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Up The River With Only A Grapnel

Solution Shown In Screenshots

by Mr. Bill

Game Produced by Casterman and Microids 1998

The trip up the river using the grapnel:

After the buffalo attacks the hydrofloat, the engine stalls (picture 1). Turn to your left until you see the cursor pointing forward (picture 2). Click to go forward and the computer tells you that the engine has failed.


The only thing functional now on the hydrofloat is the grapnel. Shoot (click) the grapnel at the rock, as seen in picture 3, and then pull the lever. The hydrofloat will then be pulled up the river. Note: the grapnel cursor's position is exactly on the target you shoot (click) at. Picture 4 shows the second rock (target) to aim at.


Picture 5 shows the third rock (target) to aim at. Then you reach a place where you don't see a rock to aim at, but you will see an animal in the water. Shooting the grapnel just over the animal's head (picture 6) and then pulling the lever you find that it gets caught in the animal's antlers. With the grapnel and rope attached to its antlers the animal struggles to get loose and breaks the rope, but not before it pulls the hydrofloat over to a wooden dock.


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