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Navigation Notes (Walkthrough)

Written by  Viva Media

Developed by Flammarion and Gyoza Media

Published by Tivola Publishing

If you remain hopelessly stuck at 30th September 1659...

After you have constructed the raft (you find the explanation above), you have to return to the wreck once more to fetch all the supplies and collect the objects, which are mentioned in the book on page 18 (sketch).

The next task, as described in the book, is to build your shelter.

When you now go back to page 28 in the book, and click on the text, you return once more to the hill. Click on the stalks, which have meanwhile grown from the chicken feed, and collect them. On page 30 in the book an earthquake is mentioned. You just have to wait for this to happen; otherwise you don't get any further.

As you can read in the book, you become ill. You have to make some medicine; otherwise you can't proceed in the game.

Your next task is to catch Poll, the parrot.

Your next job is to bake some bread. First though, you have to make the bowls for this.

From now on you only have to activate the animated pictures to reach the end of the game. Simply click on them to start.

Have fun!

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