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Simon the Sorcerer 3D


written by  Mr. Bill

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Game produced by Adventure Soft Publishing (2002)


Simon, the bad boy of sorcery, is back again after a very long delay! He is the typical adolescent with an attitude, and when last we left him, he had gotten himself trapped in this magical fantasy world by really pissing off the local bad guy, an evil magician named Sordid. He made the mistake of killing Sordid in the first Simon the Sorcerer game, and so naturally Sordid got even in the second game ..... by stealing Simon's body! So as we rejoin him now in this the third game of the series, his first concern is to get his body back. But then he needs to find a way to thwart the plans of the nefarious Sordid, so that he can finally get out of this crazy world and get back home. You will meet some old friends (and enemies) along the way from the previous games, plus many new and memorable ones. But don't expect Simon to be able to do anything the easy way: nothing is ever easy with Simon. And don't expect him to do things the nice way: that's not his nature. But he will make you laugh!

IMPORTANT: Because of various corporate takeovers and squabbles between previous potential publishers, this game probably never received the testing that the developers at Adventure Soft were promised. So we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you save often, and under different names, to avoid as many problems as possible. Make sure that you do this despite the fact that the game automatically restores you to the 'life square' in front of any dangerous puzzle whenever Simon is killed. Adventure Soft also recommends that you use a full (maximum) install and 16 bit high color for the game to avoid some potential problems. This game requires a lot of memory to run properly, so do not have other programs running in the background (exit the Internet, disable virus scanning and Internet security programs, etc.) while playing the game. Also don't have your Active Desk Top set to 'View As Web Page'. To help you make the above recommended setting changes, see our Brief Trouble Shooting Guide.


Jog = Forward Arrow; Walk = Shift + Forward Arrow
Sprint = Caps Lock On; Crawl = Z

Examine = X; Look = Tab
Talk To or Interact With What Simon Sees = Enter or Ctrl
Inventory, Save/Load/Quit, Options = Spacebar

To Use What's In Hand with What Simon Sees: Hit Alt Key
To Select Inventory Item: Use Mouse or Use Arrow Keys + Enter
To Cycle through Items in Inventory = C

To Combine Inventory Items: With one Item in hand, select second item in Inventory using Arrow Keys (not Mouse), then hit Alt Key to Combine

To Use Metal Detector: Put in hand, then hit Alt Key
To Use Butterfly Net or Chakara: Put in hand, hit Alt Key, then Use by hitting Enter or Ctrl
To Use Spell Book: Put in hand, then hit Alt Key, then select color(s) with Arrow Keys, then hit Enter or Ctrl to cast spell

START GAME: Let's Get Outta Here!

The Temple of Life

NOTE: These introductory puzzles inside the temple are designed to familiarize you with the operation of the controls for the game. You will also meet Simon's 'fairy godmother', Shelly, who appears periodically during the game to explain how to do any new task. Always take note of what she says: she will not repeat it!

Simon awakens in The Temple of Life after having his body somewhat restored by the magicians. He must find his own way outside.

Pull the LEVER on the right side of the door to open it.

Explore the corridors until you find a Square containing 3 GEMS hanging on one of the walls. Take the 3 gems.

Go to the room with the GOLEM. Place the gems in the mouths of the statues around the room to get rid of the Golem. As Simon enters the room and faces the Golem, the Red gem is already in the correct place on Simon's left. Going around the room from the Red gem, put Green in the next statue, Yellow in the next, and finally Blue in the last one. When you finish, the Blue gem should be in the statue to Simon's right as he stands in the door facing the Golem. Do this by having a gem in Simon's hand, and the statue that you want to put the gem into in Simon's eye, and then hitting the Alt Key.

Take the KEY from the altar and use it in the keyhole to exit the door on the other side of the room.

Continue down the corridors. To escape the ROLLING BOULDER, run very fast (Caps Lock On) turning left at the dead end, and then left again where it dead ends the second time.

To get across the LAVA PIT, look down to see a blue bridge, holding down the Tab key to see what Simon sees. Walk slowly across the blue bridge, checking often to see where you are.

In the room with the EYE, notice that the eye opens, looks around, and then closes for about 8 seconds. You need to crawl and hide behind something before it opens again (you'll hear it make a sound). Crawl (Z key) to the lever on the right wall and pull it. That opens the door on the left wall. Now crawl around to the exit in the front corner of the left wall without the eye seeing you.

Exit the door and you'll begin Chapter One

CHAPTER ONE: Pull Yourself Together, Man!

The Temple Grounds

Talk to the WIZARD (who is found sitting on a throne between the steps on the outside of the temple) to find out what you have to do to be whole again (notice that Simon's body keeps fading in and out). The Wizard says that you need to eat a Sacred Peach.

Climb the outside steps of the temple to the Tower. Talk to the KEEPER OF THE SOUL BELL. He hits the bell with his big hammer whenever someone has an untimely death.

Look at his TELESCOPE. It breaks. Take the Telescope Tube and the Lens.

Explore the grounds to locate TOMB TRADERS. Talk to him. Buy Simon a Cola. You find out that he won't drink it. Perhaps you'll need it later.

Go through the entrance across from the Wizard, where you'll find cabins and a MAN IN THE POOL. Go into the pool yourself and talk to the man. Offer to take his Chakara (yo-yo). His name is Judas. Enter his cabin (his name is on the sign in front). Go around to the other side of his bed and crawl under it (Z key) to take his Nun Magazine and his Chakara (yo-yo).

Explore the cabin area until you find the BARN (next to some fences). Enter it and look at the mechanism for Cows. Try the Lever to see what it does.

Find the SACRED PEACH TREE and use the Chakara to take the Peach (with the Chakara in hand, hit the Alt Key first to get a first person view of your target, then hit the Ctrl Key or the Enter Key to use the Chakara). Eat the Peach.

Go tell the WIZARD that you ate the Peach. You are now free to leave.

Go to the GATE and tell the guard that you have eaten the Peach. Exit the gate to begin Chapter Two.

CHAPTER TWO: We're Off To See The Wizard

The Forest

It's a good idea to explore all of the fields on foot to learn where everything is. There are several things that you won't find unless you do explore on foot. And there is a lot of information that you will learn by doing so which you will need in later chapters of the game. But once you have explored on foot, then enter a PHONE BOOTH (teleporter) somewhere and take a look at your map to see the layout. You will need to know that later. The green dots show where another phone booth is located, the black dots are areas that you need to visit even though they don't have a phone booth nearby, and the red dots are places that have a broken phone booth (it may turn green later in the game). Occasionally a flashing green dot will appear, and when it does it indicates where you should go next. You can also use the following map to refer to. Note that the 'Nearly Secret Area' will not appear on your Phone Booth map until later in the chapter.

Map of the Forest

Go to the VOLCANO PHOTOPOINT and look up. Notice that there is a dragon flying around the Volcano.

Following the road signs leading toward Poliganis from the Temple of Life, you find a WARNING SIGN along one of the roads. Read it. You'll hear the Woodworms talking. They're the same little rabble-rousers that you met in the previous Simon game. When the sign falls over, take it.

Go to the RESERVOIR CONTROL HUT. Notice the warning sign in Dwarfish in front of it. Look up and notice the mechanism above the roof. Try to enter the Hut. It's locked! Notice the ladder that is to your left. Climb it to the roof. There's a trap door. Maybe you can get in that way. Try to. Simon says that it's stuck.

Find the MAN UNDER THE LOG that you killed when you stole the Sacred Peach (near the Reservoir Control Hut). Look at him to remember where he is (you can't interact with him).

Go to POINTLESS BRIDGE and cross it. It really does look pointless, but notice as you cross it that there appears to be a wall underwater and other sunken structures. You'll want to remember that later. Also look out across the water and notice the Island. That must be the Mysterious Island that is on your map, but there appears to be no way to get to it.

Find the man in the LARGE HOLE. Talk to him. Use your Chakara to take his Metal Detector. You stand slightly to the right of him and aim just a little below his hand. It has to be in exactly the right place, so if it doesn't work at first, move Simon a little and try again.

But you've been told by the Wizard that you need to meet Calypso in Poliganis. So go to the ROPE BRIDGE. The bridge is out, but the man on the other side promises to help you across if you win the Gnome Shooting Trophy for him.

Find the CANDY near the Gnome Village (Dungnomin' Tree). It is next to a white fence in a field (on the other side of the fence, you'll see a large pink area below the hill that you are standing on). Try to pick up the Candy by walking into it. Notice that a timer starts ticking and that you hear a Witch laugh when the time runs out. We'll deal with this later.

Now go to Gnome Shooting Contest at ACRE GAP. Talk to the man in the tent and you find out that you need 50 groats to enter the contest.

Find the FAT BLOKE and talk to him. He's an entomologist and he will pay you to catch Butterflies. You get 1 Groat for a Viceroy (yellowish-orange), 4 for an Adonis (Blue), 10 for a Peacock (circles on wings), 20 for a Painted Lady, and 250 (or more) for a Purple Emperor. He gives you a Specimen Jar and a Butterfly Net. You catch them in the field next to him. Catch any one and take it to him, then talk to him about the Purple Emperor. Steal his Insect Book from his back pants pocket. Read it to learn about the Purple Emperor (with the book in Simon's hand, hit the Alt Key). If you want to try for the Purple Emperor, release any others that you catch until one appears, then refuse the Fat Bloke's first offer for it (you've read the book, so you now know what its real value is). Otherwise just keep catching butterflies and taking them to him one by one until you have earned enough groats to enter the contest.

While you're here, find the SLEEPING FOLIAGE, located on a path near here (they show Z's coming off as they snore). Look at them and try to take one.

Find the INBRED YOKEL with the Cow near here. Talk to him. He tells you that he will give you his cow if you will find some magic beans for him.

When you have at least 50 groats, ENTER THE GNOME SHOOTING CONTEST and talk to the man in the tent about the Contest. You will learn that there is a Gnome Village nearby, and that they like shiny things. Get some Chili in the bowl that he gives you. When Simon eats it, you will have Beans in your inventory. But they're not Magic Beans! Maybe you can find that Witch and get her to turn them into Magic Beans.

Go back to where you found the CANDY. You must run very fast (Sprint) into the Candy (Caps Lock On), which causes Simon to eat it. Notice that when you do, an 8-second clock starts ticking, and more candy appears in the distance. There are 9 different piles of candy that appear like that, and they will lead you to the Witch's House, just like in the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. You will have 8 seconds between each pile to get to the next one. You will see the 2nd pile appear in the distance when you eat the 1st one. The 3rd one is straight down the hill, then turn nearly 180 degrees and around the hill slightly to the right for the 4th, then over to the left at the corner of the white fence for the 5th, and then maybe 90 degrees to the right for the 6th, and then 180 degrees down by hint rock for the 7th, and then over near a phone booth down beyond Hint Rock for the 8th, and finally left towards the pink area for the 9th. When you get them all, the Witch's House will appear in the pink area.

Enter the WITCH'S HOUSE (Candy Cottage). You will hear the Witch's Voice Mail: she says that anyone who steals anything while she's out will be cursed! Look at the Oven. Look at the Spell Book on the table. Look at the Cauldron. Look at, and then touch, the Spinning Wheel. Ouch! Simon gets stuck with the Needle on the Spinning Wheel and passes out, just like Sleeping Beauty did in the fairy tale. He comes to while being kissed by Prince Valiant, who says he thought Simon was Sleeping Beauty, and was trying to wake him up like she was awakened in the fairy tale! Valiant takes the Needle in order to repair his clothes. When he leaves with it, the Witch's curse turns him into a Frog. Exit Witch's House and take the Frog and the Needle. Re-enter the Witch's House. Read the recipe for Magic Beans in the Spell Book. Put the Frog in the Oven to make it sweat. Now you have all of the ingredients needed (the Vegetables, Sugar and Water are in the Cola). Put the Frog Sweat in the Cauldron (use the Alt Key), then the Cola and Beans: the result is Magic Beans!

Give the beans to the INBRED YOKEL.

Go back to the BARN on the Temple Grounds to find the Cow. Pull the lever. Take the Butter.

While you're here at the Temple, pick up another Cola at TOMB TRADER (if you just return the empty can, he'll give you another one for free).

Go to the RANDOM ROCK PILE in a circle (they look a little like Stonehenge). Use the Metal Detector to locate the treasure. Use the Warning Sign as a shovel to dig it up. You find out that you've dug up rusty washers. Use the Cola on them to make them shiny again. Open your Inventory (Spacebar) and put the washers in Simon's hand, then using your arrow keys (not the Mouse), select the Cola (with a square around it) in your Inventory, then hit the Alt Key.

Go to the GNOME VILLAGE (Dungnomin' Tree). Notice that there is a little door in the tree (not the smallest door that you find, but the one with the light colored step in front of it that is up under some roots). Crawl (Z Key) to enter the door. Once inside (and through the tunnel), stand up (Z Key again). Walk to reddish house on the right. Then stand slightly to the left of the house and place a shiny washer on the ground. Grab the gnome when he comes out. Ouch! He bites! You've got to find something to trap him with.

Go to the KEEPER OF THE SOUL BELL on the Temple Grounds. Use the Spinning Wheel Needle on him to put him to sleep. Take the Bell.

Return to the GNOME VILLAGE. Crawl into the little door and put a shiny washer in front of the reddish house again. When the gnome comes out, quickly cover him with the bell. You have him! Try to take him out from under the bell. Ouch! You've got to find a way to stun him (knock him out). Trap another gnome and leave him under the bell.

Go to HINT ROCK. To get there, teleport to the Witch's House. Then go to the river behind her house, go into the water, turn right, and walk in the water until you wind up going ashore again, where you see some rocks blocking a tunnel. Talk to the rocks until the dwarf inside puts dynamite in the rocks. Light the dynamite with your Telescope Lens. Talk to the Dwarf at length. He tells you that he will give you his Hammor if you will bring him some Boiled Fish. Enter his cave and take some Dynamite.

If you already have at least 50 groats, then go to the Diving Tower, which is located at IT'S A BEACH. If you don't yet have 50 groats to enter the Contest, DO NOT try to catch fish until you have earned 50 groats for the Contest by catching Butterflies. We have been told that there are some more groats hidden in a hay field or plowed field somewhere between the Lonely Hut and the Volcano, which you can find using your Metal Detector. But in case you don't find those, just make sure that you have earned at least 50 groats by catching Butterflies before you try to catch fish. If you do have 50 groats, then walk out into the water and look at the white fish swimming around. Try to grab one. They're too fast! So climb the Diving Tower, light the Dynamite with your Lens, put the lit Dynamite into your Specimen Jar, and throw it into the water! Climb down from the tower, walk into the water, and take the Boiled Fish. Notice that you no longer have a Specimen Jar to put Butterflies in!

Go to the NEARLY SECRET AREA (it's new on your map up above where Hint Rock was). Give the Boiled Fish to the Dwarf and get his Hammor.

Return to the GNOME VILLAGE. Enter the tree and hit the Bell with the Hammor. Take stunned Gnome and Bell.

Go to the GNOME SHOOTING CONTEST at Acre Gap. Stay by the tent where you entered the contest to load your Gnome. Put Dynamite into the Telescope Tube first. Butter your stunned Gnome, because otherwise you can't stuff him into the Telescope Tube. Then put the Gnome into the tube. Now approach the referee on the chair next to the scoreboard. When he automatically calls your name as the next contestant, step up onto the platform, and light the Dynamite in your Telescope with your Lens. If Simon stops (the referee might call a 'time fault') and says that it isn't his turn, leave and go into the red tent where you registered, and then leave the tent and approach the platform again. The referee will once again announce that you are the next contestant and you will be allowed to go onto the platform, light the Dynamite and shoot the Gnome. You've won the Trophy!

Return to the ROPE BRIDGE and talk to the man on the other side. You will throw him the Trophy and he will shoot a single rope across for you to cross on, as his part of the bargain. Right!!! It is fairly simple to do, if you don't panic. Move Simon forward and to the right until he sees the Rope, and then hit the Enter Key. Simon will get onto the Rope and begin to cross. When you see Simon's leg lift from the rope, hit the Right arrow key, then a slight pause, and then hit the Left arrow key. Continue the same pattern (Right, Left, Right, Left, etc) and the same rhythm all the way across. Turn the game's sound off and say the words (Right, Left) out loud to yourself (it helps you to keep the correct rhythm). The view of Simon will turn around halfway across the bridge, but as soon as you are turned around, continue the same pattern from where you left off (if the last key you hit was Right before the view changed, then hit Left when you begin again).

Once across, walk into the rock tunnel that leads to the village of Poliganis and into Chapter Three.

CHAPTER THREE: Pillaging and Mucking

Part 1: The Village of Poliganis

You are met at the gate by Melissa Leg and taken to THE DOG & FRUIT INN (referred to from now on as the Inn) to meet with Calypso, a doddering old Wizard that Simon met when he first came to this magical land in the first Simon the Sorcerer game. Calypso and Melissa tell you that you must find Swampy, Simon's old friend. He has disappeared. Calypso gives you what appears to be a map to Swampy's Restaurant: MucSwampys. Talk to Calypso and Melissa until they have nothing new to say in order to get as much information about what's going on as you can.

You need to find Swampy, but before you do you should EXPLORE THE INN where you are now. You will need to know where everything is later. Exit the door and follow the hallway. You can easily become disoriented here, so turn Simon with the arrow keys and then hold down the Tab Key (so that you see what Simon is looking at from his viewpoint), and then move him forward once he is facing the direction you want him to move. You will reach some stairs. Go up, and then turn and go up some more stairs, where you reach a door to go through. You are now in the bar area of the Inn.

Go to the BARKEEP and talk to him until he has nothing new to say. Talk to the man drinking at the bar. He is a Vacuum Cleaner salesman. He gives Simon a brochure about the Vacuum Cleaner that he sells. Read it as soon as you finish your conversation, and remember what the Vacuum Cleaner is capable of doing. Talk to the man again and find out why he is so sad. As usual, Simon doesn't help much with his comments. Notice that after each of Simon's remarks the man orders another beer and the Barkeep fills his glass from the tap. End your conversation, and then notice that to the right of the Barkeep there is a bottle of Whiskey that Simon sees. But we can't take it while the Barkeep is standing there.

Turn around and walk to the door in the right-hand corner of the room. Enter the door and walk straight ahead to come to the GAMES ROOM. Enter the Games Room. You find an Orc playing darts. Talk to him. He challenges you to a game of darts. You can win 5 groats at a time from him. If you save first and practice just a little, you can soon learn to get the highest score (60) nearly every time. It's a good way to earn the groats that you will need later. Aim the vibrating target a little above and slightly to the left of 20 (in the approximate position shown in the following picture), and then hit the Alt Key. When finished playing darts, walk to the fireplace and have Simon tell you what he sees (X Key). Now walk up close to the dartboard and notice that Simon looks up. Again have him tell you what he sees. The room is too smoky. Talk to the Orc to see if he will open the window (the rectangular yellowish-white area above the dartboard in the picture below). He refuses. Look at the dartboard and try to take a Dart. The Orc won't allow you to take one.

Dart Game

Leave the Games Room and turn right down the hallway, following the red carpet, then turn right past the stairs on your left, to a door that says BEER GARDEN. Enter it. Notice that there is a burning Barbecue Grill here. Take the Barbecue Tongs. Notice that there is a child's swing set with a tire swing.

Leave the Beer Garden and go up the stairs, turn left, and go up more stairs. Go straight ahead and then turn left until you see a CHEST with a Mirror over it. Open the chest drawer and take the blanket. Notice that to the right there is a door (Room #4) which Simon sees, but it is locked. Turn around and go to the end of the hallway. You will find an Emergency Exit Door (it has a sign with a man and a door in red, over it). Exit the door to see where it leads. Suddenly your view will change to a first-person view, making it very disorienting (probably to make the puzzle harder that is located in this alley, which we will be dealing with later). So, to get oriented again, go down the outside stairs and turn left, then go to the street in front of the Inn, and enter the Inn again. Your view should now change back to 3rd person and stay that way.

Turn around to leave the Inn and go back into the street. Then turn around again to face the Inn, walk to the right side of the Inn, and notice that there is a PHONE BOOTH (teleporter) here. Go inside the Phone Booth to check out your new map. As before, you will want to remember the layout of the different locations. But you should also explore the village on foot. Otherwise you will miss certain items, and you will not know about certain places and things which you will need to remember for later chapters in the game. Just make sure that you save before exploring any new area, and don't save over it until you have progressed safely past that area. You can also refer to the following map. It has all the locations in Poliganis for Chapters 3 and 4 in Red, and Chapter 5 in Green (these locations will have a black dot on your Phone Booth Map in Chapter 5).

Map of Poliganis

Go the to man under the BUSTED CART near the Inn. Notice that Simon sees the man and the Jack that is holding up the cart while the guy tries to fix it. Try to talk to the man.

Now go to MUCSWAMPYS to see if Swampy is there. It's closed and locked.

Go to JUSTICE SQUARE. Notice the Duck Pond. It's like a wishing well: people throw groats into it. Take some groats from the pond (more will appear in the pond later). Talk to the girl in the stocks outside the Sheriff's Office (it's Goldilocks, whom you met in another Simon game). She's a thief who has been looking for treasure. Show her your Map of MucSwampys. She can't read, so she thinks it's a treasure map. She tells you to get the Key from the Sheriff's Office to free her, and she will split the treasure with you.

Go to the SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Walk very slowly and quietly, without bumping into anything, around the left side of the room (the side opposite the jail), to reach the cabinet where the Key is kept. If the Sheriff wakes up, just try again. When you open the cabinet, it will squeak. Use Butter on the cabinet. Take the Key and leave (once you get the key, it doesn't matter if you make noise). Free Goldilocks. She leaves to find the treasure that she thinks is in MucSwampys.

Go to MUCSWAMPYS. It is now open. Go inside and through the red door that is on the right behind the counter, then down the hall to enter the room marked Private (it's Swampy's office). Go to his desk and then crawl under the desk and press the secret switch (red triangle). A door opens at the side of the room. Enter it and take the elevator down to Swampy's hidden basement room. You find information about a housing development that is going to be built in Swampy's beloved Swamp, and apparently Swampy has gone there to try and stop them from doing it. Leave the office and have Simon notice the Vinegar that is on the restaurant counter. A Wizard named Porkins comes in and demands a sandwich. When you give it to him, he doesn't want the Sesame Seeds that are on the bun. When you take them off, the seeds will be in your Inventory.

Return to CALYPSO to tell him what you've learned about Swampy's whereabouts. He tells you that you will need to go to the Swamp.

So go to the SOUTH GATE (near Magic Square) that leads to the Swamp. Talk to the 2 guards there to learn about the papers that you will need to leave through that gate. They will also talk about some Magical Boots.

Return to CALYPSO. He tells you that you will need Porkins to make some phony documents for you (he's a master forger) so that you can leave the Village and go to the Swamp. He says that Porkins can usually be found at a club called the 8th Wonder.

Go to MAGIC SQUARE. Try to enter the 8th Wonder. But every time that you try to do so, the door changes to the big golden doors of the Wizards Guild. This really is a Magic Square! You need to be a Wizard before you can enter the 8th Wonder. So enter the big golden doors of the Wizards Guild and try to register as a Wizard. The man at the desk says that you must be sponsored by someone.

Go to CALYPSO and tell him that you need a sponsor. He tells you to tell the man at the Wizards Guild that you are his (Calypso's) apprentice.

Return to MAGIC SQUARE. Go into the Wizards Guild again. He registers you this time, but tells you that you need to pass a Test, and that you need to get a Familiar for yourself. He tells you that your Familiar will be a Sprite, and that they only come out in the Forest at night.

Go to CALYPSO and talk to him about getting a Sprite. He suggests using a Net to catch one, and he reserves a room for you here in the Inn so that you can get some sleep until nightfall. He gives you a Key to your room.

Go to SIMON'S ROOM (Room #4). Try to use the bed. Simon is allergic to the foam in the pillow and removes it. He wants a nice fluffy pillow. You know where there are some feathers, but you need a way to get them. You remember that the salesman's brochure said that his Vacuum Cleaner would suck feathers from a bird.

Leave your room and go talk to the BARKEEP. Tell him that you would like to have your room cleaned. When the maid leaves to do so, head back upstairs to try and steal her Vacuum Cleaner. But she has blocked the stairs with a barrier to prevent anyone from coming up while she cleans rooms. Return to the Barkeep and ask for your key back.

Go to WAREHOUSE. Listen to the conversation between the guy in the cheese truck and the warehouse guy. When it's over, stop the truck by running in front of it. Talk to the driver at length, and he gives you a sample Wedge of Cheese. Enter the cheese warehouse and look around. Exit this warehouse. Walk around the area to see what other warehouses are close by. You will need to remember it later.

Go to EMERGENCY EXIT DOOR upstairs in the Inn. Prop it open with your Wedge of Cheese. Then go and talk to the Barkeep and ask to have your room cleaned again. Now leave the Inn and go around to the back by taking the alley on the left as your face the Inn. Enter the Emergency Exit Door that you propped open (up the wooden stairs). Take the Vacuum Cleaner and then leave through the Emergency Exit Door. (Note: We were able to crawl up the stairs under the barrier without having the door propped open, but we still had to leave through the Emergency Exit Door.)

Now go to JUSTICE SQUARE. Look at the Duck Pond and take groats from it. Then look at the ducks. Use the Vacuum on a duck. Now combine the Feathers with the Pillowcase.

Return to SIMON'S ROOM and try to sleep. Oh No! The guy in the next room is snoring loudly. Go to Room #5 and bang on the door. It doesn't help, so go out through Simon's window and enter the window next door. Look at the man and then try to move him. He's way too heavy. So leave to find something to move him with.

Go the to man under the BUSTED CART. Look at the Jack that is holding the cart up. Hit the Jack with your Hammor and you'll get the Jack.

Return to SIMON'S ROOM. Go out your window and into the window of the snoring man next door. Use the Jack on him to roll him over and stop his snoring. Then return to your own room and go to sleep. When you wake up, it's nighttime.

Go to the FOREST by taking the road straight out from MucSwampys' front door (the road behind you when you're facing MucSwampys' front door). The rope bridge has been rebuilt. Go to the field where you caught butterflies. You see Sprites flying around. Catch one with your Butterfly Net. Uh oh, it burned a hole in your net! A guy shows up and laughs at you for trying to catch one in a net. He says that you need something fireproof to catch one in. He already has one in a metal lantern, but he won't give it to you. He says that he and his friends need it at the Lonely Hut because they ran out of candles.

Go to the LONELY HUT and enter. You see the same group of geeks that you met in the previous Simon game. They are playing a game called 'Accountants and Apartments'. They wouldn't be interested in playing something like 'Dungeons and Dragons', because that's too much like their everyday life in this world. They say that Simon can play if something happens to one of them. They tell Simon to go and get a Pizza for them while he waits. But to make sure that he doesn't get anchovies on it, because one of them is allergic to anchovies. Ah ha!

Go back to town and go to the PIZZA LORD shop (it's located near where the picture of the Pizza is on your map). Talk to the owner. He says that each Pizza costs 10,000 Groats. There's no way that you can earn that much catching butterflies, and besides, your net now has a hole in it! It would take you forever to earn that much playing darts or dipping into the duck pond! But he says that he guarantees to deliver it in one minute, or it's free. Hmmm! He gives you a Pizzarina, which you can use to call him from anywhere to order a pizza.

Return to the LONELY HUT. Use the Pizzarina to order a Pizza. Order one with 'The Works' (it includes anchovies) and then ask for 'Extra Cheese' (to hide the anchovies). Oops, the guy makes it in under a minute by asking the S.I.G.N for directions. He won't give you the Pizza for free, and so he takes it back with him.

Go to the S.I.G.N. Talk to him until Simon won't talk to him any longer. You learn that he's programmed to give directions, and that he has a craving for alcohol.

Return to the INN. Go down the alley on the left side of the Inn to find the basement entrance (go past the wooden stairs and turn right). It looks like a large rectangular crate up against the wall. Have Simon look at it, then enter. Move the boxes and barrels around until you create a path to the Beer Valve. Turn off the Beer Valve. If you mess up, just leave the basement and come back in to try again (all the boxes and barrels will be back in their original positions). Now leave the basement and return to the bar through the front door of the Inn. Put your Chakara in your hand. Then talk to the customer at the bar, who requests another drink. But no beer flows, so the bartender leaves to check on it. While he's gone, quickly use your Chakara to take the bottle of Whisky that is on a shelf behind the bar on the right side. Act quickly, because otherwise the bartender will return from reopening the beer valve, and you will have to return to the basement to shut it off again.

Now go back to the Forest and return to the S.I.G.N. Give the S.I.G.N. the bottle of whisky to get it drunk. Talk to the drunken S.I.G.N.

Return to the LONELY HUT. Use the Pizzarina to order the same kind of Pizza again. This time, the S.I.G.N. is too drunk to give directions, so the pizza delivery guy is late and the Pizza is free. Give the Pizza to the game players. One gets sick, so everybody quits the game and leaves. They give you their Sprite.

Return to the WIZARDS GUILD. Show him your Sprite. Take the Wizard's Test. You become a 'Fashion Wizard'. Oh, Wow...impressive! To change the color of your clothes, use your Spell Book and hit the Left arrow key for Red, the Right arrow key for Green, or the Up arrow key for Yellow; and then hit the Enter key. The Down arrow key cancels the spell.

You are a Wizard now, so go to the 8TH WONDER. You can walk up to the door now, but they are closed. So return to Simon's room and sleep until morning.

In the morning, go to the 8TH WONDER and enter. It's now open. But Porkins is nowhere in sight. Ask the mirror over the bar where he is. The mirror says that he has gone to the yellow room. Notice that there is an elevator on the far wall that goes to the other rooms. You can determine which room color you go to by pressing on that room's colored circle on the floor before you enter the elevator. But when you go to the yellow room, he's not there, and the mirror says that he's just left for the white room. If you press all three colors on, you will go to the white room. Now go ask the mirror again. The mirror says that he just left for the yellow room again. Seems like we're always one step behind Porkins. But if you immediately return to the same room that he just left (instead of going to where the mirror says he is), you will find him there. So go to the white room again instead of the yellow one. Porkins is there. Talk to Porkins and ask him for papers. He says that he needs his Magic Quill, and that some street urchins have stolen it. Leave by way of the elevator when all of the colored lights on the floor are off.

Go to the ALLEY where the street urchins are playing ball (it's near the Cheese Phone Booth on your map: the two black dots close together to the right). Notice and remember that there is a cat here. Open the Dumpster next to the dog. Take the shoe. Give the shoe to the dog. You will wind up with the Shoelace from the shoe in your Inventory. Talk to the kids. Go to the alley next to them and enter the Manhole. Knock on the door. They ask for a Password. Return to the kids and ask them for the Password. They say that they will give you the Password if you will come up with a new game for them. Look at the window on the wall above where the kids are playing. Use your Butterfly Net with the hole in it on the window to make them a Basketball Hoop. They give you the Password.

Return to the MANHOLE. Don't count the first knock that Simon does, and it may help to wait a second or two after he says 'Guess I'll have to knock'. But after that knock the password on the door by hitting the Enter Key: Knock...Knock...Knock, Knock, Knock...Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock...Knock, Knock (1,1,3,4,2). The rhythm is what's important here. It helps to turn the sound off and watch Simon after he does the first knock. If you mess up, he stops, and you have to start over. Enter and talk to the kids inside. They are playing an English children's game and they won't let you play unless you have a Conker. The Conker looks like a Chestnut on a string, and it's played by swinging your Chestnut so that it keeps hitting your opponents Chestnut and eventually breaks it.

Go to the CHURCH grounds. Don't explore the church building yet (premature exploring of the church building may result in some problems). Look at the Chestnut Tree. Hit the tree with your Hammor (Alt Key). Pick up a Chestnut.

Go to Simon's Room at the INN. Go out of the window. Look at the chimney opening. It's the chimney to the Games Room fireplace. Use the blanket on the chimney. The Orc will open the window in the games room because the room starts to fill with smoke.

Go to the GAMES ROOM and play darts with the Orc again. If you want to win any more money playing darts, do it now. Then, during a game, throw a dart out the middle of the open window (aim high, like you did for the dartboard). If you succeed, you will see a cut scene showing the dart sticking into a wall of the building outside.

Go to the ALLEY which is on the right side of the Inn as you face the Inn. Go down the steps and turn right and you should see the Dart stuck in the wall above your head. Take the Dart. Use the Dart on the Chestnut to poke a hole in it. Now look at the description of the Chestnut in your Inventory to make sure that it now has a hole in it. And you will also read that Simon still needs to bake it, vinegar it, and varnish it.

Go to the BEER GARDEN. Put the Chestnut on the Barbecue Grill to bake it.

Go to MUCSWAMPYS. Use the Chestnut on the Vinegar that is on the counter.

Go to JUSTICE SQUARE, then go to the Allotments Area. Use the Varnish on your Chestnut. Now combine your finished Chestnut with the Shoelace in your Inventory and you have a Conker.

Return to the MANHOLE and play Conkers with the kids in the sewer. You may want to save before trying this, since you're betting 10 groats against the Quill. Time it so that you hit his Conker each time by hitting the enter key (if you miss it, you will lose). Keep hitting his Conker with yours until his smashes (if yours smashes before you get his, it only means that yours was a weak Conker, so you'll have to try again using another Conker). You have to hit his at least half a dozen times to win (you'll notice that you're taking chunks out of his). When you win, he'll give you the Magic Quill.

Go to the 8TH WONDER and give the Quill to Porkins. He gives you the papers that you need to leave the Village and go to the Swamp.

Go to the SOUTH GATE. Talk to the Guards there. Show them your papers. They tell you that you will need transportation: a Rainbird. They give you something that will allow you to call the Rainbird from anywhere outdoors, but it won't fly at night, it will only land on a Rainbird Square, and it will never go where there is something that it considers evil and dangerous. The squares that you land on light up when you fly over them, and you land on the square that is lit. You land by hitting the Enter Key. The guards also remove some things from your Inventory (they say you won't need them).

Use your special Horn to call a RAINBIRD and then fly to the Swamp.

Part 2: The Swamp

Fly over the SWAMP area and look for a square on the ground that lights up as you fly over it. Notice that you can get a different view of what is below by using Simon's viewpoint (Tab Key). You land the Rainbird by hitting the Enter Key. Your friend, Swampy, is nowhere in sight, so explore the area where you've landed. Notice the signs for the proposed housing development. Also notice that there is an area of quicksand, a very dangerous looking crocodile in a large body of water, and a man cutting down a tree with an Axe. Talk to the man. He won't give you his Axe. Look above his head and notice a Beehive. But you can't get Simon to see the Beehive from here.

So examine the rock wall beside the man to find some VINES. Climb the vines to the ledge above. Look at the Beehive from the ledge. Use your Chakara to knock it down. Climb back down the Vines and take the Axe. Look at the Beehive.

You think that those Vines might be useful, but you find that you cannot take them from down here. So climb back up onto the LEDGE and chop off the Vines with the Axe. Uh oh, the Axe broke! Take the Axe head and the Axe handle.

Oh no! Now you can't get back down the same way that you climbed up, so you've got to cross the QUICKSAND! A Gremlin appears and Simon says that he wants you to follow him, and that's exactly what you have to do to get across. Once again, it's fairly simple if you don't panic. The Gremlin goes across one leap at a time, and then waits for you to almost make it to where he is. So walk slowly in a straight line from where you are to where he is. When you are almost to where he is, he will leap to a new place: follow him to that new place, even when he appears to be doubling back (follow all of his zigs and zags). Eventually the Gremlin will hop out of the Quicksand and onto the land, and only when you get to that same area is it safe for you to also walk onto the land.

Walk around to where the Vines fell and take them. Walk to the edge of the water where there is a small sign that says 'Croc Landing Pad'. The CROCODILE comes up close to shore and opens its mouth wide. Put the broken Axe Handle in the Croc's mouth, and then put the Vines on the Croc. Now you have transportation around the Swamp. But you can only land where you see one of the small signs that say 'Croc Landing Pad'. Get on board your Croc to explore the entire Swamp. You will need to remember approximately where different areas are located, because there are no Phone Booths in the Swamp, and you have no Map. Also note that you cannot Save while on board the Croc.

In the distance you will see a girl in a pink dress. Land next to her and talk to her. You learn that she is a PRINCESS, and that her pet hamster, Sir Squeaksalot, is trapped in the tree above her. She demands that you rescue him. So move to where you can see the Hamster and use your Chakara on it to knock it down. Oops, it fell into the water and you can't see where it went! Talk to the Princess again. She tells you that if you don't find it, you are in big trouble!

Board your Croc and look for the HAMSTER nearby. You will see it floating in the water near a house. Go toward it, and the Croc pushes it onto shore. But you see that you have no landing pad here. So turn around and go back to the landing pad, onto shore, turn left, and find the Hamster near the edge of the water. Take it. Uh oh, it's dead! You'd better do something about that right away, or the Princess will have you killed!

Go to the area where you see the House. You find a tower with a powerful light shining from it onto a greenhouse full of suspicious looking plants. Notice the LADDER. Try to climb the ladder. Ouch! It's electrified! Perhaps you can jumpstart the Hamster's heart with it. Use the Hamster with the Ladder. It worked! The Hamster is a bit singed, but it's alive again!

You find a man here drinking homemade Gin from a Jug. Talk to him. He is a DRUID, and he says that he will give you some of his brew if you find 3 plants for him that he uses in the recipe for it: Purple Stinkwort, Bogella, and Smelly Woodruff. You agree, so he gives you a Plant Book to identify them with. Go into his Hut to see what may be there that you can use. Take the Fire Hardened Pointed Stick that is propped against the stove. It looks like it would make a good Axe handle, so combine it with your Axe to repair it. Also take the Mortar and Pestle that is on top of the stove. Go back outside and talk to the Druid again. Then find his Herb Garden. Using the Plant Book, identify each of the colored plants (look at the plant with your Plant Book in hand, and then hit the Alt Key). You don't find any of the 3 plants that he wants, but you should remember what plants are here in case you need one of them later. Talk to the Druid one more time before you leave. Ask him how he's doing. He says fine, but his mouth has gotten numb from the Gin.

Return to the PRINCESS. Give her the Hamster. She is delighted, but then returns him to you because she says that the Hamster has told her that you still need him for something. Look at the rock that is near her. Look at the small hole in the rock near the ground. Put the Hamster into the hole to see what it can find (look at the hole with the Hamster in hand and then hit the Alt Key). The Hamster returns with nothing. Walk around to the left until you are behind the rock to where you see a flat, squarish, step-like rock. Get in front of it with the water at your back, and then walk up to it to climb up (the Shift Key with the Forward Arrow Key worked for us, once he was against the rock; but the Forward Arrow Key may work by itself). Now climb up onto the big rock. Look into the hole and notice that there is a Plant growing inside the rock. Use your Plant Book to identify it. It's Bogella, one of the plants that you're looking for, but Simon says that it's too far down for him to reach. So climb back down and return to the small hole in the front of the rock. Put the Hamster into the hole again, and now that you've identified it, he returns with the plant. Now give the Hamster back to the Princess. She gives you Earmuffs as a reward. She says that she used them whenever she wanted to block out the sound of her tutor's voice.

Go back to the Croc Landing near the Druid's Hut. You find a man talking to someone on an Island across from him who sounds like your old friend, Swampy. Listen to the conversation to learn what is going on. The man is a LAWYER, and he is trying to convince Swampy to dismantle the 'Stew Bomb' that Swampy is threatening to blow up. Swampy's stew is so bad that it would contaminate the entire area and make it undesirable to potential house buyers. He wants Swampy to sign a contract giving all rights to the housing corporation, and he wants Swampy to leave the Swamp. When they finish talking to each other, you talk to the man yourself. Talk to him at length, and ask him what he keeps spraying on himself periodically. You find out that it is Insect Repellant and that he's using it because he's allergic to bee stings. When you finish talking to the man, try to go over to the Island to talk to Swampy. But you find that there is a pool of some kind of black stuff blocking your way.

Now notice the old TREE with the face on it that is over to your right. Try to talk to the tree. It's asleep! Looking at the tree and where it is located, you see that if you cut it down, it would probably form a bridge over to the Island where Swampy is. Try to cut it down with your Axe. Oops! It came apart. You need something to hold the Axe together.

Cross the bridge that leads back to the Croc Landing, turn right, and walk toward the Druid's place along the edge of the black stuff. As you walk along, just after you've passed a tree on your left, Simon sees the black stuff. Look at it. It's TAR! Try to take some. He won't put his hand in the tar. OK, so use the new Axe handle with the tar. Now combine the handle with the Axe head again. The tar should hold the Axe together!

Return to the old TREE. Try cutting it down again. The tree wakes up when you first hit it and starts talking to you. Talk to the tree for awhile. But then try cutting it down again. The tree starts pleading, and it's making Simon feel guilty (hard to believe, isn't it?)! If Simon just didn't have to listen to all that crying, maybe he wouldn't feel so guilty. Use the Earmuffs so that you don't have to listen to it, then cut down the Tree.

Cross the tree and talk to SWAMPY. Try to convince him that you really are his old friend and that it's not some kind of trick. He says that the only way he'll believe it is if you become an Honorary Swampling. And to become an Honorary Swampling you must pass a test, by first eating some of his special Stew and then learning the Swampling Song. But whenever you have eaten any of Swampy's stew before, in previous games, it has made you very sick. Nevertheless, you finally agree to do it. You try to eat it, but once again it makes you sick. Try a couple of times more. This isn't working; you're going to have to find some way to cope with this horrible tasting stew. Remember what the Druid said the Gin was doing to his mouth? It was making it numb. Maybe you wouldn't get sick if you couldn't taste the stew. You need to find the other 2 plants that the Druid wants, so that he will give you some of that Gin.

Cross the tree bridge, then cross the wooden bridge leading back to the Croc Landing, and turn left. You see something huge and brightly colored across from another bridge that appears to have a fence around it. It looks like it may be a plant, so perhaps you can find one of the plants that you need there. Go toward it. Uh oh, there is a life square in front of the bridge leading to it and there are Danger signs posted everywhere! It might be a good idea to Save your game here. Cross the bridge, then walk to the right, outside the fenced area, and notice what appears to be a passage leading up through the rock. Look at it from Simon's point of view (Tab Key). But you can't go that way, so return to the opening in the fence, and enter the area where the HUGE PLANT is. Walk toward it. When Simon sees it, have him comment on it (X Key). Continue walking toward it. Oh my God, it's carnivorous! Simon says that he needs to find something to distract it. But what can you find that will reach up as high as that plant is?

Get on the Croc and head past where the Princess was seen, but take another passage to the right instead, and find a dead end place where you see a Croc Landing sign on your left and a Table. Walk around the area and notice the Big Boulder. Have Simon describe the boulder. Also notice that someone has put Keep Out signs all around it. Look at the Table. Simon says that it's a BIRD FEEDING TABLE. Someone must be feeding birds here. Maybe Swampy? Put some Sesame Seeds on the Table. A bird flies in and eats the seeds, but then leaves again. Maybe you could use that bird to distract the carnivorous plant, but you need to find some way to keep him here long enough to capture him.

Return to the Croc Landing where Simon saw the TAR. Use the Bell on the Tar.

Now go back to the BIRD FEEDING TABLE. Use the Bell containing the tar on the Table and then put Seeds on the Table again. The Bird flies to the Table and sticks to the Tar. Take the Bird. As you leave, notice the Waterfall on your right. Enter the Waterfall. A Plant is here. Use your Plant Book to identify it. It's a Purple Stinkwort, one of the plants you are looking for. Take the Plant. Only one more plant to find for the Druid!

Return to the HUGE PLANT. It may be helpful to turn the Gamma Control on the game Up for this, so that you can see better. With your Bird in hand, walk around the left side of the Huge Plant. It will snap at you. As soon as Simon gets to where he sees the Plant, then give the Bird to the Plant (Alt Key). Now walk (he won't Run or Sprint) through the water, around the left side of the plant, toward the small cave that is in the rock wall behind the plant (to the right of the reeds). Just keep your finger on the forward arrow and walk straight there, close to the plant. Don't stop, and avoid all parts of the carnivorous plant, or Simon will be eaten. It seems to depend on whether you hesitate (or the number of steps taken), rather than being timed. Enter the Cave, where you're safe from the carnivorous plant. Follow the tunnel of the Cave to another Plant. Identify the Plant with your Plant Book. It's Smelly Woodruff, the last plant that you need for the Druid. Take the Plant. Simon says that he doesn't want to leave the same way that he came in (and we don't blame him!), so continue along the tunnel inside the Cave until you see an opening ahead and to the right. It brings you out again outside of the fence where the dangerous plant is. This is the passage through the rock that you looked at earlier, but could not enter.

Take the 3 plants to the DRUID. The Druid gives you a drink, and only one sip of it makes you drunk. You find yourself on the ground, unable to do anything but crawl. So crawl straight over to where Swampy is and eat the stew while you are still drunk. Don't delay, because you only have a certain amount of time before you will be sober again and not crawling, and then the stew will just make you sick. If that happens, just return to the Druid again and get another drink. Once you eat the stew while drunk, the Swampling will teach you his Song: Swampling Stew, Swampling Stew, To your bog, Your swamp be true, Swampy be true, Swampling Stew. Remember it, because you'll need it later. Now that you've convinced Swampy that you really are his friend, talk to him again. He won't leave with you until this threat to his beloved Swamp is over. He says that the only way he'll go is if you can get the Lawyer to sign a contract agreeing to leave the Swamp alone and go away.

So go to the LAWYER and ask him to sign the contract. He just laughs at you and threatens you. We'll see about that! Didn't he say that he's allergic to bees?

Return to where you left the BEEHIVE near the entrance to the Swamp. Remember what the salesman's brochure said that his Vacuum Cleaner would do with insects? Use the Vacuum on the Beehive and you get a Vacuum full of bees. Now look at the Beehive again and notice the Honey. Try to take it. Simon doesn't want to carry it in his bare hands.

Return to the LAWYER and use the Vacuum full of bees on him. Darn, he uses that insect repellant on them. You have to find a way make the bees ignore that repellant. Maybe the honey would work, but you don't have anything to put it in.

So go to the BIG BOULDER that you saw near the Bird Feeding Table, where you think maybe Swampy has been hiding out. Go to the right side of the Big Rock and look at it. Now interact with it (hit the Enter Key) and say the password by singing the Swampling Song correctly. The rock moves to reveal Swampy's cave inside. Look on the table where his plans are. Take the Turkey Baster and the Oven Mitts.

Return to the BEEHIVE. Use the Vacuum on the Bees again. Then use the Turkey Baster on the Honey.

Go back to the LAWYER. Use the Turkey Baster on him to spray him with Honey. Then use the Vacuum full of bees on him. Oh no, now he's dying and he hasn't signed the contract! You tell him that you will get him an antidote if he will sign.

Go to the DRUID'S HERB GARDEN. Use your Plant Book with the Blue plants to read about them. The book says that they need direct sunlight to produce the fruit that is used as an antidote. So go to the tower with the light. Use the Oven Mitts to climb the tower, then aim the light so that it hits the blue plants, and keep it there until you see a bunch of berries produced. Put the Oven Mitts back on and climb back down. Go to the Herb Garden and take the Blue Fruit. Then put the Fruit in your Mortar and Pestle to make a Berry Juice Antidote.

Return to the LAWYER and use the Mortar and Pestle on the lawyer. Simon says that he can't administer the antidote: the lawyer is in such bad shape that he can't drink from the Mortar and Pestle. So use your Turkey Baster with the Mortar and Pestle. Then use the Baster on the Lawyer. The Lawyer recovers, but still refuses to sign. But after Simon threatens to get more bees, he finally does sign.

Take the signed contract to SWAMPY. Swampy is delighted and says that he will now go with you. And then suddenly Melissa Leg shows up and gives you a passionate kiss as thanks.

But just when Simon is really getting into it, she changes into who she really is: Runt, the evil Sordid's Igor-like apprentice. He laughs at your horror and grabs Swampy. He suspends you over the plunger of Swampy's Stew Bomb and then drops you, and when the Bomb goes off, you are blown into space, and into Chapter Four.


The Village of Poliganis & the Forest

You land on CALYPSO'S desk at the Inn, outraged and confused. But Calypso isn't surprised. It seems that he figured it all out by reading the prophecies of Nostradamus. He says that according to the prophecy, Sordid is about to take over the Universe, and as usual Simon is the only one who can stop him. And the first thing that Simon must do is get a 'Seedy' (CD), the 'Magical Boots' that Sordid has been looking for (the Nexus CD). It's hidden in the Dragon's Lair. He says that Simon will need to enlist the help of the Dwarves, who have mobilized their troops against the Dragon.

Go to the GAMES ROOM. The Orc is gone, so you can't get any more groats by playing darts. But there is a new Pool Table. Maybe you get some groats if you play pool. Look at it. Use the tongs on the Pool Table to take the Gold Coin. Try to play a game of pool. You can't seem to get any balls. Go to the Barkeep and talk to him about the new Pool Table. Notice the Pint Glass that is now on the left side of the bar. Take it, it may be useful later. Return to the Pool Table and look at it again (Interact with it: Enter Key). Ouch! Simon says that he thinks that a rat is inside. Didn't we see a cat somewhere?

Call your Rainbird and fly to the FOREST. Explore to see some of the changes that have occurred since you were here the last time. Notice that there are now Wanted Posters for Simon on the Temple of Life gate, and that the Gnomes at the Gnome Village have put up Missing Gnome Posters for the Gnome that you took. Obviously Simon won't be welcome at either place now.

Go to the LOG that fell on the man when you ate the Sacred Peach. Notice that the man's body is now gone, but there is a piece of jewelry still there. Try to take it. You can't get it out from under the log. Talk to the Woodworms. They say that they will remove the log if you will bring them weapons.

Go to the MAN IN THE HOLE, the one that you took the Metal Detector from. Talk to him about his Mole. He says that he has trained the Mole to find gold, and he tells you how he trained him: by rubbing his nose on what he wants him to find. Simon would like to have a Mole that could find gold for him, so stand by a mole hole with your Gold Coin in hand. When the Mole appears, use the Gold Coin on him to take him.

Now go to the Volcano PhotoPoint where the Dwarves have set up a CLAN BATTLEBEARD CAMP. You see dwarves coming out of the tent one by one, drinking some of their Brew for courage, and then being catapulted at the Dragon, and getting eaten. Talk to the Dwarf to learn what's going on. Ask him about the Brew that they're drinking. It eats through metal! Try to take some. Look around. Look into the largest tent (Enter Key). Talk to the Dwarf about getting the Keys to the Reservoir Control Building, the one that you saw previously with the warning in Dwarfish in front of it. He says that Axe Grinder had them, but the Dragon has now eaten Axe Grinder.

Go to where you saw the SLEEPING FOLIAGE. Read your Plant Book to identify and learn about the plants. You learn that they are a sedative. Take the plant.

Return to the CLAN BATTLEBEARD CAMP and put the Sedative Plant into the Brew. Another Dwarf comes out, drinks some, and is eaten by the Dragon. When the sedative takes effect, the Dragon crashes to the ground. Talk to the Dwarf again. Go to the Dragon and use your Metal Detector on it. Yep, it sure sounds like there's something metal inside: probably the Keys.

Call your Rainbird and fly to the VOLCANO (the Rainbird will go there now that the Dragon isn't flying around). Look at everything and have Simon comment on it.

Call your Rainbird and fly to the VILLAGE. Go to the Warehouse area and look for Adventure Soft's warehouse (the developers of this game). It has a picture of Feeble, the hero of one of their older adventure games, painted on the side of the building. Go inside the fenced area and look in the boxes outside one of the doors. You find a box full of 'The Feeble Files' games. Take one. Remove the CD from it and use it with your Mole. Simon will rub his nose on it. Now the Mole is trained to find the CD that you're looking for.

Call your Rainbird and return to the VOLCANO. Use your Mole on the pile of gold. The mole returns with a chest. Look at the chest. You can't open the metal lock.

Call your Rainbird and return to CLAN BATTLEBEARD CAMP. Use the Pint Glass on the Dwarves Brew to take some.

Call your Rainbird and return to the VOLCANO. Use the Brew in the Pint Glass on the Chest. You get it open, but the CD that you want is encased in glass! Look at the Gong behind you. Try to hit it with your Hammor. It falls apart. Use the Bell on the stand where the Gong was. Now hit the Bell with your Hammor, and it shatters the glass around the CD. Take the CD.

Call your Rainbird and go to Calypso in the VILLAGE to tell him that you have the Nexus CD, and to begin Chapter Five.


The Village of Poliganis & the Forest Again

Talk to CALYPSO. He's been studying the prophecies some more and has decided that there's only one way to stop Sordid: you must go and confront him personally. And you're going to need some help, so you have to get 4 heroes to accompany you. But then he tells you who the 4 heroes are, and you suddenly realize that you've already killed one, maimed another, and caused the third one to be turned into a frog!! Oops! Oops!! Oops!!! And the 4th one is the real Melissa Leg, wherever she is!

When you confess what you've done, Calypso says that you're just going to have to get them restored to health somehow, and convince them to help you, despite what you've done to them previously! He gives you RSVP Invitations to his 'Party to Save the Universe', and tells you to use them to help convince the heroes to work with you.

He says that you're going to have to get the Soul and Body of the man you killed put back together again by the priests in the Temple of Life, like yours was. He gives you a Soul Jar to put his Soul into, and tells you to put something of value to the man inside, to use as bait for his soul. Oh no! That means going to the Temple, and the temple priests have Wanted Posters out on you for stealing their Soul Bell! You tell Calypso that he will have to take the Soul and Body of the man to the Temple.

Calypso also tells you that the Witch's curse that turned Prince Valiant into a frog is a standard one that can be reversed by the kiss of a Princess. So he suggests that you start at the Tournament that is being held to find a suitable mate for the Princess. He tells you to go to see his friend there tonight, and he will see if he can get you admitted to it.

Go upstairs and talk to the BARKEEP. Ask him all about the Ghost that's been haunting the place.

Go to JUSTICE SQUARE, and then to the Tournament entrance. Talk to Calypso's friend at the gate and agree to help him with the fireworks tonight, so the Tournament can begin.

Go to the man under the BUSTED CART. It's Coneman the Barabrain (the barbarian: Calypso says he never was very good at spelling), one of the 4 heroes that you need. Talk to him. You'll lift the Cart off of him with the Jack. Then continue talking to him. He says that he's going to kill you. You give him his Party Invitation, and he decides to wait to kill you until after he saves the Universe from Sordid. But he demands that you fix his back, since you're the one who hurt it. You say that you will.

Go to the CHURCH. Inside the back door, look at the Memorial Plaques until you see the one showing where the ashes of Jar Nin (one of the 4 heroes) are located. When Simon sees the plaque, hit the Enter or Ctrl Key to look at it (see the following picture). Remember the location of the ashes. While you're at the church, find the door to the Bell Tower. Inside you will see the rope for the Bell hanging down. Pull the rope to ring the bell, and keep pulling it (keep hitting the Enter Key). You will swing up higher each time, until you finally reach the church roof. There you see Goldilocks, who has been busy stealing the lead shingles from the roof. Talk to her. She's ambitious, but apparently not too bright, because now she realizes that there's no way she can carry the lead away to sell it. There are many tons of the stuff, and it's way too heavy. She says that if you can figure out a way to get it off the roof, she'll split any money that you get. And then she leaves. Split with her? Right!!! Look at the Lead. It is too heavy to carry. But maybe you know a way to take it anyway, since she has already stolen it for you. Maybe that Cheese Wagon would work, if you can just figure out a way to get it. Leave the roof by going back down the Bell rope.

Plaque showing location of Sacred Glade

Meanwhile, go back to the Inn until it's time to meet the Wizard at the Tournament. Go to the BEER GARDEN. Talk to the Wig Lady there. She's looking for a new wig.

Go to SIMON'S ROOM. Notice that you hear a disembodied voice. Stand in front of the Mirror in the hall and watch for the ghost. You see its shadow. It must be Jar Nin's Soul. Go into your room and sleep until night.

Go to the TOURNAMENT entrance. Both the Wizard and your Fairy Godmother explain how to do the Fireworks. But we found that what worked best for us is to ignore what kind of fireworks they are, and just concentrate on what color the circles are. Use the Ctrl Key for Red, the Alt Key for Blue, the Left Arrow Key for Yellow, and the Right Arrow Key for Green. Hit that color's key as it crosses the Green Square. Keep on trying even if you miss a few. Apparently you don't have to get them all. Once you succeed, the Wizard tells you that the Tournament will begin tomorrow night. He says the Tournament will only be open at night, and that the Carnival will only be open during the day.

Enter the Tournament Grounds and find your way to the PRINCESS. It's the tent in the middle with the flap open, and you have to crawl to get into it (Z Key). Stand up and look around the room from Simon's viewpoint (Tab Key). Notice the Poster on the tent wall. It's obviously someone the Princess loves: a rock star named Johnny Lightnin'. He's wearing a Purple Coat, a Black Wig, and Funky Glasses. Talk to the sleeping Princess. She's dreaming, and at first she thinks that she's talking to Johnny. And Simon tries to pretend that he is Johnny, but the Princess isn't buying it. Crawl again to leave the tent.

Go back to the Inn and enter the BEER GARDEN. Talk to the Wig Lady twice, until she tells you what kind of wig that she's looking for. She wants one that is Pink and Fluffy.

Go to SIMON'S ROOM and sleep until morning.

Go to the CARNIVAL through the metal gate near Magic Square. You must win every game at the Carnival. Oh no! It's being run by the 2 Demons that you gave such a hard time in a previous game. Because of you they lost their real job, and have been reduced to working here, and they are not happy about it!

Play the AQUA DERBY. You shoot water through the group of holes for Number 3 (whenever a hole is open) to make your Number 3 Horse win. You win a tub of Green Plastic Soldiers with little bitty plastic weapons.

Talk to the OBNOXIOUS KID walking by. He says that if you don't give him a Red Gobstoppa, he'll vomit on your shoes. You say that you'll see what you can find.

Play the CLOWN GAME. We found that if you throw the ball when the window is open, it will be open again by the time the ball reaches it. But you find out that the game is rigged: the balls are too big to go through the hole! Don't play a second time. We need to find a smaller ball somewhere.

Play the TEST OF STRENGTH game. You can't win with their hammer, and they won't let you use your Hammor. Talk to the Dwarf there, the one that you got the Hammor from. He's looking for a symbol to unite the remaining Dwarves with. Return his Hammor to him. He's delighted, but now he wants to win the Test of Strength game before he leaves. Dwarves are strong, so maybe he can do better than you did. Talk to the Demon about it. After some arguing the Demon finally allows him to play, but he won't let him use his own Hammor. But the Dwarf can't win either if he has to use their hammer, and the Demon keeps watching him to make sure that he doesn't use his own Hammor. So walk behind the Demon and talk to him to distract him. He turns around to talk to you, and when he does the Dwarf grabs his own Hammor and wins the game. He gives you the Black T-Shirt that he won.

Play the WONDER WHEEL. You find out that it's rigged. There's no way you can win as it is, so don't play a second time.

Play the INVADATRON game. You win a pair of Funky Glasses.

Play the DUCK SHOOTING game. You use your Chakara to hit the ducks when they come up. Each game cost 5 groats, but if you hit 10 ducks you get a free game, 15 ducks and they'll give you triple your money back, and when you hit 20 ducks you win the grand prize: a Teddy Bear. We found that it helps to put a small mark in the middle of your monitor, where you Chakara hits, to aim at. When Simon finally does win the Teddy, he says that it looks Moth Eaten, like it 'has more bugs than Windows'. Is that a hint?

Find the field where you see the Skulls on poles, and crawl (Z Key) through the tunnel in the hedge surrounding it to reach the area back of the WONDER WHEEL. Walk around the trailer until you see the back of the Wonder Wheel. Look up and see the Magnet that is rigging the game. Take the Magnet. Return to the Wonder Wheel game and play it again. This time you will win: a Leguminous Vegetable Projector (in other words, a Pea Shooter).

Return to the field where the Skulls are. Find the Cobra Statue that is there. When you use it, everything turns dark and a Voodoo Tent appears. Enter and talk to the VOODOO PRIEST. He says that they need a Doll and a Child's Tooth in order to make a Voodoo Doll for you. Use the Cobra again to return to the Carnival area.

Find the FLEA CIRCUS, to the right and across from the Voodoo area. Go down the stairs and into the tent, then talk to the Demon and look at the fleas. Use the Teddy on the Fleas.

Go to the COTTON CANDY BOOTH that is outside the Flea Circus. Get some Pink Candy Floss.

Find the ACUPUNCTURIST'S WAGON. Talk to the demons there about fixing backs with acupuncture. Leave the Carnival for now.

Call your Rainbird and go to the Forest. Go to the WOODWORMS (in the log that killed the man when you ate the Sacred Peach, near the Reservoir Control Hut). Give them the Tub of Little Green Plastic Soldiers with the little bitty weapons. The Woodworms eat the log for you, but then they start making threats again. Simon stomps on a couple of the would be terrorists, so they decide they'd better quit making threats and go home (or at least make Simon think that they're going to). Take Jar Nin's necklace. Combine it with the Soul Jar.

Call your Rainbird and go to the SACRED GLADE where Jar Nin's ashes are. It's in a sunken crevice, in the shape of a cross, between the Village and the Volcano (see the following picture). Use your Vacuum to take the Ashes.

Sacred Glade from the Air

Call your Rainbird and return to the Village. Go to the GARBAGE (upper right hand corner of your map, near where the kids in the alley were). Take the Cat that is there.

Go to the Inn, put your SOUL JAR in your hand, and then go to the Mirror in the hall outside of Simon's Room. Stand in front of the Mirror next to the Chest. When you hear the ghost, use the Jar (hit the Alt key). Go to the Barkeep and tell him that you got rid of his ghost.

Take the Soul Jar and Jar Nin's Ashes to CALYPSO. He leaves to take them to the Temple, then returns and tells you that Jar Nin will come here when his restoration is complete.

Meanwhile, go to the BEER GARDEN. Give the Pink Candy Floss to the Wig Lady. She gives you her White Wig.

Go to the GAMES ROOM. Use the Cat with the Pool Table. Uh oh, he won't come out. Now there are 2 animals in there, and you still don't have any pool balls! Use the Teddy with the Fleas on the Pool Table. Take the Red Ball and the Yellow Ball.

Return to CALYPSO. Jar Nin is there. Talk to him. Well you now have one of your heroes, but he sounds a little weird.

Go back to the CLOWN GAME at the Carnival and move up to it so that you see it in Simon's eyes (center position in upper right of screen). Save your game and then place the Yellow Pool ball in Simon's hand (open inventory, select yellow pool ball). Exit inventory and play the CLOWN GAME (Ctrl or Enter). After the discussions, hit the Alt Key first so that the smaller yellow pool ball is placed into Simon's hand (if you don't do this Simon will be holding a larger tennis ball instead). Hit the Enter Key when the teeth are raising up (about halfway up or a little higher). This time you should win with your smaller pool ball. The prize is an Action Figure Coneman Doll. If you don't succeed the first time just reload the saved game and try again.

Give the Red Pool Ball to the OBNIXIOUS KID. He gives you his wad of Chewing Gum. Then he breaks his teeth on the Pool Ball. Take tooth.

Go back to the VOODOO PRIEST. Talk to him and give him the Tooth and the Coneman Doll. They give you a Voodoo Doll of Coneman.

Take the Voodoo Doll to the ACUPUNCTURIST. They fix Coneman the Barabrain's back for you.

Return to CALYPSO. Yep, Coneman is there. Now you have 2 of your heroes. Talk to him. He doesn't inspire a lot of confidence either, but maybe his strength will help, if you can just get him to use it against Sordid instead of you.

Go to the LAUNDERETTE. It's located near where the picture of the T-Shirt and Soap is on your Phone Booth Map. Put the Black T-Shirt into the Washing Machine. Then put the White Wig into the Machine. Start the Machine. Remove the Black Wig and faded T-Shirt.

Return to Simon's Room and sleep until night. Go to the PRINCESS, asleep in her tent at the Tournament. Crawl into the tent. Stand in front of the Poster of Johnny. Use your Spell Book and change your Robe to Purple (Purple is Red plus Blue). Do this by putting the Spell Book in Simon's hand, then hit the Alt Key, then hit the Left Arrow Key for Red, then hit the Right Arrow Key for Blue, then hit the Enter Key (or Ctrl Key). Put on the Black Wig. Put on the Funky Glasses. Put the Frog in your hand. Now wake the Princess. When she says that she'll give you a kiss, use the Frog on the Princess. Oops! Boy, is she ever mad! You have to run. But when Prince Valiant finally does reappear, show him Calypso's Party Invitation.

Go to CALYPSO. Prince Valiant has arrived. Talk to him. He doesn't sound any better than the other two, maybe even worse. Hopefully the real Melissa Leg will be better. But you don't know where she is. You haven't seen her anywhere. Maybe she'll turn up tomorrow. Go to Simon's Room and sleep until morning.

Melissa still hasn't shown up. So in the meantime, you decide to get that Lead. Go to the road that runs beside the CHURCH. Wait until the Cheese Wagon comes by on his daily rounds. Stand in front of him to block the Wagon, then look at it and have Simon describe it for you. He says that it's an open bed Wagon. That'll work! Stand aside and let the Cheese Wagon go on its way. Look up and notice the Boy floating in the air above with balloons. Stand in the street directly under the Boy (Simon will tilt his head up to look). Wait until the Wagon returns and stops in front of you (it may come from either direction). Then back up 4 steps to where you can see the Boy directly over the Wagon (see the following pictures) and use your Peashooter to pop the balloons and drop the Boy into the Wagon. The Boy falls into the Wagon and you hear chomping sounds (if he misses the Wagon, just go somewhere else, and when you return he will be floating from the balloons again). Follow the Wagon to the Cheese Warehouse where you know the Wagon stops. Make sure that you get to the Warehouse before the Wagon does, so you can hear the conversation when it arrives. When they open the door, all they see is the Boy inside: No Cheese! The truck driver quits. Follow the Boy into the Warehouse, where he has also eaten all of that cheese. The manager of the Warehouse also quits, and the full and fat rat-like Boy just sits there, like he's in a stupor.


Get into the CHEESE WAGON and drive to the Church. Park the Wagon on the street outside the hedge, directly under where the Lead is on the roof (see the following picture: note red arrow pointing to the lead). Go to the Bell Tower and up the Rope to the roof. Push the Lead off the roof. Go back to the Wagon and drive your ill-gotten gains away, across the rickety bridge at the river, in the now very heavy Wagon. Oops! Well that ends your Lead-stealing scheme! The bridge has collapsed under the enormous weight, and when you pull yourself out of the wreckage you belatedly notice the 2-Ton Limit sign. But you also notice that all of the fallen rocks and debris from the bridge, along with the lead and the truck, has formed a dam in the river. The water level looks a lot lower on one side than it did. Maybe it's low enough now to get to that Mysterious Island that you haven't been able to visit. Perhaps Melissa is there: that's the only place that you haven't looked for her.

Call your Rainbird and go to the Forest, then go to IT'S A BEACH. Look at the water and notice that the water level of the Reservoir is a lot lower than it was when you were here before. Walk to the far left and look toward the Mysterious Island. You can see a Telephone Booth underwater. And there's a Boat tied to the dock at the Island, so someone is definitely there (see the following picture). But the water level is still too high for you to get there. You're going to have to lower it more. Turn to your left and notice the Pulley Mechanism at the top of the rock cliff. That's the same one that you saw above the roof of the Reservoir Control Hut earlier.

Mysterious Isle, with water level part of the way down

So go to the SLEEPING DRAGON. Make a tool to get the Keys. Combine the Gum with the Stick, then combine that with the Magnet. Use it on the Dragon. Simon says that he needs some lubrication. Combine the tool with the Butter. Now use it on the Dragon again. You get the Keys.

Now go to the RESERVOIR CONTROL HUT that you visited earlier, the one with the Dwarfish Warning Sign in front. Look up at the Pulley Mechanism above the Hut, and note that the rope comes down through the roof of the Hut. Enter the door to the Hut with your Keys. Look at the Pulley Mechanism inside. Try to push it manually using the pole that extends from the round wheel. You're not strong enough. Look around and find the Petrol (gasoline). Pour the Gas on the rope of the Pulley Mechanism. Try to light it with your Lens. Simon says that it's too dark in here: he needs direct sunlight. Look up and find the Trap Door that you know is on the roof from when you were here before. It seems to be latched from the inside. Use your Chakara on the latch until Simon says 'I got it'. But it's still stuck. Maybe you can get it open from the outside now. Exit the building, climb the ladder to the roof, and try to open the trap door. Just about the time that Simon says that its still stuck, he falls through it, into the hut! Now sunlight is streaming into the room, so use your Lens on the rope again. That did it!

Leave the hut and return to IT'S A BEACH. The water level is down a lot more. Walk to the left again and you see that you can now walk all the way across to Mysterious Isle (see the following picture). When you arrive at the Boat that is tied to the dock, look at it and hit the Enter Key. You will climb the rope to the dock above. You see the Ruins of a Church with Melissa Leg outside, leaning over to look at a Pool of Lava below. Cross the bridge, turn left, then left again. You come up behind Melissa and speak to her. Oops, you startled her and she fell over the edge! You lean over to see if she survived. She landed on a ledge and her arm is broken, but she throws up a rope and climbs it with only one arm! Now that's the kind of woman that Simon needs!!! You show her Calypso's Party Invitation, and she says she'll go. Simon says, 'But what are you going to do about your broken arm?' 'Oh that', she says. And she reaches up and grinds it back into place. Simon faints!!!

Mysterious Isle, with water level all the way down

You have your 4 heroes, so now it's time to plan your strategy with them to defeat Sordid. Call your Rainbird and return to the Village, then go to CALYPSO. You find them busy making plans all right, but they don't include you. You get no respect! You're complaining about it when suddenly Runt, Sordid's evil apprentice, appears. He's delighted to find all of you together where he can take care of everyone at the same time. Coneman starts to attack, but Runt freezes him in place. Then he zaps Calypso (Calypso's not dead, but he will be out of it for awhile). Runt leaves you all as prisoners, behind a magical force field, until his return. Try to go through the force field. Try to talk to Calypso. Try to talk to Jar Nin. Talk to the gay Prince Valiant, until Simon won't talk to him any longer. Talk to the feminist Melissa Leg, until she has nothing new to say. Finally talk to Coneman (make sure that you talk to him last). Keep on talking to him until Simon pushes him too far, and then Coneman rips Simon limb from limb (kills him). The next scene shows Simon restored to life on the 'Life Square' outside the Inn (we were wondering what that one was for!), and he comments that it's the first time he ever had to die to solve a puzzle!

Go back inside the Inn, down to Calypso's Room, and try to enter. You can't! Go to the BEER GARDEN, which is above Calypso's room, and look around. Notice the opening leading down to Calypso's room that is across from the Picnic Table. Go to the Kid swinging from the Tire Swing. Talk to him. He challenges Simon to see which one of them can swing the highest. Your fairy godmother appears to explain what to do, but we found that we did better if we ignored what she said. So just hit the Enter Key to start, and then use only the Forward Arrow Key, hitting it every time Simon swings forward, and keeping a steady rhythm. You win! Then the kid tries to do an even better trick, swings too high and is thrown out, breaking the swing. Pick up the Tire with the attached Rope. Go to the Picnic Table and look at it. Simon sees a Board on the Table. Use the Tire with the Rope attached on the Board of the Picnic Table. And Simon swings down into the room through the opening and talks to Calypso. That's really cool, and very funny!

Calypso tells Simon that the heroes have all been taken to Sordid's fortress, to be horribly tortured. He says that Simon must go there immediately to help them, and that the entrance to the Fortress is through a rock tunnel in the mountains to the East. So go outside and call your Rainbird (notice the momentary picture of the fortress that appears when you do) and fly to SORDID'S FORTRESS. It's out beyond the land, and has a Rainbird Square in front of the entrance.

When you land, there is an Orc behind you guarding the entrance to the TUNNEL leading into Sordid's Fortress. Turn around and talk to the Orc. He won't let you in. So Simon's going to have to sneak in! First use your Spell Book to turn your clothes Black (Red + Blue + Yellow), and so make it harder to see you. Then walk into the dark area on the left. Now head into the tunnel, staying in the dark areas. After you pass 2 Orc Guards in the tunnel, you will come to a small lighted cubbyhole over on the left (it looks like a door). Walk a few steps past it towards the next Orc, staying in the dark, until you hear the Goblin Guard singing. Then turn around and head back to the cubbyhole. Crawl into it and hide, turning around and positioning yourself so that you can see part of the lighted area of the tunnel, without being seen yourself. Wait until you see the Goblin Guard go by. Once he has passed, crawl out, stand up and continue through the tunnel to the end, where you will come to a drawbridge leading into the Fortress. Oh no! There's a gap between the drawbridge and the Fortress, with nothing but empty space below! Simon will wonder aloud how he's ever going to get in. Notice the Mailbox to the right of the drawbridge. Open it and take the letter. It's a letter from Sordid to the Greengrocer in Poliganis, asking them to fill his order for 'the usual'. So go back through the tunnel, call your Rainbird, and return to Poliganis.

Go to the GREENGROCERS. It's a building with red and white awnings near Magic Square, called 'Phil the Fruiter'. They're closed, so put the letter from Sordid into the mail slot. Now you'll listen at the door and hear the fear of the employees as they pack Sordid's box, and then throw it out of the window. Look at the box and then open it. Simon says that it's addressed to Sordid. When he opens it, he finds it filled with Cauliflower, an 'Evil Vegetable' that he wants out of the box. The only person that Simon can think of who might eat Cauliflower is the Hedgehog Kid who ate all of the Cheese.

So go to the CHEESE WAREHOUSE, where you will find the kid still sitting where you left him. Walk straight toward him, and when you see him, hit the Enter Key to pick him up.

Take the Kid back to the GREENGROCERS. Use the Kid on the Cauliflower. But even he won't eat Cauliflower without cheese sauce! Hmmm! Get close to the Kid, and when you have him in view, hit him in the stomach with your Chakara. He vomits cheese all over the cauliflower. Now that it's covered in cheese sauce, he eats it! Oh Yuck!!! The box is now empty, so have Simon climb into it by hitting the Enter Key. The box will be delivered to Sordid's Fortress with Simon inside, and take you into Chapter Six.

CHAPTER SIX: It's A Sordid Situation!

Inside Sordid's Fortress

NOTE: This entire chapter is an end game sequence, with several 'life square' puzzles immediately following each other. So it would be a good idea to save every time that you get a chance, and that way you won't have to repeat an area if you have a problem. And it will help you to see better if you turn off the lights in your room, and turn up the game's Gamma Control setting. Also make sure that your Auto Run is on, or you won't be able to solve the final puzzle.

When you climb out of the Cauliflower box, you find yourself in a room with a Central Pit and a Door, but neither is active. There is a Ramp leading up on the right side of the room with a Life Square in front of it, but when you try going up, colored FIREBALLS seek you out and kill you when they hit you. You will see the Fireball forming. When you see what color the next Fireball is going to be, stop and change your clothes to match the color of the Fireball (wear Black when the Fireball is White). Your robe will then absorb the magic of that Fireball, rendering it harmless. So with your Spell Book in hand, sprint up the ramp, making as much progress between each fireball as possible. If you see one forming, stop and change your robe color to match the Fireball's color, then continue sprinting up until you reach a Ladder on the wall. And then climb the Ladder. Note: About three-fourths of the way to the ladder, there is a lever on the wall that will stop the fireballs. We were too busy running to look for it, but you may want to.
Remember, it's the Up arrow key for Yellow, the Left arrow key for Red, and the Right arrow key for Green.
There are 7 possible colors for the Fireballs:
(1) White (a black robe works: yellow + red + blue)
(2) Yellow
(3) Orange (yellow + red)
(4) Red
(5) Purple (red + blue)
(6) Blue
(7) Green (blue + yellow)

When you ascend the ladder, you find yourself face to face with RUNT. Melissa and Coneman are his prisoners, unconscious and suspended in magical force fields. He tells you that Sordid has already gone on to the Nexus (the control center of the universe), because they found that they didn't need the Nexus CD ('magical boots') after all. He took Swampy with him. Runt will be going too, just as soon as he makes some last minute adjustments at the huge computer console behind him. He magically freezes you to the spot that you're standing on so that you can't interfere, and then turns back to his work at the console. There are 3 parts to this puzzle: (1) free Melissa and Coneman, (2) wake up Coneman so that he will attack Runt for you, and then (3) destroy Runt. As soon as you've successfully completed one part, immediately start on the next.
(1)To free Melissa and Coneman:
Open your Inventory and combine the Lens with your Peashooter, then hit the Shift key to Zoom In on the Small Stand that is between you and Runt. It has 2 Buttons on it. Hit the Right Button with your Peashooter to release Melissa and Coneman (the left button would turn them into a grease spot!). Aim slightly high to hit the button.
(2)To wake up Coneman:
Use the Voodoo Doll until Coneman attacks Runt. Unfortunately when he does attack, Runt turns Coneman into a Duck! And then Runt turns to kill you with his light saber. Melissa is still unconscious, but Calypso appears in the nick of time to save you by fighting Runt with his own light saber. But alas, true to form, Calypso kills himself instead, by aiming the light saber at his own eye. With Calypso dead, you're on your own! Runt then starts to throw colored Fireballs at you.
(3)To destroy Runt:
Put your Spell Book in your hand. You will see Runt's light saber change color before it forms the Fireball. As soon as you see the new color, change your robe to match that color, using the same 7 colors listed above. Then quickly go to that color in the row of Buttons behind you and, when the Fireball hits you, press the Button. There are 7 buttons that have to be turned on, but once you turn a Button on, it won't go off again even if one of the Fireballs kills you.
Each time that you successfully turn one of the Buttons on, some of Runt's power is drained back to the power source, increasing it. When all 7 buttons are on, Runt loses all of his power, and so falls to his death in the Bottomless Pit. But unfortunately the Duck is sitting on the edge of the Pit when Runt's spell wears off, so Coneman falls to his death too! Oops!! Guess it's just you and Melissa now!

Melissa finally wakes up and the gateway to the Nexus Entrance has been opened by the increased power. When you both step through it, you find yourselves in a room with a giant stone SWAMPY HEAD. Calypso's ghost appears (it seems that he's now your 'ghostly mentor') and tells you that it's really a statue of one of the 'Ancients', the race that created the universe. That's what they looked like? Like Swampy? Yep, believe it or not! And you must enter through the giant stone head to find the Nexus. Melissa refuses to go with you, so you're on your own now.
Look at the Stone Head and then open it by singing the Swampling Song:
Swampling Stew
Swampling Stew
To Your Bog, Your Swamp Be True
Swampy Be True
Swampling Stew

You find yourself facing a magical RED BRIDGE, leading to a distant door. There is a guardhouse about halfway across and the guard inside it looks like Swampy in a toga. When you start to cross, the little door on the guardhouse drops, and the guard comes out to inform you that the bridge is only for walking 'from' the control center, not 'to' it. And there is to be no running, or jogging, or even loitering on the bridge. If he catches you violating any of these rules, he zaps you back to where you started from, and you have to start over. So Simon is going to have to fool him! Do this by walking straight toward your target, with both the Shift and Forward Arrow Keys down. When you see the door of his guardhouse start to drop open, immediately turn around and start walking back toward where you came from. That way whenever he sees you, he will only see you obeying the rules, never violating them, and you will always appear to be going in the proper direction. When he starts to close the door of the guardhouse, turn back around and resume your walk toward the target door. And make sure that you walk in the middle of the bridge, because if you veer to the edge it will make you stop, and then the guard will instantly appear and send you back for 'loitering'.

You arrive in the NEXUS CONTROL ROOM, where you see a primitive Computer. You can see the bodies of Swampy and Sordid lying on slabs in the room. Look at them. You find that they are alive, but unconscious and barely breathing. Look at the Computer. It has no keyboard, but there is a CD ROM drive located below the Monitor. Calypso's ghost appears again and informs you that the Ancients, who created the universe, set up this Computer to run it automatically. If the Computer were to lose power, then everything in the universe would be destroyed. He also tells you that Sordid and Swampy are in the Nexus Computer as Souls. Their Souls have been separated from their bodies because only Souls can enter the Nexus Computer. So Simon tries to get Calypso to enter it since he's already a Soul, but Calypso starts making excuses. Simon has to do it! Calypso separates Simon's Soul from his body, so that Simon can enter the Computer to find Sordid and rescue Swampy. When Calypso finishes doing that, walk to the Monitor and hit your Enter Key to enter the Nexus Computer.

INSIDE THE COMPUTER, you will have to walk along a path of various straps and circuit boards to find Sordid and Swampy. Remember, in order to be able to see better when the lights go off, be sure to turn off all the lights in your computer room, and turn up the Gamma Control in the game.
(1) Turn around and take the path through the Passage to a room with 3 Teleportation Lights on the floor: Use the Right One
(2) Then take the Strap and follow the path (going through some red rings) until you come to a T-Intersection
(3) Turn Right at the T-Intersection, and continue following the path
(4) In the second room with 3 Teleportation Lights: Use the Right One again

You will arrive in the room where SORDID AND SWAMPY are. Swampy is very relieved to see you, and asks you to help him. Notice the ball and chain on Swampy's leg. Sordid says that he kidnapped Swampy because Swampy is the sole remaining descendant of the Ancients, and therefore he will know how to switch the Computer from Automatic Control to Manual Control, so that Sordid can run the universe. Sordid imprisons you in a force field to keep you from interfering, and then tells Swampy to reset the Computer to Manual Control. Oh no!!! Swampy accidentally erases all of the Computer's memory, and it's about to blow. The lights start flickering on and off. Sordid decides to get out while he still can and takes off running. Then the force field around you disappears. Swampy tells you to leave him here and save yourself. Starting now, you have exactly 2 minutes to escape from the Computer, and the flickering lights make it difficult to see. If you don't succeed, you will get to try again until you do succeed. You can either take Swampy with you or go alone. We took him with us.

(1) Open your Inventory and put the Vacuum Cleaner in your hand
(opening the inventory stops the clock)
(2) Use the Vacuum on Swampy (Alt Key)
(3) Run up the ramp and hit the Enter Key to go through the Spiral
(4) Follow the path (or you can follow Sordid, who dashes past you) to the T-Intersection
(you'll take one Right and one Left to get to the T-intersection)
(5) Turn Left at the T-Intersection, and continue following the path
(you'll go through the red rings to a platform and then turn and follow the gray Strap)
until you reach a room with 1 Teleportation Light: Use it
(6) Go Left at the next T-Intersection (you'll go left around a spool-like structure), and continue following the next Strap downward
(7) Into the room with 3 Teleportation Lights: Use the Middle One.

You will tumble out through the monitor into the NEXUS CONTROL ROOM. You are no longer being timed. Notice that Sordid's body is gone (so that he is available for a sequel?). The computer sounds like it's about to blow for good, and areas of Poliganis and the Forest are beginning to flicker. The world, in fact the whole universe, is about to disappear. You've got to restore the Computer's memory somehow, before it is too late! Look at the Monitor. At the bottom of the screen it says 'Please Insert Boot Disk'. But there is no keyboard, and no way to open the CD ROM Drive! And you've got to reload the Nexus program from the Nexus CD (the 'Magical Boots')! But how?

As we said before, make sure your Auto Run is on. Then put the Nexus CD in Simon's hand, and open your own CD ROM Drive! Simon will then open the one on the computer and insert the Nexus disk, and your own CD ROM Drive will close all by itself! We couldn't believe it!!

A keyboard appears, along with a question on the Monitor that says 'Where would you like to go today?' Simon types in 'Home', and the Computer says 'Please Wait'. Simon reunites Swampy's soul with his body, and Swampy is tearfully grateful ('You are my bestest friend'!). But now Simon has a problem himself. He doesn't want to go home without his body. That wouldn't be any fun! He yells for Calypso to come and put him back together again! Calypso doesn't appear, but suddenly someone else tumbles out of the Computer ..... someone who looks just like Simon! It's Simon's Alter Ego! Now there are 2 Simons: one good and one evil (wait a minute, the Simon that we know is no sweetheart)! Anyway, the new Simon says, 'OK, now that we have control of the Universe, let's go have some fun!'

Uh oh! Does that give you any idea what Simon 4 might be like? Hee, hee, hee!!!

NOTE: Be sure to watch the wonderful outtakes during the credits, watching all the way through past where they say 'The End', and then 'No Really'.


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