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Night of the Hermit Easter Eggs Guide

Provided by Roy Lazarovich


This guide explains how to find the 10 Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout the game. The person who first found the Easter Egg has been given credit by listing their name to the right of the Easter Egg's title. This guide first provides a Hint to help you find the Easter Egg and then gives a Full Solution to find it.

Have fun!   Roy Lazarovich, The Creator


The Bar   Found by Nat_Blue


The Cruise Ship   Found by Trapezoid


Room99   Found by fAtAlx


The Matrix Room   Found by The Nth Doctor


The Storage Room   Found by Grundislav


The Lounge   Found by Professor Dingle


The Kitchen   Found by monkeyman2001


The Casino   Found by Professor Dingle


The Entertainment Room   Found by Sluggo_86


The Lobby   Found by stevemccrea

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