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written by  Gavin Comer

for  Mr. Bill's Adventureland

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Created by  MonkeyGames Entertainment  and published by  Cellosoft    2000

The Story:

You are William "Willy" Alexander. Ever since Willy was a kid he was eager to find adventure. But much to Willy's disappointment nothing interesting happens, and he grows up and finds himself working for a big corporation where he finds even less excitement.

It all begins when you are fired due to budget cuts. As you are clearing out your office, you find a clue that leads you to a treasure map hidden in the building's construction.

Suddenly you find yourself in the adventure of your lifetime!

Remember to pick up any and all items you find.

Chapter 1: Willy's Workplace


Chapter 2: Polar Island


Chapter 3: Deep Island


Chapter 4: Finale


Enjoy the End Sequence


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