the correct color of each by rotating each gem, left click on the gem and then drag the mouse to the left or the right to get the correct color for that position. If all are correct, a door opens into an elevator. Kate will automatically go down.

Left picture - end of sword with correct order of colors.
Right picture - transfer the order of colors from sword to shield.

Door to elevator is open.

Secret Place with an Underground River?

Leaving the elevator we follow a passage to an underground river. Then we hear and see both Dr. Olga Efimova and Dr. Helmut Mangoling releasing something from a drum and letting it run into the river. When they leave Kate goes to her right (while facing the river) as far as she can go and takes a gas can from a large wooden crate. Now Kate will go the other direction to a bridge, cross it, and then down to the right where the two doctors were on the other side of the river. She tries to shut the valve off, but she cannot turn it. What is running appears to be oil. As we explore this side of the river we find a boat at this end which is locked to a big steel post with a very large chain. At the other end we find, just beyond a ladder, a large drum filled with hydrochloric acid. Now use the gas can with the valve on the drum of acid. I hope this can is acid resistant. Next, we take the acid in the can to where the boat is and pour the acid onto the chain which dissolves some of the chain so that Kate can take the boat out of here. Kate is in for a very harrowing ride down the river and arrives at the Youkol camp.

This screenshot sorta summarizes the previous paragraph and shows the locations of things to deal with. (A = drum of acid; B = boat; G = gas can; Oil = drum of oil running into river; E and Yellow Arrow = passageway we came out of from elevator

At last Kate finds the Youkol Village.

Kate has finally arrived at the Youkol camp, and of course, the Youkols have a problem that only Kate can solve. The water is bad and the Giant Ostriches are thirsty and will get sick if they drink it. One is already sick and the youkols are losing control of some of them and they have a market to run. According to the Shaman Ayawaska Kate can have the spirits help her find the problem and solve it. The oil must be the problem and it floats on the surface of the water where the ostriches would be lapping it up.

Why are the Giant Ostriches getting sick? Dam Puzzle!

We must find the dam up river and filter out or block the oil from going down river so that other ostriches don't get sick. Go to the left of the red flag which is left of the sick ostrich, then go to the right of a group of evergreen trees that have a clearing all the way around them. Remember the Spirits are helping us so we can't get lost. As you get past these trees veer a little right at first and then left and then when you left click ahead Kate might start running because she sees the dam and mentions the Spirits. If she does not start running go between the last two red flags. Anyway don't panic, you can see the water wheel from a number of earlier locations and just head for it. If you get lost look at the screenshots below. When you get there notice a gauge on the left side of the water wheel. You will want the water flowing at a rate within the green area of the gauge.

Left picture shows where to start looking for the dam.; Right picture shows when you come to a grouping of trees surrounded by a clearing you can go past them in two ways.

Left picture shows the shorter way that I use.; Right picture shows you will need to turn a little left to get to the dam.

Now look at the ladder. You will either see one hotspot below the third wheel with a handle (so that you can turn it), or four hotspots, one for each wheel. If you see only one then left click on it and all four should show up. Hopefully I have this right now. Turn the handle on the top (first) wheel counter clockwise twice which should close this gate. Water may still be pouring over it, but not to worry yet. Next turn the third wheel twice clockwise. Now go to the second wheel and turn it once clockwise. If you have it right Kate will show up in a little video looking pleased with herself. You should see the needle on the green of the gauge. The two Screenshots below will show the dam at the beginning of this puzzle and one after the puzzle is finished. Notice the difference in the water flow between them. You are done here and need to go and talk to more Youkols over by a large curtain that leads into the Market place. Next you will enter the Market place where you discover that you will need a pass to get into Valsembor, the town where you need to go to find the maker of Kurk's leg prosthesis, Simon Steiner.

Left picture shows the way the dam was at the start.; Right picture shows you the dam when the puzzle is completed.

The Market Place! Part of Youkol Village!

Before entering the Market Place talk at length with the Youkol named Bouruth, who is caretaker of the ostriches. He is standing in front of the left side of the curtain to the Market Place. Now enter the Market place. When the Video stops take the walkway that goes a little left (white arrow in screenshot on left) to another slated board walk like the one Kate is standing on now. Cross over and enter the smaller entrance way that has a hotspot at the top of it. It is a skull and antlers over the doorway. Enter this doorway and look up to your left to see Madam Ayawaska, the Youkol Shaman who saved Kate's life. Talk to her at length. From her you learn about bad spirits in Lake Valsembor that are preventing the lake from freezing, thus preventing the migration of the ostriches to their breeding grounds. Many people of Valsembor no longer like the Youkols. You also find that you need a pass to go into Valsembor.

You need an Official Stamped Pass to Valsembor!

When you go back out into the Market Place and have a chance between the following walkthrough chores, talk to many of the Valsembor residents and you will find that no one will give or sell you their pass. There is only one person who will help you. He is the owner of a tavern in Valsembor and is somewhat near the center of the Market place and relatively close to the Youkol smith who is working the hot coals of the fire with a large bellows. You will be needing the help of this smith at a later time. Right now let's locate the large wooden carving of a squid and talk at length with the Youkol artist that crafted this squid sculpture. He is a little to your left or Kate's right from the entrance where you found the shaman (letter A in the screenshot above and on the left). It is a sculpture of the Lake Valsembor Monster that the Youkols call Quilak. It feeds only at night and has trouble getting through the Ice in the winter. The Youkols and Ostriches would always, in the past, cross the lake in the daytime over the ice, but this year there is no ice. Another problem for Kate to work on.

Now see if you can find the tavern owner located somewhere near the smith. The Smith is not far from an ostrich that has a yurt (little house) on its back and a ladder going up to the yurt. Here is a good time to explain that these locations become very confusing primarily because when you first entered the market place you came in on the river side (from the Youkol camp). On the opposite side of this market place is an exit to or entrance from Valsembor and Valsembor Lake. At least it confused me a great deal and I hope I can be of help to you. Ok let's find the Tavern Owner (in the screenshot on your right.) and Talk at length with him. He will give you his wife's pass. His wife is ill and won't be able to use it. It is not official until it has a stamp on its upper left-hand corner. Some folks have mentioned this cabin that used to have a functional stamp machine that would stamp passes with an official valsembor stamp or seal, but now that the town's people are upset with the Youkols the Mayor has had the stamp machine disassembled so that the Youkols can't enter the town. Let's have Kate go take a look at it.

On the other side of the market place there is an exit (B in the screenshot on the left) through another curtain that is to the right of an ostrich that has the ladder(A in the screenshot on the left) leading up to a yurt (a small covered living space) on its back. This is on the lake and Valsembor side of the market place. Go through this exit. If you take the path to your right or Kate's left you will go to the lake. If you take the larger path on your left or Kate's right you will come to a cabin and a gate with an officer who is checking passes of the folks wanting to go to Valsembor. After talking with the officer enter the cabin and look at the stamp machine in the right-hand corner of the cabin. See the screenshot below. Notice Letter A at the top of the machine. This represents the handle at the top which Kate will later pull downward to make an impression and image on Kate's unofficial pass.

When you click on the single hotspot on the base of the machine (letter B) we will zoom in closer and now see seven hotspots. Look at the next screenshot. I have numbered them. #1 and #7 are to release or engage a clamp on both the leather stamping pad and a piece of paper you want to stamp later on. #7 clamps the right side and #1 clamps the left side. #2 is the sponge you need to take Ė after you take it the hotspot remains as the location to replace the sponge after we do something to it. Observe the sponge in your inventory. When you click on it Kate will say Ink! Hmmm. Ink is supposed to be a clue.


Trying to get an official Pass into Valsembor has a problem (Glitch in the game play, but not game ending). When you take the sponge from the stamp machine and observe it and click on it Kate says "Ink! Hmmm" this is supposed to be a clue. However with this new point and click version I am not able to get Kate to click on the small dead squid and say "A squid in a puddle of ink. Poor creature" until after you use the sponge on the puddle of ink. Then after using the sponge on the puddle of ink she will now say the second clue which would let the player know that there is ink here. Presently it is the walkthroughs that tell players what to do here. Not everyone knows squid release an ink like substance.

Now #3 in the screenshot is where you take hold (left click) of this sponge holder (after we have a fresh supply of ink in the sponge) and move it to the right under the stamp so we can lower the stamp onto the sponge to cover the image on the bottom of the stamp with ink. Then Kate can transfer this image to a piece of paper (the unofficial pass the tavern owner gave Kate). Move #3 back to the left. #4 is the official image impression into the leather stamping pad that makes passes to Valsembor official. This is the item the Youkol Smith needs as a model to help him re-create a stamp with this official image on it. So let's undo the clamps numbers 1 and 7 so we can take the leather pad. The clamps swing out to the left and right to release the pad. See the next screenshot. Notice that after we release the clamps numbers 1 and 7, two more hotspots show up and I have numbered them as #8 and #9. OK! Let's finish what the numbers represent. #5 is where we will put the stamp after the Youkol Smith makes it for Kate. #6 is the clamp that will hold the new stamp in place on the stamping machine. You left click on it and pull it downward to lock the stamp in place. Number 8 is the hotspot we will use later after the smith has made Kate a stamp with the official image or seal on it. The unofficial pass the tavern owner gave Kate will go here when we are ready to stamp it and make it official. Number 9 allows us to take or remove the leather pad which has an impression of the official Valsembor image or seal which will give the smith a model to copy for the new stamp. Now left click on its hotspot and take it.

Let's go now and put ink on the sponge. Leave the cabin and go left back toward the Market Place. Turn right through a narrow place between rocks and then pass a Youkol working on a boat. Continue to the right and notice the large lake. One Hot spot is farther out and when clicked Kate will talk about the lake. The closer hotspot is to the right and in front of a large rock. Try to have Kate talk to you about the small squid she sees in the puddle. If she does, let me know. Use the sponge on the squid and then look at your sponge (observe). Now click on the small squid again. Did you hear the second clue? Oh Well! We should have heard that clue long before now.

Now we are ready to have the Youkol Smith make Kate a stamp with the official Valsembor image on it. Let's go back into the Market Place. Left from here and through the narrow opening between rocks to the hotspot on what I think are curtains a little to the right. Go straight ahead until you see the ostrich with the ladder going up to a yurt on your right. Go left here to find the Youkol Smith. Locate his bellows and fire pit. Go up behind him and left click on him. He will ask for the Model. Place the leather pad with the impression of the squid on it into the working spot of the inventory (middle, far right position). Place the cursor over the hotspot of the smith (lower right of him). Now left click on use with smith and she will hand the leather pad to him. Now he asks for wax to make the mold. Kate asks him where can she find wax. He sorta says look everywhere here, lots of junk here. Well I bet that yurt on the ostrich is a good place to look, You know the one with the ladder in front of the ostrich.

New Stamp Youkol Smith Makes

Find the ostrich with the ladder and climb up into the yurt and check out the box. Move the round thing from the middle area and you should see a bundle of candles that was under it. Take them. Now take them to the smith. Again place the candles in the working location of the inventory. Again stand behind him and left click on him once or twice. He will again ask for the wax. Use wax with him. Left click on the hotspot. He admires the wax candles and then he proceeds to start making the stamp which ends up in your inventory. Note the screenshot, on the left, of the new stamp the Youkol Smith makes for Kate.

Now it's time to make your pass official. Letís head back to the cabin for the last time. Remember that the exit is to the right of the ostrich with the ladder. Take the bigger path on your left to the cabin and enter it. Now go to the stamp machine in the right-hand corner of the cabin. Left click on the single hotspot on the machine to zoom in closer. If you left the two clamps open after taking the leather pad, you are ready to start putting this thing together. If you closed them, then you need to open them again. OK! Start by placing the leather pad in first, then place the unofficial pass that the tavern owner gave Kate. Now close the two clamps.

Next we need to place the new stamp in number 5 and lock it in place with number 6. Click on number 6 Hotspot and bring it down to lock in the stamp. Now Place the sponge in number 2 and click on 3 and move it to the right so that the sponge filled with ink is under the new stamp. Next back out of this view (right click should do that). See the hot spot on the handle at the top of the machine, left click on it and move the handle down as far as it will go in order to get ink on the image at the bottom of the new stamp, then move the handle back up again to take the stamp out of the ink. Now left click on the single hotspot down below so that you can zoom in on all the other hotspots. You can now move number 3 (arm of the inkpad holder) to the left (out from under the new stamp). Next right click again so you can move the big handle down again, this time placing the image on Kate's unofficial pass so that it is now an official pass to allow Kate to enter Valsembor.

Left picture-Need to move Ink under new stamp as seen on the right picture

Left shows new stamp's image in the ink and the right picture shows that the stamp was raised out of the ink.
Now the inkpad holder can be moved back to the left like it is in the first picture above

Left shows placing the new stamp onto the unofficial pass, Right shows that it now looks like it is an official pass

And you thought we were done here didn't you? No! Kate just got arrested and her wrists bound together. Clever girl just temporarily got rid of Detective Cantin. There are two ways to do this (trick or scream). She needs to cut off the material binding her wrists. She sees a bottle on the shelving (click on it) and hopes it will break if she can knock the shelving down. Move (click on) the shelving, It didn't break so maybe she can knock the light (with a heavy base) off the table and break the bottle. Yes this worked. Click on the broken bottle hotspot and she will go down onto the floor. Now click on the closest piece of broken glass to her and she will pick it up and cut herself free. Now let's get out of here before Detective Cantin gets back. Go out and give the guard the official Valsembor pass and then enjoy the video. The Youkols took the detective's pass so that he could not follow Kate into Valsembor.

Syberia 3 Walkthrough Part 2 Valsembor to Baranour

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