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Syberia 3 Walkthrough
Part 4 - The Automaton With A Plan (DLC)

by Mr. Bill

Game Authored and Directed by Artist Benoit Sokal, Produced by Microids and Koalabs Studio,
Published by Anuman Interactive


This part of the game starts with the Red Moon Temple Ceremony and you remember that Kate was having visions and was not feeling well so she decides to go to bed. She is very restless in bed and continues to have visions. Suddenly she is attacked and taken from her yurt. They were all to meet at dawn and leave for the Balatom River Bridge where they were going to cross over into Yakastan. Oscar waited over near the fire. Kate didn't show up and everyone was getting worried so Oscar climbed into her yurt only to find a mess inside and Kate gone. They can't leave without her. He has to go tell Kurk right away. Anyway the story will jump back and forth between their Journey to the Balatom River and Oscar telling his story to Kate about his so called plan to find and rescue her.

We get control of Oscar when Kate does not show up at dawn. Like I said he goes into her yurt (white arrow in both screenshots above) and sees that she is gone and has to go and report to Kurk (screenshot on the right above). Kurk agrees that they must first find Kate and sends all the Youkols out to look for her. He then tells Oscar that he can use the ostrich keeper's Youki to help track her. He says they have a great sense of smell. Notice the yellow arrow to the far left above. This is the ostrich caretaker and his Youki.

The Screenshot on the left above is Oscar's first meeting with the Youki. At this time Oscar has three choices, but only two of them are sorta workable. The choices are; 1 Hold For It To Smell (all Oscar has in his inventory is oil); 2 Find Kate Walker (the two of you run around a bit, but find nothing) and 3 Pet (cute, but we don't find anything this way either). Obviously we need something of Kates with her smell on it. How would Oscar know that Kate left her scarf in the trophy room bar of the stadium? Well either Kate told him about breaking the glass in the trophy room to get the third lens or the spirits are with Oscar also. Notice the screenshot on the right above. It shows Oscar about to pick up Kate's scarf. Do you remember how to get there? Here is a link to the two puzzles that directed you to the chair and trophy case puzzles and now the scarf.

Now that you have the scarf you can let the Youki smell it and away you go. If you had the scarf in the working position of the inventory as seen in the screenshot on the left above and then left clicked you have probably arrived at the subway station by now which is seen in the screenshot on the right above. When you left click on the Youki at the door, it barks, indicating that Kate is in there. When you left click on the door, Oscar notices that it is blocked from inside. Oscar now wanders over and around a little to the right side of station and notices what appear to be elevator doors. He tries to open them, but they are jammed so he wanders back to the front of the building and notices that the Youki has found something interesting over to the left of the station.

When you get to the Youki, left click on him and it will suddenly jump through an opening into the rubble and return with something. Look at the screenshot on the left above. How did it know that Oscar needed a crowbar? Look at the screenshot on the right above. Oscar goes back to the elevator doors over on the right side and uses the crowbar to pry the doors apart and then forces them open so he could enter it. He turns to the right and left clicks on the button for going up to the control room. Oscar must have the spirits with him because only a few moments after getting out of the elevator it crashed back down to the lower floor. Then he thinks he hears Kate's voice ahead and moves into the control room. We see Oscar releasing Kate and telling her it is ok and they have to meet with her friends and leave. She asks if he saw Cantin and he points him out under the chandelier. She thinks he is dead and Oscar assures her that he is ok. Kate and oscar join the caravan and they are all on their way. Now we go back to the scene of Oscar first finding Kate in the control room.

There she is, drugged and hand cuffed. Oscar sees a very large man working on a track cart that has, fortunately for Kate, failed working properly for the detective, otherwise they would be well on their way back to Baranour by now. Oscar goes through the door on the other side of the control panels to meet with this man and hopefully resolve the problem. As you would expect, the detective was not accommodating, he was downright nasty and insulting to Oscar. We go back to the migration and Kate wants to know if that is when he thought of using the chandeliers. Oscar said no and started dreaming about his real plan at the railing over looking Nic Cantin. Kate was disappointed with his story. She told him she was expecting some breath taking ending. She decides to go to bed. We find ourselves and Oscar back at that railing where he was dreaming that fantastic plan of his. Running one train into another which strikes a pillar which weakens the ceiling in a particular spot. Then he gets Cantin to be lured to that spot under the weakened ceiling by using a green apple as bait. Oscar then pictures himself walking over to the weakened pillar and pushing on it a little so that the ceiling falls on Cantin. Come on! When we find that we are back to reality and take control of Oscar again we learn what really happened. This new location (at the railing) is one we haven't seen before. We need to find Nic Cantin again, an apple and then what Oscar believes is the train control room.

Look at the screenshot above and on the left. Go straight ahead to the escalator in front of Oscar and when you are close to it a hotspot will form. Left click on the hotspot and Oscar will go down to the bottom of this escalator as seen in the screenshot on the right and above. Start up another set of stairs on Oscar's left and at the top of these stairs turn right. You have reached the Walkway above the subway tracks so somewhere in here you will find an apple and a detective trying to fix a hand car. You know that when we are near the detective we are also close to the control room. If you keep walking in the same direction as the arrow at the top of the stairs you will come to where the detective is and the stairs straight ahead on the right lead up to the control room. If you want to get the apple, it is behind the train at the top of the stairs as seen in this same screenshot above and on the right.

The screenshot on the left above shows that Oscar has arrived on the walkway above the tracks and as I said before if he turns to his right and keeps walking he would soon see the detective and the stairs on the right that would take him up to the control room. I usually get the apple and go try to talk to Nic once more and then go up the stairs behind him (on the left) to the control room. The screenshot on the right above shows various pieces of fruit around Oscar and one of which he can take (left click on the hotspot in front of Oscar and then once again to take the green apple). How long has that apple been lying there anyway? I doubt that Nic is going to fall for any diversion like an old apple to snack on.

Once you have the apple start walking left until you see the detective again like in the screenshot on the left and above. Try talking to him again. That went well didn't it? Just for that, let's go up the stairs behind him and see if we can put Oscar's plan into action. Left click on the hotspot on the stairs and you end up in the control room only this time on the other side. Just work your way to the right until you find Kate and a hotspot up on the controls as seen in the screenshot on the right and above. Left click on that hotspot and you will find three more hotspots show up.

Look at the screenshot on the left above. The two hotspots being shown here are the important ones. The one I am left clicking on is supposed to go up like a lever. Oscar sorta yells out, "It doesn't work!" Know anyone else that says that? The hotspot with the white arrow above it opens the inventory. What it wants is the Burette of Oil. Apparently after it is oiled by Oscar it will go up and hopefully start the trains in this area. UH OH! The chandeliers are falling, not exactly what Oscar expected, but as Oscar said "Only the result has any real meaning, I guess". One of them fell on the Detective Nic Cantin. Suddenly Oscar realizes that he has to go down and get the keys from the detective so he can undo Kate's Handcuffs and the door out of the subway. There is no elevator any longer. Have Oscar left click on the door behind he and Kate, go down the stairs to the subway tracks where the chandelier fell on Detective Cantin.

Look at the screenshot on the left above. Oscar came down the stairs from the control room in the area of the white arrow. He then needs to walk over near the chandelier before you get a hotspot like the one I am about to left click on. The view you get is a close-up of the Chandelier, the detective and the hand cart as seen in the screenshot on the right and above. There are three hotspots in this screenshot. The one with the yellow arrow, Oscar says something about warning him; the green arrow, Oscar says that he is still breathing and the white arrow is Cantin's black bag where we find his keys. Left click on the black bag's hotspot and then you can take the keys. Ok, let's get back upstairs and unlock Kate's handcuffs and free her. Next Oscar and Kate are going to meet at the door and get out of here.

The screenshot on the left above shows Oscar and Kate at the door that needs to be unlocked. Left click on the locks hotspot and you will get a close-up of the lock, left click on it again and the inventory will open. Use Cantin's keys with it and then you will see the key in the lock as the screenshot on the right above shows. Turn the key a half turn to the right and the lock should open. If not do another half turn to the right or just left click on it.

The door is open. Oscar and Kate are free and greeted by the caravan. The journey continues.

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