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Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure

Walkthrough for the Original 1996-97 Game

written by Willem van der Velden

Edited and Corrected by Mr. Bill
with the Author's Consent

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developed by Topware Interactive



Screen shots were taken from Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure by Topware Interactive. Only the necessary actions to finish the game are mentioned in this walkthrough. You can pick up a lot of items in this game, but most of them aren't useful. I disregard some locations too, for they aren't essential. Between brackets I will give the order of the dialogue options.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very linear game, so if some action or even some necessary conversation is missed you will not be able to proceed successfully.

Act I: Crime Scene and Jack's Place

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Alley and Police Station

The game begins in the alley where you were knocked down. Next to you lies a dead man, Major Pete Reynolds. When the cops arrive, you may use dialogue options (2,2). When the inspector arrives use (4,1,2) and they will let you go and give you 48 hrs to prove your innocence. If you choose to use dialogue options (1,2,3,2,1) instead, they will take you to the police station. In the cell you will meet Bernardo (3,2,2). Use the fist-icon on him and he will give you a name, Don Scaletti, the boss of organized crime in town. Use the fist-icon on the door and talk to the inspector Tom Rogers (4,1,2,2). After this you will be brought back to your apartment.

Inside Jack's Apartment Building

Jack's Apartment

Your key is under the carpet. When you open the door, your neighbor Alice appears (4,1). Go into your apartment and go left to wash your face and comb your hair. Get your wallet from the couch. Open left drawer in bookcase to get key. Take the brush at the left of the bookcase and then use the key on the cabinet to the right to get your Colt (gun). Go to Alice's apartment. Talk to her (3,2) and give her the brush. Take boxing gloves from the wall and leave. Pick up broom in the hall.

Exploring the Neighborhood Around Jack's Apartment Building

Visit the crime scene in the alley. Look at the blood stains and Pick Up the remainder of the Davildoff cigar. Look at the ladder (the broom will not get it down). Leave the alley and go to the end of the second alley closest to Jack's hotel. Talk to the old woman in the window (5,1). She will tell you the car belongs to Biff, who hates people touching his things. Try to pick up the crank. The old lady will yell for Biff. When Biff comes use (5,1,1). He will threaten you and then leave (you can't use your boxing gloves yet, Biff is too big and mean).

Leave the alley, cross the street and take the street next to the shoeshine boy. Use the broom to get the horseshoe from under the horse. Combine it with the boxing gloves. Now go back to the alley and take the crank from the car. When Biff comes use (5,2) and you will succeed. Then go to the other alley and use the crank on the ladder. On the roof find the matches from Night O'Granis. Go back down into the alley where you will meet the inspector again (1). He gives you your car keys. Use your car to go downtown.

Act II: Downtown

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Charlie's Shop

You will arrive at the Cotton Club (you can't go in and dance in this game). Talk to the man at the corner (1,1). Use the fist-icon on him and he will tell you that there's a casino in the back of the restaurant and that you need an invitation. Go left around the corner, continue left down by the Hotel. Look at the fancy blue car and then go to the other side of the street to visit Charlie's Shop that can be found to the right of the Chinese Laundry. Talk to Charles (1,2,2,2,3,2,1,1). He will give you five dollars and you may take a newspaper (Today's News).

Night O' Granis

Leave Charlie's Shop, cross the street (arrow pointing toward you) and then go left twice where you will find the club Night O'Granis. Talk to the taxi driver outside until he tells you that Frank will repair cars for whiskey (2,3) and again until he tells you where Frank is located (3,1,1). Talk to the girl (2,2,3,3). Talk to the bouncer at the door (2,1) and receive a nice blow from his fist. That's not the way to get in. Walk to the right in the direction of the Cotton Club and enter the first alley to the left. Go right and climb the ladder. Enter the back entrance and then open the second door on the right, the one with the star on it. Go right to enter the club. Talk to the girl at the bar (2,2,2,3). Give her five dollars and she will tell you that the man who smokes Davildoff cigars is August Bellinger, who is staying at the Paradise Hotel. Leave the club and go to the right four times to arrive at the Hotel.

Paradise Hotel

Enter the hotel, go right and talk to the desk clerk (2,2). He will tell you Bellinger stays in room 101. Go to the right, look at the door where the cleaning lady has left her keys. Take the keys and then go back to the elevator. Use the elevator to go upstairs. Bellinger's room is right across from the elevator. Good time to Save your game. Go in and be quick (otherwise Bellinger will arrive and shoot you). Look at the briefcase under the bed and then quickly look at the notebook on the nightstand. Bellinger has an appointment at Night O'Granis at 20:15 hrs (8:15 PM) with Mr. Smith (which you will go to instead and use your Today's News as your identification). Quickly use the window to exit. Talk to the vagrant Jerry Cooper in the alley (3,1). He will tell you that you can get cheap whiskey at the old factory (distillery) and that you have to go at night. Go back to the street (down the alley), go left and use the fist-icon on the wooden planks across the door of the green condemned house. Enter the condemned house and then enter the room on the right. Take the baseball bat. Exit the room and then enter the second room on the left nearest you. Click on the sleeping vagrant (1,2). Take the rope next to him on the floor and then leave the condemned house.

Night O'Granis (2nd visit)

Go down the alley on your left, go right, climb the ladder and once again enter the back entrance of the Night O'Granis. Enter the door with the star on it and go right again. Smith is waiting at a table. Save your game. Show him Today's News (3,2). Outside, hit Smith with your Colt (gun) as soon as you can after he turns his back to you (he will shoot you if you don't). Tie him up with the rope (if you don't do this, he will betray you later at the casino and you will be shot). Go back into the Night O'Granis, Bellinger has arrived. Show him the paper (2). You agree to continue the conversation at the Cotton Club, but Bellinger will be shot and killed. When the police arrive use (3,2,1). When one cop lets you wait for the inspector alone, go two screens to the left, then return to the Cotton Club. Go to the crossroads, then go right and continue down this street past the Old Whiskey Factory (red brick building) , past a drunk and a truck to Frank's Garage.

Frank's Garage

Before entering, go to the right and remove the sheet from the blue car, then remove an entrance ticket (invitation) to the casino from the car. Now enter the garage and talk to Frank and tell him that you hope his fixing your car won't be too expensive (1,2,1). Now go back to the red brick building (Old Whiskey Factory) and turn right. Go to the right four times to the Restaurant that is across from the Night O'Granis club. Enter the restaurant (the Casino is in the back of this restaurant).


Inside Scaletti's Office

Show your Casino ticket to the guard standing in front of the door at the back of the restaurant's bar.

Mr. Bill's Corrections End Here

Once inside talk to the girl at the right (3,1,3,2,3,3). Pestering her will trigger the guard to come (1,1) and he will take you to Scaletti's office. Talk to Scaletti (1,3,1). During the conversation you will hear about a meeting at the pier. The guard will lock you up, but Scaletti's daughter, who wanted to marry Bellinger, will help you and give you a crowbar for your escape. Use it on the door and go back to Scalletti's place to take the papers on his desk. Go out the same way you came in and go through the door at the end of the hall. To get rid of another guard, use the valve at the left side of the door. Pick up the bullets. Go to the right and use your Colt on the lock at the door. Go back to the Cotton Club. Go to the crossing , go right and open the second door into the alley of the old whiskey factory.

Old Whiskey Factory

Get the crank on the crate and use it to start the truck. Go inside and take the whiskey bottle. Return to Frank's garage to get your car.

Frank's Garage (2nd visit)

Go inside the garage and give Frank the bottle of whiskey. Now go outside and take your car.

Act III: Harbor

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Bloody Shark

Go to the alley and pick up coin. Go back to your car and go to the left to enter the Bloody Shark. Talk to the sailor (4,1). Talk to bartender (4) and give him the coin to get a drink. Give beer to the sailor and take his sausage. Go out and enter other alley (at the other side of the street). At the end of the alley, feed sausage to the dog and pick up metal cutter. Go back to the first alley and use the cutter on the lock of the green door.

West Harbor

Enter, but go out again (shortcut). Go back to the alley where you saw the vagrant and steal his bottle. Now enter the harbor again. Watch out, there's a guard. When you see him appearing in the north, follow him (left, left). You will see the door to the warehouse. Go left again (crane location). Take the second passage (top left) between the crates and go north. Go north east (small passage between the crates). Step to the north and three guys will appear that will attack you. After the dialogue (1,1), use Colt on them. Pick up the crowbar that one of them has dropped and use it on the loose plank to the left. Pick it up and go left. Now go north and use the plank on the boat. Inside, pick up anchor. Go back to the crane-location, now go to the left. Talk to the fisherman (3,2,3) and give him the bottle. Pick up rope and combine it with the anchor.

Go back to the crane location (Save. You may have to wait a little until the guard has gone). Go right and use hand-icon on door. Go up and then to the right. After the dialogue, pull lever of the ventilator in the middle of the screen. Go right and climb ladder. Use Colt on guard on the roof, then use anchor and rope to get on the top of the truck below.

Act IV: Military Base

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Pick up the axe from the box under the truck and use it to open the door. Outside go to the left and pick up the wire. Go back to the warehouse and use the wire on the workbench to make a key. Go outside, left again and open the door of the other warehouse. Pick up the uniform and go out again. Go right and then cross over. Talk to the soldier (3,3,2) to learn about Major Stewart and the three trucks that have left the base that night. Go left until you see the

Main Building

Talk to the soldier (4,3). Go inside and enter the first door to your left. Talk to soldier (2,1,1). Connect telephone outlet with board and make your call to Tom Rogers (4,2). Go outside and open door at the end of the hall. Talk to major Stewart (1,1,1). Go out and open the last door to the left. Talk to the girl (3,1,2). Go back to Major Stewart's office and go left. Talk to the colonel (2,2,2,3). Tom Rogers and Major Stewart will come in, but two MP's will arrest them.

End Sequence Follows. Enjoy!

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