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Amerzone Walkthrough

Produced by Microids 1998

Walkthrough by Holly Catherwood

Edited and formatted for HTML by Mr. Bill

This is how I completed the game. I haven't included everything that you can do, although everything that you need to know on how to complete the game is here. There are extra little things that you can do and see but they aren't relevant to completing the game.

Ok lets get started!

Chapter 1

Firstly, you have no choice but to listen to what the postman has to say but, once he leaves, go to the lighthouse. Before you enter through the gates, look in the mail box and you'll see the letter that the postman wanted you to take to Valembois (the man who lives there). Go through the gates and enter the house. Once inside, turn to your left and pick up the mallet next to the bike. Go upstairs and click on the old man sitting at the table: this is Valembois (you'd better listen carefully to what he has to say because as soon as he finishes speaking, that's it: he dies). Turn to your left and notice that there is a phone on the wall. Click on it and then open inventory: here you should open the letter you picked up outside (it's a letter from the Museum to Valembois). At the top of the page there is a phone number: 03 46 52 81 79. Dial it and you'll hear a man on the other end telling you pretty much why Valembois was not allowed to go on the expedition. Once this is finished, turn back to Valembois and click on the cupboard to the right of him: here you will find another letter in the drawer. Go up the stairs in this room and you'll come face to face with a desk: here you'll find Valembois' Journal (this comes in handy throughout the game). Climb the ladder to your right and at the other end of the small balcony there is yet another letter. Now go back down the stairs to the ground floor and go through the trap door on the floor. When you reach the bottom, immediately to your right is the light switch. You need to turn the lights on or you can't go any further. Go down the newly lit corridor and down a second set of stairs. Continue forward until you reach the third staircase where, instead of going down the stairs, you turn to your right and you'll see a room. Enter this room and you'll see a computer. To turn the computer on you have to press the button on the wall and then the button on the console to the right of the screen. Pick up the disk and put it into the machine, click load and, after a few seconds, it will ask you for a password (try Valembois' date of birth: it's written in his journal). The door down the third set of stairs is now open: go to it. Once you're through the door, look at the floor on the right-hand side and you'll find an object that resembles a sardine tin key (except a lot bigger). Enter the elevator and place the key thing in a hole on the bottom right-hand corner of the back wall, then click on the lever to activate the elevator. When the elevator comes to an abrupt halt, turn to face the wall behind you: there is actually a door there, but it's been bricked up. Use the mallet on the wall and then go down the corridor that has been revealed. When you enter the room at the end of the corridor you can see the egg. Turn to your left and go forward and you will come to a lever: pull it and the egg will be transported to another room.

To get to that room you have to make your way back to the elevator. Once back in the elevator, click on the lever and the elevator will return to it's original floor. Remove the key thing and click on the lever again: this time it will take you to the lower ground floor. Exit the elevator and leave through the door in front of you. Go down the stairs and turn to your right, go forward once and again turn to your right, go forward again (or up - climbing the irons on the wall) and you should see a lever in front of you. If you don't, just keep walking around near the stairs until you find it. When you've found the lever, pull it: this operates the hook above the hydrafloat. The hook transfers the egg into the hydrafloat.

Ok, you're nearly done here! All you have to do now is to go down the path on the right-hand side of the hydrafloat, keep going past the hydrafloat and follow what looks like an underground canal until you reach two doors. Open the smaller door on the right and go down the hall until you reach another elevator. Enter this elevator and go up one level. Here there is a room containing a telescope: look through it and you'll automatically see a flock of birds flying off into the distance at 140 degrees. Remember that number. Make your way back to the hydrafloat and enter it on the right-hand side. Put the disk that you found in the computer room into the machine and click load and then select plane mode. It will then ask for information (meaning degrees) and 140 degrees doesn't seem to work. So open the journal in your inventory and turn to page 4: here you will find another angle (+5 degrees) which you have to add on to the original. Enter the resulting number of degrees (145) into the computer, click on the star shape and everything should confirm. If you're lucky, the hydrafloat will start up automatically, but occasionally you have to do the honors: if that happens, the button to start the machine is to the right of the computer screen. Click it and away you go!

Chapter 2

Leave your ship and talk to the man sitting on the pier: he'll tell you about the whale trapped under the water and how he basically wants you to do something about it (he basically can't be bothered). Right! Cross the bridge to the mainland and enter the shipwreck (which is actually a bar): in here you will find a diving helmet and a knife in the dartboard at the back of the room. Exit here and make your way further down the island. Stop when you reach a gas tank outside a tool shed. Enter the tool shed and on your right you'll find a gas can, then go to the back of the room and you'll find a wrench. Collect both of these and then go back outside. Use the gas tank to fill the can and then take it back to the hydrafloat. The hole for the gas is to the left of the egg. Go back to the mainland and go to the structure that looks like a windmill. Face it head on, but don't go up the stairs. Instead find the magnifying glass symbol on the front, click in that place, and you'll see a handle which you have to pull. Now go up the stairs and turn back to face the structure: to the left you'll see another magnifying glass symbol to click on and, when you've done this, you'll see a wheel: turn it. Now look at the floor and you'll see a hose. Attach the diving helmet to it and turn to face the water. Notice the pipe leading into the water: use the wrench on the piece of pipe nearest the water.

Turn back to face the structure and pull the lever in front of you. You can now click on the diving helmet which takes you under water. Go forward once and look down: you should see a small bottle shape on the ground. Use the knife on this to free the whale. Go back and talk to the man on the pier again: he'll now tell you about a chest hidden somewhere on the island and gives you the key for it. The chest is on the other side of the island, so walk around until you come to the cliffs with a path going through them. Follow this path and you'll come to a cabin: in here is the chest containing a disk.

Go back to the hydrafloat and click on the computer. Select grapnel mode and then pull the lever next to the screen: this lowers the grapnel into the water. Now comes the challenge: finding the grapnel under the water! Make your way back to the diving helmet and click on it to take you under the water. Try doing this, it worked for me once (there are a couple of ways to do it though): Go forward twice, turn right and then forward 3 times. You should come across Valembois' old hydrafloat that sunk many years ago and the grapnel. Attach the grapnel to the hydrafloat's door and then go back to your own hydrafloat. Pull up the grapnel using the lever and then go back under water to find the sunken hydrafloat with the now removed door. Go inside the hydrafloat and notice the number on the computer. Remember it and go back to your hydrafloat. Insert the disk into the computer and click on load, then select Helicopter mode and enter the number that you found under water. Start the engines and away you go!

Chapter 3

Exit the ship and go forward until you see a turning on your right (just before the gates). Go down the path and you'll end up in a graveyard: talk to the priest near one of the graves and he'll give you the key to the gates. Go to the gate and let yourself in. Walk to the other side of the village and you'll see a man: KABOOM! He whacks you one on the head and you wake up in jail. Pick up the cup on the bench and use it to capture the bug on the wall near the door. Click on the hole at the bottom of the door and you'll see a bottle of tequila: use the cup containing the bug on the bottle and then watch what happens. Click back on the hole and you'll now see some keys: click on them and let yourself out. Turn to your right and you should see a jeep: take the rope and the gas can there and then make your way back to the well. Attach the rope to the well and climb down.

Go forward 3 times and then look on the floor to your right: you should see a sword. Pick it up and then continue forward until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and you'll find yourself inside a church. Go talk to the priest (again you'd better listen to him because once he finishes, he dies). Find the bible and turn the pages until you find a key: this key opens the gold cupboard on the altar which contains another disk and a letter. Go back down the ladder and continue forward until you have a statue on one side and a gate on the other. Put the sword into the hand of the statue and then pull it down: this will open the opposite gate. Go through the gate and you'll end up at another ladder: climb it and you'll end up in a shed. Exit and you'll be in the graveyard again. Make your way back to the hydrafloat. Insert the disk and click on load, select sailing mode and start the engines.

Chapter 4

Leave the ship on the right side and you'll be on a small pier with a hut. Enter the hut and pick up everything in there, then make your way down the path to the left of you as you exit the hut. There is another hut at the end: pick up everything here (if anything) and then make your way back to the hydrafloat and carry on with your journey. You'll eventually come to a place where some creatures are blocking your way: all you have to do here is to honk your horn (the button is below the lever for the grapnel). Go forward and click on the buffalo: they will destroy your engine. Turn to your left and click forward: the computer will then tell you about the engine failure. So try pulling your ship along by using the grapnel attached to rocks in front of you (what you do is: click on the rock you want to attach the grapnel to and then pull the lever). You'll eventually come to a place where it looks like there's nowhere to go, but do you see that buffalo in the water? Try firing the grapnel at it. Ok, now you can see the next rock to shoot at but now you have no grapnel: it is still attached to the buffalo. Exit the hydrafloat and go forward until you see a turn on your left. Follow that path and you'll end up in the jungle: in here you have to find the tranquilizer dart gun (try this: keep going straight but, when you have a choice of paths, take the right one, not the left worked for me). When you have the dart gun, make your way back to the buffalo and shoot it. Now you can remove the grapnel. Return to the hydrafloat and continue on your way. You are stopped again, this time by some very annoying creatures who remove the grapnel from where you attach it and throw it back at you and then laugh. It's time to get your own back!

Exit the hydrafloat and follow the path around until you come face to face with some bee hives. Look on the ground and you'll find a small stick on your right and a larger branch on your left. Use the small stick on the large one to start a fire, smoking the bees out, and watch those annoying creatures run! Return to the hydrafloat and continue on your way. You'll eventually end up at another pier.

Chapter 5

Pick up the egg and exit the hydrafloat, turn to your left and follow the path until you reach the village. Find the cabin with the desk and the back door. Look in the desk drawer and you'll find a disk, then exit through the back door and you'll see a tree to your left: click on it and a coconut will fall on the floor. Pick it up. Go forward and then turn left, go forward until you reach a cave, go forward once more and then look down: you should be able to see a red bug on the floor. Pick it up.

Continue forward and you'll reach a ladder: climb it and in front of you should be the wheel that opens the water gate and makes everything in the village work. Turn it. Now go back to the village and, on the way, look to the right and you should be able to find some flowers that you can pick up near the exit to the cave. Enter the village and find the machine with a hammer attached to it: place the coconut in it and then pick up the bowl with the paste made from the coconut. Next find the other machine and put the flowers in it and collect another bowl filled with paste. In inventory you should now have 2 bowls, a red bug and the egg. Now all you have to do is find the Amerzonian woman and give her the egg then, in this order, give her the rest of the items: the green paste, the white paste and then the bug. She'll perform her little ritual and then you have to pick the egg back up and take it back to the hydrafloat and put it back on it's stand. Leave the hydrafloat and turn right, go forward once, and turn right: you'll see a snake wrapped around the lever that you need. You should be able to just click on the snake and it will be called away by the Amerzonian woman, leaving the lever free for you to pull. Go back into the hydrafloat and click forward: the hydrafloat should enter the elevator. To activate the elevator, turn to the right and pull the lever. After you have gone up and over the dam you'll stop once more and again the lever should be on the right-hand side.

Chapter 6

Find and pick up the egg and then make your way to the ladder leading up to a cabin in a tree. In this cabin there is a small bag: you'll need it to complete this section. Go back down to the swamp and head towards the pole with what looks like a loudspeaker on top: click on this and you'll get a close-up of 3 rungs coming out of the pole. Take the bag and click it on the 3rd rung: a giraffe-type creature will appear in the distance. Make your way to where you saw the creature and you'll see a path: follow this until you see another loudspeaker-type thing. This time click the bag on the 2nd rung and you'll see the same giraffe creature in the distance. Unfortunately you can't cut through to where the creature is, so you'll have to take the long way around. So go back to the clearing, but don't go all the way to the hydrafloat. Just take one step out into the clearing and then turn to your left, go forward 3 times and you should come across a frog: take the path between the 2 trees and then go forward 9 times (occasionally you might have to turn slightly to the right). You'll eventually come to a fallen cabin next to a loudspeaker: click the bag on the 3rd rung and this will call the giraffe creatures to you. Climb on to the one on your right and then click forward: this will bring you to a ladder. Climb it and you'll eventually come to a rope bridge: cross it.

Chapter 7

Keep going forward until you end up inside the temple. Talk to the general and, as soon as he either dies or falls asleep, take his medals. Turn to the left and turn the wheel on the wall all the way around. Leave the temple and go down the stairs and then turn around. You should be able to see a newly opened door: go through it and down the stairs on your left. There should be a sort of cauldron at the bottom and there should be either a button or wheel which lifts up a bowl from the cauldron. You have to put the medals into that and then lower them into it. Once you've done that you can pick up the key that is formed. The keyhole is on the left hand wall near the back of the room. When you've found it, turn the key all the way around and then go back up the stairs. Turn to your left and go sit in the glider. By activating the glider you end up crashing into the crater of a volcano (lucky you!). Turn left and go forward twice, turn left again and you'll come across a cave: enter this and go towards the object that looks like a throne and put the egg down on it. After the short sequence, take the egg back and leave the cave. Continue to your left and, after going forward once or twice, you should see something that looks like a dead bird to your right near the lava pool. When you have both of these things, continue to your left until you come across a piece of land that sticks further out into the lava than anywhere else: here is where you have to put the egg down. On the egg put the dead bird and, there you go! Look at all the little birdies being born, symbolizing the end of the game!!!


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