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Pink Panther's Passport To Peril


written by  Mr. Bill

Pink, The Panther

Game produced by Wanderlust Interactive (1996)

The following is a reprint of Wanderlust's rhyming hints for this game, with our own Walkthrough for the hints printed in yellow below them. But please try everything you can think of before you use our answers, because otherwise you will miss a lot of very funny stuff. Just remember to save your game at the beginning of each new area (and don't save over them), so that you don't have to repeat a lot in case you do something wrong.


The Pink Panther needs your help! Something has gone horribly wrong at Camp Chilly Wa-Wa, leaving world peace hanging precariously in the balance. Chilly Wa-Wa is no ordinary camp, and the kids there are no ordinary campers. It will take all of your deductive powers to solve this mystery. Since youíve chosen to accept this mission...

Remember to pack all your secret spy tools, your hand-held computer and a sweater unless, for some reason, you have fur like your pink partner. Youíll be traveling around the world with the Pink Panther, visiting diverse cities like London, Bombay, Cairo and Beijing, and tromping through the Himalayan Mountains and Englandís green and pleasant pastures. But LOOK OUT! Danger lurks around every corner. Or almost every corner. Letís say every fifth corner. An evil plot is afoot, and the bad guys may be tailing you and weíre not talking about long pink tails either. So keep your eyes and ears open, listen and watch, watch and listen, check your watch before time runs out. Click that mouse as if your life depended on it... because it just might!

If you need to learn how to start or play this game, click on The Pink Panther's Help file (go to Start, then Programs, then Wanderlust, then the Help file). This is also where you Start the game. This Help file can also be looked at while playing the game, by moving your cursor to the top of the screen and selecting 'Help', and then 'Contents.' This is where the secret agents are separated from the obvious agents. Once you read through the Help file carefully, commit it to memory, then shred and eat it, so it wonít fall into the wrong hands (You might want to use a light marinara sauce to liven up the taste).

Hints for The Pink Pantherís Passport to Peril

These top secret and confidential, rhyming hints should only be used in cases of extreme emergency. They will help those in need of a little assistance to continue game play. In a nutshell, they tell you everything you need to do to successfully navigate the dangers inherent in each destination.

Camp Chilly Wa Wa Day One

Off to the right, there rests a hut
Click for Von Schmarty, if youíre in a rut
When heís packed in a sucking machine thatís cool
Youíll need to find a useful tool

Click on Von Schmarty, and he gets sucked inside his own Super Suck Machine! Click on the machine to talk to him.

Check the places where planes hang out
For an item to help you wrench open the spout
Then click the machine to shake out your friend
Then on to another puzzle again

Go to the airplane hanger in the red tunnel across the lake, where you will find a toolbox. Take the wrench. Click on Pink to open your inventory and take the wrench. Then click the wrench on the Super Suck Machine to free Von Schmarty.

Itís fun to move the game along
Put stray items back where they belong
Then poke around, have fun explore!
For soon youíll have a crucial chore

Click on each item that fell out of the Super Suck and Pink will toss them back to where they belong. Then click on the Super Suck Machine again. After the video, click on the switch that Von Schmarty turned. Von Schmarty will give you a code to get into the storage shed.

Canít get rid of dogs, who disrupt and torment?
Try using a shoe that Von Schmartyíd invent
Then finish the job with a board that flies
To give those dogs a stinging surprise

Pick up the purple shoes with springs attached that are lying beside Von Schmarty. Click them on one of the dogs. Then pick up the blue flying board lying under the flag and click it on the big dog.

Find yourself locked out from a place you must tread?
Use that code that you were given to get into the shed!

Click the code that Von Schmarty gave you on the keypad of the storage shed. Enter the shed and pick up the fishing pole, then leave shed.

Youíve got a long wood fishing pole, youíve got a chilly lake
Matching the two, will help you to convince a reading boy itís time for a break

Click on the boy to the right of the bridge. His name is Nigel from England. Click the fishing pole on the water next to the boy Nigel takes your fishing rod and floats away.

Later...Still Day 1

Looking for the boy from England who thinks camp is a drag?
Trying searching in the cabin that flies the British flag!

Click on the large green cabin in the upper left of the screen. Search the cabin for Nigel, right clicking on everything for information. Left click underneath the bed. But you can't find Nigel. Go back to the main building and click on every kid to learn where he is from. Then the dog fakes nightfall. When it's light again, you see the dog leaving the shed. Enter the shed and click on the new item that is lying on the floor (it looks like a mechanical arm). Leave the shed. Go back to Nigel's cabin. Click on Von Schmarty. Click on Nigel. Then click on Von Schmarty again until Pink decides to go to England and get some of Nigel's favorite things.

Ready for a trip to England, but canít get off the ground?
Ask yourself a simple few, the answer will be found.
Did you stop to see a friend, whose hair is white as snow?
Von Schmarty asked you to see him first, you know
Are you boarding on the correct jet, whose course is set for Britain?
Yes, follow these here printed tips weíve taken time and written!

Leave Nigel's cabin and Von Schmarty gives you your PDA and explains it. Click on the girl in the boat. Then go to the airplane hanger and click on the little plane with the British flag on it that is hidden under the big plane on the left. Click on the seat with the seatbelt. Then click on the seatbelt to fasten it. When the light goes off, click on the seatbelt to remove it. Click on the TV screen. Then click on the flight attendant or the pink parachute in the corner.


Parliament Square

In England thereís much work to do
like empty rubbish, find a clue
then trade your prize for printed lies
and deposit them to golden eyes

Stuck with trash? No, we wonít tease.
Cast your eyes up, inspect the trees!

Click on the two guys in orange and yellow jerseys. They are looking for a ball. You can see it in the tree. Click on the little boy to the far left, but you discover that you can't get to him because the 3 politicians talking are in the way. Click on the bald headed man, then click on the man with glasses, and you find that you need a diversion. Click on the trash can and take a box. Click the box on the ball in the tree to take it. Give the ball to the boys in orange and yellow jerseys. One of them gives you his jersey. Then give the jersey to the newsstand man. He gives you a newspaper and a comic book. Click the arrow to the right of the screen to go to the Pub.

The Mucky Duck Pub

A busy pub, with jobs for you
like serving drinks and British food
Then you can chat with the comic-loving brat
Who eats and eats but wonít get fat

Click on the menu on the wall. Click on the bartender lady and she gives you a drink to serve to the Bobby (policeman). Click on the Bobby. She now gives you a drink to serve to the Postman who is sitting with the Bobby. Click on the Postman. She now gives you food to serve to the Barrister (lawyer), sitting to the right of the Bobby. Click on the Barrister. Now click on the little boy to talk to him. He wants something for his sausage. Give him the comic book. Click on the guy watching TV. Click on the guy reading a newspaper sitting behind the barrister.

The golden girls are older than most
And raise their tea cups up to toast
The latest news is what they crave
Deliver it, and watch them rave!

Click on the older women to talk to them. They want some current gossip, so give them the newspaper. When she reads her love letter and puts it on the table, click on it to take it.

Want to play a game of darts?
Lose the guy whose low on smarts
Offer him the food heíll wish,
and watch him become a doggieís dish

Click on the guy waiting to play darts. Click the sausage on the guy waiting to play darts to get him to leave. Then click on the man throwing darts. Return to Parliament Square.

Parliament Square Again

Sir Baldley wonít move out the way
Until heís read what gossips say
Thatís when you can walk right through
to find a boy whoíll talk to you

Canít chat with the man of dart board fame?
Try calling him by proper name.
Learn from a cranky uniformed lad
About the man whoíll help you find Nigelís pad

Give the love letter to the Sir Baldley. After he leaves, click on the little boy to talk to him. You will learn the name of Nigel's butler who is playing darts at the Mucky Duck Pub. Return to the pub.

Mucky Duck Pub Again

Click on the man playing darts. You will call him by his correct name and then he'll let you play darts, and tell you what to take back to Nigel.

Country House

Sorry to say thereís just one way in
Youíll need to answer to gain your way in
Once rid of the boy, try costumes galore
until you can enter through the fancy front door

Click on the boy several times to try to go past him. Keep it up (16 times) until he talks to you and tells you that you have to solve some riddles. Answers: WHISTLE and flute = Suit, LOAF of bread = the complete Head, PLATES of meat = Feet, BOAT race = just the Face. Keep trying on costumes out of the basket, by clicking on it, until on the 4th try you get the right costume.

Drawing Room in Country House

Here youíll need to rifle through
drawers and junk to see whatís new

Click on Sir Manley. Click on the mail on the desk to take Nigel's postcard. Click on the pens to open the desk drawer and look at the architectural plans of the drawing room.

Look around, take a peek
Make the butler go away and you will find what you seek
Found a secret out of reach?
Extend your arm, thatís what Iíll teach
Check around! No, donít you tire!
Snoop about the place of fire.

Click on the 3 pictures over the fireplace, and he will give you a clue that you will use later at Stonehenge. Then click on the family crest (shield) over the door and he will tell you which section Nigel liked. The butler will leave. Click on the poker beside the fire to take it. Now click on the Bishop's portrait over the fireplace again. Use the poker on the shield that's behind the Bishop's portrait and the fireplace will slide over to reveal Nigel's doll and take it.

Careful not to leave behind
Whatís come loose in the meantime

Take the mirror that fell off when the Bishop's portrait was moved (on the bench to the right of the fireplace). Click on the window where the 2 dogs are who have stolen your pink long underwear suit and are making fun of you.


Blind pesky rascals you despise
By very quickly shining light in shifty eyes
Reflect the morning rays
To set their eyes ablaze.
But first youíll need to make them look
Try sneaking Ďround like a common crook
Then theyíll drop and cry out too
So you can take what belongs to you

Click on the dogs a couple of times to hear them making fun of you and see one draw a heart. Now the sun starts to rise. Now go around the rock to the left to scare them. Then quickly take the mirror and use it on the rising sun to shine light into their eyes. Then click on your pink suit to take it. On the airplane click on your seatbelt to fasten it, then disconnect it and click on the pink parachute.



This crazy man who lives to sell
might finally prove to help you well
heíll ask for treasures, jewels or money
but the way to his heart is through his tummy

Click on the man until you see a mummy hand appear in the sand. Then click on him again until he tells you he will take food to take you to the Nile. Then walk out the right side of the screen to go to Cairo.


Visit vendors on each street
some will greet with jokes or meat
use the meat on a horseís master
to help you solve the mystery faster

Please accept this helpful tip:
Take a moment to coffee sip
Then trade the mug
For a creepy rug
And your reward will be skewered grub

Talk to the vendor on the left and he says he'll give you food for a rug. Talk to the 2 men sitting at the table to the left of the door. Then talk to the man at the table to the right of the door to get a cup of coffee. Talk to the girl's parents who are standing under the arch. Talk to the vendor selling lamps on the left under the arch. Talk to the rug vendor on the right under the arch. Give him the cup of coffee and get a pink panther skin rug. Give rug to vendor with food on left to get grub. Return to the desert by walking to the street through the arch.

Desert, Again

Give the man the kabob. Now he wants a rug too. Return to Cairo.

Cairo, Again

Check back with coffeeís sippers too
They might return that rug to you
Or better yet, make Mouthís throat wet
By double-checking a vendorís threat

Talk to the man that you gave the rug to before. He will give it back to you for coffee. Talk to the rug vendor to get the coffee back. Give the coffee to the kabob vendor to get your panther skin rug back. Now return to the desert.

Desert, the 3rd time

Give the rug to the crazy trader.

Cairo, the 3rd time

Talk to the kabob vendor that you gave the coffee to the last time to get it back again.

Desert, the 4th time

Give the coffee to the crazy trader and he will finally take you to the Nile River.

Nile River Bank

Those waters could eat a panther alive
Donít waste your time with a localís jive
Look to friends you know from before
Tempt them with things that they adore
Pass on a parcel you were asked to deliver
Then confide in a pony just whose heart she makes quiver

Click on the guy building the boat twice, then click on the 2 guys in the boat. Click on the trader, Mouth, twice. He wants food for his horse, Lucy. Return to Cairo by clicking on the camel to the left of the boat builder.

Cairo, the 4th time

Talk to the new guy sitting in the chair on the left. He gives you an Eye of Horus for Mouth. Click on the donkey to talk to it. Click on the Camel to return to the Nile.

Nile River Bank, Again

Give Eye of Horus to Mouth and he gives you a scarab. But Lucy still needs something, so go back to Cairo again.

Cairo, the 5th time

Click on the donkey again to get some flowers for Lucy. Click on the Camel to return to the Nile again.

Nile River Bank, the 3rd time

Give the flowers to Lucy. Then click on Mouth. Then click on the fishing boat with the 2 men in it. Then click on one of the men in the boat to travel up the Nile.

Farming Village

Better arm yourself real quick
Stop dogs who play such dirty tricks
Whatís long, and digs, and rests nearby
Will prove to be your "tool ally"
By tearing into fertile grounds
You can bury pesky hounds
But bait them first with leaves of green
Then watch them dive in the ravine
Next find a bird whoíll finish the job
After gaining a note, survey the whole mob
To find the young Einstein to decode for you
The curious note -- sheís a girl, you know who!

Take hoe that is leaning against the oven. Talk to little girl who appears. Her mom appears and says that she's looking for someone to feed her birds (and birds fly in to land on the roof). Click on the palm tree to get some dates. Click the dates on each bird. Then click on the mom again to get some information. The dogs arrive. Click on the window to take the salad. Use the hoe on the dirt in the middle of the courtyard to dig a hole, then put the salad in the hole. A pigeon flies in and lands on the roof. Click on the pigeon. Give the pigeon the scarab to get a note in hieroglyphics. Show the note to the little girl to decode it. You return to Camp Chilly Wa Wa.

Camp Chilly Wa Wa Day Two

Back so soon from your journey, sure, youíre never tardy
Your best bet now is to show what youíve found to Von Schmarty

Stuck somewhere, you canít get out, you donít know what to say?
Try calling up your friend whoís Schmart on your PDA.

Click on Von Schmarty. Then show him Nigel's postcard. He tells you to hide it in the shed under the floorboards. Click on Nigel. Then give him his doll from England. Enter the shed and click on the floorboards. Put the postcard and the hieroglyphic note inside. Try to leave. You will get locked in and will automatically call Von Schmarty on your PDA.

Canít track down the little boy whoís all the way from China?
Hereís a few helpful hints that just might help remind ya:
Youíll find the boy whose name is Yung tucked up in a cabin
Heís hiding under a springy place so, poke around then grab him!

Click on the little pink cabin, the 2nd one from the left, that has the Chinese flag inside. Look around and right click on things, then left click underneath the bed to find a sock. But Yung isn't in his cabin. Try looking under the bed in the little blue cabin with the red roof on the far right.

Then back to the place where all planes hang,
I shouldnít have to remind ya
To board the one plane with colors that say
"This aircraft is headed to China!"

Enter the plane with the stars on the left, be seated and fasten your seat belts. Then unfasten your seat belt. Click on the TV, then click on the flight attendant to land in China.



Is your make-up puffed?
Is your costume on straight?
Then thereís no reason you canít sing great!
You say you donít know how to sing?
Find a cat whoís operaís king!

Click on powder puff to get your makeup. Click on cabinet to get your costume. Click to walk to the front of the stage. Click on the cat's tail to sing.

Donít go without a proper fight!
Use a sword! Crash a light!
Puff those looks right off their faces!
Send them flying to their places

Click on the man on top of the cabinet. Then click on the swords next to him to take one. Use the sword that is now in your inventory on the ropes that hold the lights up. Click on the powder puff to take it. Then use the powder puff from inventory on the remaining dog.


Dinnerís served but youíre not seated?
Free a friend who hasnít tweeted
Then sample food, thereís no catch!
Then snoop around for things to snatch.
Be real thorough, thatís the law
Check every cupboard, table, drawer

Click on the mother who is cooking. Then click on the bird to free it. Then click on the chair to sit down. Click on the food to eat. Look at the brochure in the birdcage. Click on the piano. Click on the cat. Click on the drawer under the cat (it's locked). Click on the mother again to hear song.

A hissy cat has got you heated?
Place bait where once a bird was seated!
The little dish there on the table
Will make the clever trapping able

Take a cookie from the dish on the table. Put it in the birdcage. When the cat is in the cage, click on the picture where the cat was before.

Then say bye-bye,
I donít mean to meddle
But youíre best off clicking
a thing you peddle

Click on the bicycle to leave.


To cross that stream, youíll need a boat
Use what your head would call its coat
Is he asking for incense? Sticks that smell?
And you donít think you have Ďem, but you canít tell?

Click on the woman in yellow. She wants you to get her laundry (and you see the boy's bird). So click on the water twice. Click on the man in the yellow hat. He wants some incense.

A sure way to gain them: donít act coy
Retrieve the bird that belonged to the boy
Youíll need some skin, a vegetableís will do
Then use them on the bird whoíll coo

Click on the woman peeling vegetables to take some of the peelings. Click the peelings on the bird to take the bird. Use the bike to return the bird to the boy.

Home, Again

Return the tweeter by using the bike
You can bet heíll be one happy tike
When you return the thing that tweets
Youíll earn the burning incense treats

Give the bird to the boy and he gives you some incense. Click on the bike to return to the Village.

Village, Again

Thatíll win you the hat! A coat for your head.
Look back on the earlier hints that youíve read.

Give the incense to the man in the yellow hat. Use the hat on the water to get the laundry. Give the laundry to the woman in yellow. Click on the man wearing the orange hat (Yung's father). On the airplane, click on the seatbelt. Then after the dogs appear, click on the seatbelt to release it. Then click on the pink parachute to land in Bhutan.



A frantic archer who is perplexed
Will trade you an item for a miscast hex
Then our work is cut out,
Thereíll be much land to harrow
Start by removing the targetís lone arrow
And clean up after a gray-haired neighbor
Who has left behind the daily paper
Then journey on to a nearby town
To make some trades and look around

Click on the person standing next to the statue to learn about the statue. Then click on the archer in brown on the right. He wants a Hex. Click on the blue team to Hex them. He gives you a special hood (scarf). You tell him that you will shoot on his team to help him win. He says that you will need to get your own equipment. Take the arrow. Pick up the crossword puzzle that the old man dropped. Click on the pink building to go to the town nearby.

Bhutanese Village

Vie for the cookís only chicken, indeed!
To gain it, give her something to read
Then try the open window of a smiling young lady
Whoíll propose an exchange you might find a bit shady
Give her what she wants, and youíll do just fine
Take what youíve got to the archery line

Give the crossword puzzle to the woman cooking. She will give you a chicken. Give the woman in the building your arrow. She will give you a bow. Return to Thimpu.

Thimpu, Again

Itís your turn to shoot? Youíve no arrow or luck?
Make use of the feathered thing that goes "cluck"
It wonít hurt the birdie, wonít scuff up its wing
But it just might help you meet the Bhutanese King!
Meet him you will, the exchange will be pleasant
And he will present you with a valuable present.

Click on the archer in brown. Use the chicken on the target. Click on the King. He gives you a robe. The King's pilot says the rotor for the plane is missing. Go to the village again.

Bhutanese Village, Again

Someone needs the Kingís gift more than youíd ever
Itís that smiling window woman, and sheíll return the favor
Take what she gives you to the statue so gold
And remember what it was that the milkmaid told
Youíll gain a clue, that should rev up your motor
The tip will help you find the missing royal rotor
But donít leave without chatting to a lady whoís little
Her information will help you progress in this riddle

Talk to the woman in the building. Then give her the robe that the King gave you. She gives you some I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Yak-Butter. Talk to the little girl about the building you see in the distance. Return to Thimpu.

Thimpu, the Third Time

Remember what the little lady said?
The name of the building where prayers are led?
Show off your smarts to a hard working monk
And the food in his hand? Why, heíll throw you a hunk.
But show him respect by dressing correct
Use the item you gained when you first cast a hex

Click on the boy by the statue. Use the Yak Butter on the Statue. Click on the monk standing on the balcony feeding birds. Click the hood (scarf) on the man to go up on the balcony. He will give you some dough.

Bhutanese Village, the third time

Use that dough on places sunny or shady
Still no luck? Try it on the old lady!

Click on the old lady next to the fence. Then use the dough on her to reveal her true identity and get the rotor. You will automatically return to the King. Give the rotor to the pilot to hear the song.



So much to do! So little time!
Hurry or youíll fall behind.
Charm snakes and win a flowery prize,
Then offer it to the man with closed eyes

Click on the basket to have him charm the snake. Then click on it again to charm it yourself. Go to the Indian Village.

Indian Village

Misplaced the snake? Check a village close by
Look in the place that will prove the least dry

Click on the well. The snake runs away into the building. Click on the kids, to talk to and charm snake. You automatically return to Bombay.

Bombay, Again

Then visit a lad with a zeal for seasons
And gain a pinch of his powder for no good reason
You wonít know why now, but it could help you out later
When invited to dinner and youíre asked to cater

Give snake back to her owner. Click on the basket again several times for fun. The snake charmer says that his wife will give you some Jasmine. Click on the woman in the red dress behind Pink and she gives you some Jasmine flowers. Then click on the man at the boutique behind the snake charmer several times for fun. Give the Jasmine to the man meditating on the left. You learn that shaking the head side-to-side in India means 'yes'. So now click on the spice man in the right corner, and when he shakes his head side to side, you know he means 'yes' and can give you directions. He also gives you one of his spices.

A ticklish man is selling ripe fruit
Use a feather to make him giggle and hoot
No feather you say? Try sampling the spices
The yellow holds future-telling devices

Click on the yellow spices. When the bird leaves, it drops a feather. Take it. Use feather on the man selling fruit (in the striped robe) and get some fruit. Click on the little girl in front of the curry vendor. Then click on her again to leave.

Indian Village

Canít chat with folks, and now in a furor?
Is your cat-like breath both clean and pure?
When in Rome do as the Romans do -- right?
In India, tree branches keep choppers white
Next go feed a starving potter
To gain a pot thatís right for water
For when the wellís tied bucket is too short for you
Is when the potterís homemade clay one will do

Try to talk to the potter. He won't talk to you. Is your breath bad? Click on the tree to the left twice to brush your teeth. Now talk to the potter and you learn that he is hungry. Talk to the little girl. Click on the cow to talk to it. It's thirsty. Click on the well to get some water. But the bucket is tied to the well. Give the juicy fruit to the potter. Now click on his pot and he will give it to you. Use his pot on the well. Give the water to the cow.

Milk that cow, and itís you theyíll thank
Use the pot from whence the cow drank
Then help the familyís mom with dinner
Youíve got to eat! Youíll just get thinner.

Check your pockets for food supplies,
Then try a barrel for rice.
But still youíll need some cooking water
Ask your friend potter, heís nice!

Now click the empty pot on the cow's udder to milk it. Click on the woman to learn you need water, rice and spice for the Curry. Click on the pot to the left of the building on the right to take rice. Give the rice to the woman. Give the spice that you have to the woman. Click on the potter again to get another pot, then use the pot on the well to get water. Give the water to the woman and dinner is ready. Now hear the song. You automatically go to Varanasi.


This holy place commands respect
Still there are dots left to connect
Those stick-tossing boys, will part with their wood
Try tossing the branch to the place where you should
Talk to a small boy to learn some traditions
Then talk to a priest from respectful positions
Canít find a priest? Knock on each temple door.
Itís well worth your while so please do try to endure!

Click on the little boy in the blue shirt three times to learn why he tosses sticks into the river. Click on the others there to learn of their traditions. Then click on the man in the river several times to hear the song. Pick up the stick that appears in the river after the song. Use stick on the river. Click on the pigeon that appears. Talk to the small boy in white. Now click on the steps, then click on the priest who comes down them. He gives you a wreath. Use wreath on the river. Then exit left to leave for Bombay.

Bombay, the 3rd time

Ready to leave, but looking for flowers?
Then back to a market that hosts magic powers
The yellowish thing with glasses, who flies
Can help you win a marigold prize!

Click on the flower woman vendor to ask for marigolds. She wants proof. Click on the yellow spices to talk to the psychic bird to prove that what you say is true. Now click on the flower vendor again to get marigolds. Then click on the little girl in pink again to go to the station.

Varanasi, Again

Then back to the holy Ganges, know why?
To take care of your favor for the goddess of the sky!

Use the marigolds on the Ganges River. You will automatically go back to the camp.

Camp Chilly Wa Wa Day Three

Your friend Von Schmarty is neck deep today
To stop rain set sights on the jammed dial-a-day

Check in the shed, for a crow made of steel
Then apply to the rock thatís made bad weather real

Check on that Dog Dad, heís up to no good
Keep both eyes open like a proper spy would

Check by the lake for a clue thatís indented
Then share the good news with the man who invented

Follow your gut, and the clues surely trail ya
Right towards the jet thatís soon bound for Australia

Click on Von Schmarty. Then click on the dog to see his evil plan. Then click on him again to make him leave. Enter the shed and pick up the crowbar leaning on the dark left wall. Leave shed and use crowbar on the stick jamming the dial-a-day to stop the rain. Click on Von Schmarty again. Click on the footprints by the flagpole. Then click on Von Schmarty again. Click on the window of the main building. Then click on the camp director. Now click on the window again to find out that the director has flipped. Then click on Von Schmarty's building once again to talk to him. Now you have an arrow to follow the footprints. Follow them to the correct plane going to Australia (little blue plane). Fasten your seatbelt. Notice the crocodile prints on the floor. Click on the book on the seat beside you to take it. Disconnect your seat belt and click on the pink parachute to land in Australia.



Snatch a bearís favorite food from up in the tallest of shrubs
Heíll discard a poking stick just right for spearing some grubs

Click on the Aboriginal man. Click on the carvings on the tree to the left. Then click on the 2 trees behind it to learn about them. Now click on the Aboriginal man again to learn he wants some grubs. Click on the turtle with the bell. Then click on the Koala Bear up in the tree to your left. Take some leaves from the Eucalyptus Tree. Then give them to the Koala Bear. Pick up the stick that the Koala drops. Click on the bush to the right to learn it is a Witchetty Bush. Now use the pointy stick under the Witchetty Bush to dig up some grubs. Exit right to the Aboriginal Village.

Aboriginal Village

Click on the bed in the background. Click on the woman and then the child. Give the grubs to the Aboriginal man. He will eat them. Click on him again and he will blow on his Digeridoo. He tells Pink that he needs to make one out of a hollow piece of wood. So return to the Outback to find one by going left.

Outback, again

Then use the fat friend
On that stick and heíll mend
Now a digeridoo is in sight!

Ring the bell on the turtle again to learn about the Digeridoo. Talk to the Platypus in the water 3 times. Talk to the Kangaroo on the right. On the other side of the water, click on the termite mound. Now talk to the lizard in front of it. Then talk to the Anteater beside it. Pink should now pick up the Anteater and use it on the Termites. Now have Pink click on the pointed stick that he used to dig up the grubs. Use the very fat Anteater on the pointed stick. Now Pink has a Digeridoo. Go back to the Aboriginal Village.

Aboriginal Village, again

Click your Digeridoo on the Aboriginal man to hear the song. A crocodile will appear. Click on the aboriginal man again to learn about the crocodile and then automatically leave for Camp.

Camp Chilly Wa Wa Day Four

Now back to work, the point is quite clear
The Dog Father needs catching, his downfall is near!

Gather your clues then confront him you must
Youíll need everyone to complete the big bust

Capture this doggy with words? No, youíll need more!
So gather all evidence from beneath the wood floor

Then click on what sails but isnít a ship
It waves in the air sometimes wiggles and flips

Make sure that a clue isnít blowing in the breeze
Without it, beware, that your case wonít proceed with ease

Check near or in planes for a damning news feature
The clipping will help you convict the Dog creature

Behind nailed up boards is a clue that you need
Youíll need a tool to secure the good deed

Where are the tools? Oh, youíre smart as a fox!
Youíve got it! Thatís right! In that trusty tool box.

Once you have all these items, go bust the bad seed
It should work out fine if these clues you did read

Click on the kids that are hanging around to find out they're not real, then on the two who show up. Then click twice on the shadow that appears in the window of the main building to learn about the Dogfather's plot. You need proof. So enter the shed and get your evidence from beneath the floorboards. Notice the boards that have been nailed up behind you, but you'll need a tool to remove them. Now leave the shed and click on the flag to take it. Then click on the plans that are blowing in the wind on the post of the main building to take them. You already have the damning news feature because you picked it up on the plane to Australia. Now go to the toolbox in the airplane hangar and take a hammer, then return to the shed. Use hammer on nailed up boards in shed and click on the orange head 3 times to take a head with wires, plus another one that lights up, for evidence. Now go confront the Dogfather with all of your evidence, by clicking on the window again.

So youíve pulled out your goods, and youíve pointed the finger?
Now theyíre mad? Well of course! Quick then, run! Donít you linger.

Afraid of the dark, you say you canít see
Use a glowing robo-head. Though it is creepy.

Screw the head in the socket, and light you will shed
Whoever thought youíd make use of a head!

Now arm yourself quick with real suck power
Then those twisted pups you can quickly devour

Plug in the sucker, and it surges with strength
Your next problem now just may be its length

Extend the cord well with what hangs on the wall
Then tear out the door to capture them all!

Canít find the crooks? Not the kids? Not one body?
Check the funny old steam pipe on the hut of Von Schmarty!

Missing dogs still? Did you check in the water?
If you havenít my friend, then I tell ya, you oughta!

Catch the one who proved two-faced
By searching under the staircase.

To find the kids suck with all your might
Inhale most everything in sight

The lake, the treetops, cabins too
Youíll find the lot, and then YOUíRE THROUGH!!!

Run out the front door. Then enter the shed to hide. Screw the robo-head that lights up into the socket to the right of the stairs. Take the Super Suck machine. The battery is dead, so click on the socket under the robo-head light to plug in the machine. The cord is too short. Take yellow extension cord hanging beside the stairs. Click on the smokestack on Von Schmarty's hut. Click on the mud beside the blue hose in front of Von Schmarty's hut. Click on the eyes you can see under the stairs in front of the main camp building. Click the flagpole where you see a tail wagging to capture the Dogfather. Finally, click on the lake, to free the kids and learn exactly what happened in a song.



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