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Famous 5: Silver Tower


written by  Red Brae School Pupils

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Silver Tower Box Cover

developed by  Ravensburger Interactive Media


At any time during the game you can press on Esc to make your heroes run and to speed through any text you have heard before. In the bottom left hand corner an icon pops up and if you click on the F5 a postcard appears. This has all the locations you can visit on it. The ones you can go to at any given time are ringed. It is a quick way to get around the game. One of the characters is always carrying a magical rucksack which holds everything you pick up. The same character does not always have the rucksack.

The Game Begins...

Anne, Dick and Julian arrive at Kirrin Cottage to find no one at home. Anne and Julian go into the house leaving Dick to look around.
Go to the shed and pick up the shovel beside the door.
Go into the shed and pick up the screwdriver, the broken fuse, the paint stick and the empty tin. You need the bag of plaster off the shelf but every time you try to pick it up the shelf collapses.
Pick up the whole brick and put it on the shelf. Now you can take off the bag of plaster.

Go to the house and take the note off the front door.
Go into the house. In the hall, open the trunk and take the silver saucer and the polish.
Go into the kitchen and Anne and Julian ask how they are going to figure out how to read the blurred note. Look at the pad on the table. Pick up the pencil hanging on the notice board. Use the pencil on the pad.

Go to the beach and have a look at the island. Go into the cave to the right. Pick up the binoculars and the broken oar.
Go back out onto the beach and look at the island through the binoculars.
Go into the fisherman’s cottage and talk to Alf. Pick up the matches from the table.
Go back out and Timmy will appear and George and Aunt Fanny. Aunt Fanny says she is sure she locked the house and Dick and George think there has been a break in. Exit the hut.

Kirrin Cottage...

Aunt Fanny goes into the house and George now has the rucksack.
Timmy barks at something on the ground. Look at the footprint. Choose to make a plaster mould of the print. Put the plaster into the empty tin.
Go to the kitchen and take the kettle. Fill the kettle with water. Put the water into the tin with the plaster. Stir it with the paint stick.
Go upstairs to the boys’ room and ask Julian for the plastic bag on the bed.
Go outside and put the plaster onto the print. You have to clear the stones first by clicking on them. Put the plaster onto the print again. Cover the plaster mould with the plastic bag and weigh it down with the stones.
Go back to the kitchen. Aunt Fanny says you must take a letter to Mr. Pottersham at the lighthouse. Pick up the letter from the table.
Go into the hall. Timmy knocks the letter from your hand. Read the letter.

Go to the lighthouse. Mr. Loomer needs a small screwdriver to sort the door before he can let you in. Give him your penknife.
Go into the guest room. Open the cupboard. Look at the boots. Mr. Pottersham comes in and Timmy makes such a noise you have to put him out. Return to the house.

Aunt Fanny is waiting for you and hurries you in before dark.
In the boys’ room, Timmy arrives with a boot. Pick up the boot. Dick now has the rucksack. You want to compare the boot to the mould.
Go out of the bedroom and Aunt Fanny tells you to go to bed. After you try again click on Julian who comes up with an idea to get outside. Once the girls are in their room go to the bathroom and close the door. Click on Julian and he calls Aunt Fanny. Once she is in the girls’ room, open the bathroom door and go outside.

Use your shovel to dig up the mould.
Go back to the bedroom. Compare the mould with the boot. Everyone is suddenly tired and goes to bed.

Early the next day...

Everyone is in the kitchen and the doorbell rings. George has the rucksack.
Go into the hall. Timmy won’t let George answer the door.
Go back into the kitchen. Pick up bone from beside the dog’s bowl.
Go back into hall. Give bone to Timmy. Answer door. Mr. Pottersham gives George a letter.
Go back into kitchen and talk to Anne, then Dick, then Julian.
Go to beach (note Aunt Fanny says she is going to do ironing).

At the beach give the letter to Julian. He reads it and Anne notices that there is a smell of lemons suggesting there is secret writing on it.
Go to the cave. Dick now has the rucksack. Hold the letter over the candle. It starts to burn.
Go to Kirrin Cottage.
Go into kitchen. Aunt Fanny is ironing and won’t leave or let you have the iron.
Go into the hall and click on the painting on the left. It opens revealing fuse box. Put the old fuse in the box. Aunt Fanny leaves to get a new fuse. Put the good fuse back in.
Go into kitchen and put the letter on the iron. Read the letter.


Julian and Dick go to the lighthouse. Mr. Pottersham is in his room but Mr. Loomer can’t let you in because the door has just been painted. Look in the window. Mr. Pottersham closes it. Put the broken oar on the window to keep it open a little. Now you need a periscope.
Go to Kirrin Cottage and use the screwdriver on the water pipe beside the shed.
Go to the boys’ room and take the mirror off the bathroom door. Polish the saucer with the polish. Put the saucer on the pipe. Put the mirror on the pipe.
Go to the lighthouse. Put your periscope on the window. Look around the room.

Everyone meets back at the cave to discuss the letter. Julian and Dick go to the spare room in Kirrin Cottage. Use the binoculars on the view from the window. They see a flashing light.

Back at the beach they discuss what they have seen and decide to go to the island. Push out the boat.

Now navigate the boat to the island. Wherever you click your pointer, the boat will go to that point in the sea. You need to reach the beach on the right side of the screen.

On the Beach...

Dick has the rucksack.
Go to the right to the tower. Uncle Quentin is just shutting the door. Try using the screwdriver on the door. George leaves. Pick up the twigs on the ground.
Save your game here because it can go into a loop you can’t get out of if you do the next bit in the wrong sequence.
Put the matches on the twigs (not the twigs on the matches). You light a fire and everyone returns. Uncle Quentin comes out to say he is OK, but would you all return home and look for the pieces of the plans. Their hiding place has something to do with fish.

Back at Kirrin Cottage George goes into the library. Look at the broken window and take the piece of cloth. Look at the mat on the floor. Use the screwdriver on the secret safe. Take the envelope.
Go into the hall and tell the others.
Go to Alf’s hut on the beach and talk to him about all 4 fish on the wall.
Go back to the library and tell Julian. Keep clicking on Julian until you find the 1st piece of the plan. The 1st clue is butterflies.
Go into the hall and click on the butterflies in the picture. The 2nd piece of plan is there with the clue of a ship.
Go back into the library and click on the ship on the mantelpiece. Click on the ship and a secret compartment is revealed. Take the piece of plan. Anne comes in and you all go to the lighthouse.

Mr. Loomer wants proof that Mr. Pottersham is involved. Dick has the rucksack. Give Mr. Loomer the piece of cloth or the boot.
Go into Mr. Pottersham’s room and click on the monitor of the computer. The password is Maggy.
Go back out to the others and you all go back to the island.

Go to the ruined castle.
Go to the left hand side of the courtyard. On the ground is the entrance to the labyrinth. It doesn’t matter which way you go, you eventually come to Uncle Quentin’s room. Pick up the lens on the table. Make sure you have it. First click just opens the box.
Go back to the Silvertower.

Mr. Pottersham captures you...

Uncle Quentin, Julian, Anne, George and Timmy are in a cage and Dick is hanging from the ceiling. Mr. Pottersham leaves because the Police are on their way.
Click on the button beside Dick’s foot and he’ll kick it. Click on it again and the machinery up above releases him.
Shut down the generator by clicking on the red button on the apparatus.
Put the lens on the light where it comes out of the cylinder.
Put the periscope on the light where it touches the apparatus. This blows the fuse and you all escape.
Timmy captures Mr. Pottersham and the Police arrive.

The End

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