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Syberia 3 Walkthrough
Part 2 - Valsembor To Baranour

by Mr. Bill

Game Authored and Directed by Artist Benoit Sokal, Produced by Microids and Koalabs Studio,
Published by Anuman Interactive

Off to Valsembor

As we start to go around the starboard (right) side of the ship named the Krystal we run into a very drunken man who turns out to be the captain of the Krystal. Yes, Captain Obo. I'm sure we will learn more about him soon. He keeps referring to a monster of the lake, also that it is out to get him for sure. Remember that we met the tavern owner at the market place. He said that Simon Steiner's granddaughter worked at the tavern so lets go find it. It is probably close by. The captain did not go back onto his ship. There it is. It's on the far side of the separation between these two buildings near the Krystal. See The screenshot on the left (red arrow). Let's go in and talk to the owner. He said that the captain has been this way for a very long time since a disaster in Baranour. We learned from Anton and Leon that the Baranour disaster was over 20 years ago. Now we know that Sarah Steiner is here so let's go talk to her. She and her grandfather like the Youkols and she told us how to get to his shop. We turn left outside the tavern and left again when we reach the street and follow it till we reach some steps. His clock shop is the first building on the left past the steps. Sarah also mentioned some health prblems he was having.

Find Mr. Steiner's Heart Medicine

After some introductory discussion between them, he asked if he could look at the thing around her neck. He got very upset with Kate and wasn't believing her story. He new and shared time with Hans Voralberg and learned a lot from him. He assumed that she had stolen it and he ended up having a heart attack. Now Kate has to find his medicine, prepare it and give it to him. You don't have to panic, this is not a timed puzzle. That is a nice thing about this game, you can take all the time you need.

In the screenshot on the left you see an A on a Drawer. This is for the single hotspot on that middle drawer. There are nine drawers all together, Ckick on that hotspot and every drawer will now have a hotspot. B represents the drawer that you need to take something from. That something is Mr. Steiners prescription (read it). Go to the part of the inventory that deals with papers collected like pictures, photos, books, documents and prescriptions. The other part of the invemtory contains things like tools, keys iron rods, machine parts, rope, you name it. Anyway when you have a paper in the active part of the inventory you can read it or look at photos (click on Observe first). The important thing here with the prescription is the time he takes this medicine. I didn't know tea time was 5 O'clock. I don't know who decided it, but there it is. This will be important in a few minutes. Notice a C over on the cabinet behind Kate (again on the screensot to the left. Kate needs to pick up this cup so that she can make his cup of tea. She needs to take the empty cup to a cuckoo clock on a different wall to her right. The steps to the basement are between these two walls of clocks. The only way to see this wall is to click on the floor and keep taking Kate to the right. Now look up on the wall and you should see what the screenshot on the right shows. A cuckoo clock with a shelf. Place the empty cup on the shelf and change the time on this clock to five o'clock.There is a Glass Cover over this clock face that needs to be moved to the right before you can move the hands. Automatically the clock makes his medicated cup of tea. Once Kate has his medicated cup of tea in her inventory click on the floor in order to turn back around to her left so she can see Mr. Steiner in his chair, Then give him the cup of medicated tea. Now he feels bad that he accused her of stealing the automaton heart and answers her questions, He then wants to show her a movie about Baranour, so he takes her to the basement and asks her to get the film while he sets up the projector. The film is in a cardboard box at the base of the stairs where Kate came down to the basement. Keep rooting through the films until one from the bottom left goes into Kate's inventory. Take it back and place it on the projector. There is also A sheet of newsprint on this back shelf near the projector that is interesting reading. Showtime!

Sarah has just arrived and Mr. Steiner wants to introduce Kate to Sarah, so we go upstairs. They talk about using the Krystal to get the Ostriches across Valsembor Lake and Mr. Steiner does not think it is a good idea. He believes that Captain Obo is a coward and does not believe in this monster stuff. Sarah seems to believe that maybe Captain Obo needs a break, a chance to redeem himself. Sarah told Kate to stop back at the Tavern and implied that she would help Kate. Sarah leaves and Mr. Steiner goes to the basement. Kate goes down to the basement and finds Mr Steiner working on Kurk's leg prosthesis. She talks to him at length until he implies that she is holding up his work on the prosthesis, so Kate heads back to the tavern. He did say he would take the prosthesis to Kurk and bring him back to the Krystal. Kate has enough to do. Right!

Head back to the tavern. Kate tries to talk to Captain Obo, but all Kate gets are stories from a very inebriated man. When you talk to the tavern owner he has a special drink he calls a Restorative drink. He said it will bring him around quickly, but he will probaly want to sleep for 3 days. They suggested Kate go back to talk with him and Sarah will bring the Restorative as soon as the tavern owner finishes it. Sarah shows up with the drink even before Kate begins to talk with the Captain and gives the drink to Captain Obo. It sure works fast. Now depending on the way you interact with Captain Obo determines whether you get a yes or a no. If you get a yes you both will go back to the Krystal and start getting the Krystal ready. If the answer is no, then Kate needs to go to the Krystal by herself to find out something about Captain Obo that will help Kate win him over. I would bet we need to find the Captain's Log Book and read it so she learns how to approach him on this proposition. Now go back to the tavern and talk with Captain Obo and this time you get a yes.

Need to load coal and water into the Krystal.

Now the Captain sounds like a captain when they both get back to the Krystal, shouting out orders to Kate after she offers to help him get the ship ready. The first thing to do is load up the Krystal with coal and then water. Look at the screenshot on the left. There is a building to the right of the Krystal he refers to as the hanger (white arrow) where the coal is located and he gives you a code on a little piece of paper to get you into the hanger and to operate the crane (green arrow). Note the yellow arrow where you start your climb on these stairs up and into the ship. Now let's refer to the screenshot on the right.The first thing Kate has to do is open the place on the Krystal where the coal goes by going fore (forward), finding the bin or hatch (close to where Kate steps onto the deck when you come aboard using the stairs (white arrow in screenshot on the right]). Click on the hotspot below the yellow arrow and you will now be facing the wheel. Kate should turn this wheel untill this hatch is fully open (again you make circular motions with the mouse clockwise untill fully open). Next Kate goes to the hanger across from the Krystal's access (same side as the tavern). There is a tall white crane to the left of its door. Click on the hotspot to the left of the door and put in the code 0509 to open the door.

Movement in here at times is still a bit difficult, but here goes. The first part of this is introducing you to the situation so don't start doing anything until I mention to do this or that (in other words read this whole paragraph first before doing anything). Inside you will find a forklift that you will need to repair later, a cart that while empty you can push around on rails or tracks (this cart is on the opposite end of the straight tracks from the forklift), a track switch (see the screenshot on the left - yellow arrow) and over behind the switch there is a small chute (in a metal fenced in area - downward white arrow) that you will pick up and use to move the coal from a large green chute (4 numbered in screenshot on the right below) to the cart. You will also pick up a steel bar leaning on a wooden box to the left of the fencing (upward white arrow). This bar is used to hit the large green chutes in order to know which one has coal in it. Supposedly a hollow louder sound means full of coal and I guess a lower less hollow sound means empty (seems backwards, but what do I know about loading coal into ships?). You can hook up to an empty one and get nothing like I have. First let's move the cart into position. which is back near the forklift. Go to the cart and click on its hotspot. A new hotspot forms and while holding down the left mouse button on this hotspot move the mouse forward or sorta upward like you are actually pushing the cart forward, passing the switch and finally reaching the forklift. Ok, go back to the switch and left click on it. This will allow us to move the cart later with the forklift through the door to the outside. It's time now to go and get the small chute and then the steel bar. Don't do this in reverse order because once you pick up the steel bar you use it to hit everything. You have to go outside the hanger and then back into it in order to have Kate let go of it and it will go back to where it was before. It is not an inventory item. OK, start hitting the large green downward chutes and choose the one that is full. There are a total of eight of them (each with a hotspot). Eight again like eight tentacles of a squid? You should eventually choose the second green downchute on the right counting from the wall that the forklift is close to. It has that different sound and therefore, will be full of coal (we hope). Now its time to make sure the cart is lined up with the second downshute on the right. Just push it again as you did before so that it is close to being ligned up with it. Kate can now connect the small chute to the big downchute #2 (see screenshot on the left above) Left clicking on the hotspot on the small door of the downchute brings up use chute with door if you moved the small chute into the active location in the inventory like the screenshot shows. Kate then gets the small chute connected from the small door to the cart (see screenshot on the left below. Once the small chute is in place Kate can hit the switch (hotspot in front of white arrow ) on the side of the downchute (see lower right screenshot), and here comes the coal. Well if the coal did not come then use the hotspot in front of the yellow arrow (again lower right screenshot) so you can move it to a different downchute. :-(

Left picture - Kate has the small chute hooked up and ready to go.; right picture - Switch in front of white arrow, pick up chute in front of yellow arrow.

Well, we need to go and get the forklift running so we can push this load of coal outside where we will lift the cart full of coal with the crane, carry it over to the Krystal and dump it into the ship's hatch (storage area). This is probably a good time to check and make sure the switch has been thrown to the left as we face it so that once we get the forklift working we can keep on pushing the cart full of coal outside. Ok lets left click on the hotspot of the forklift which is found above and behind the cart. If you find it Kate will climb up on it and then we look down on the controls. Look at the two screenshots below. Oh my, one button is missing and I bet we need one there. Sure nuff Kate has to pry off the upper left button using the Knife and then place this button on to the lower right position using the inventory as we have before.

Left picture - Use knife to pry off the top left button; right picture - Place button from above here to start the engine.

Well now that we have a button in the right place lets push it and see what happens. Apparently the engine starts and the button lights up green. Now click on and move the throttle above this button forward so that the forklift moves the cart of coal outside of the hanger. Now walk under the crane on the left and a hotspot should appear on the front left lower area of the crane. Click on it and enter the same code 0509 to use the crane and a ladder will come down. Now click on another hotspot at the lower right corner of the crane and Kate will climb the ladder up into the control area of the crane. First we have to lift the cart full of coal with the crane, then we need to maneuver the crane into position over by the ship. Lifting the cart is the easy part. Let's take a look at the controls as seen in the screenshot on the left. A is a lever that moves the crane to the left or to the right. B is two push buttons that affect the action of the cranes hook. The top button opens the hook, lowers the hook, closes the hook on copntact and raises the hook plus its load. The bottom button lowers the hook plus its load, tilts the cart to dump the load from the cart into the ship's hatch and raises the empty cart to be taken back to the hanger. C is a lever that requires clicking the left mouse button, holding it down and circling the mouse either to the left or to the right in order to place the lever let's say at different clock settings like at 3 O'clock or 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock as it is now. D is another lever that affects the rotating of the crane. The crane has to be rotated so that the wheels are aligned with the tracks that you want it to move on. The two small hotspots on the bottom left of the monitor is to give you five, I think, different camera views from the crane. What we have in the upper left screenshot is good for getting and raisimg the cart. Move C to the 9 0'clock position and then click on the top button of B. You should now see the crane holding a full cart of coal in the air. It's now time to move the whole crane over next to the Krystal. The first thing you need to do is change the camera view To what I show above and to the right (left click on the two small dots on the lower left corner of the monitor in order to get this view). This screenshot shows where the crane sits now (labled START) and where we have to move it (labled END). We labled the left lever as A on an earlier screenshot and all the arrows reresent the use of lever A and each time it is to the right (four arrows and four moves to the right). So two moves to the right moves the crane to where the first D is located. D reprsents the lever on the right which causes the crane to turn which only can occur where there is a circular track set up (easy to see around the first D). So at the first D we move the lever on the right to the back of the controls (push forward). Next an arrow (first lever A to the right once). Then another D which again represents the lever on the right Which will turn the crane again (pull the lever forward on the right). Another arrow (Lever A on the left moved to the right once) and the crane has reached the location next to the Krystal. Next Change the camera view so you can see the deck of the Krystal and youu should notice that the arm or boom of the crane is not over the hatch where we need to dump the coal. Next have Kate rotate lever C to the twelve O'clock position (top of the circle). Does it look right in the camera view now? OK, then hit the lower button at B of the controls. Hopefully the coal has been loaded into the ship. Thank goodness!

Captain Obo is pleased, but now Kate needs to help him get the water loaded into the ship. Go back up the stairs to where the hatch (storage of coal) is located and connect the water tower's pipe to the pipe of the Krystal that leads to its storage tank. First open the Krystal's pipe (increase diameter) by moving the small lever to the right (yellow arrow) and then placing the Water tank's connection (white arrow) into the krystal's pipe, then quickly throw the same lever (yellow arrow) back to the left before the connection jumps out. Once you have it locked in you need to go and climb to the top of the water tower so you can turn on the water.

So leave the ship and click on the hotspot near the base of the water tower. I'm not crazy about these high places, are you? Kate usually walks to the other side at the top of this tower so bring her back a little near the center. A lever gets a tiny hotspot above Kate's head (see the screenshot to the left). This she pulls down to get the water moving (only a left click is necessary). After the tank is full Kate will automatically push the lever back up. Now move Kate close to the right top of the tower until the ladder hotspot shows up (see right screenshot) and click on it. For some reason up here Kate needs to be closer to where the hotspot is supposed to be before it will show up. Once the Hotspot shows, left click on it and Kate will go down the ladder. Go to the bridge of the Krystal and talk at length with the Captain. Oh my, another problem.

Find or make an Ignition Key for the Krystal

Well Captain Obo threw the key overboard some 20 years ago in a drunken rage, I suppose. He's been pretty drunk ever since. The Baranour experience was just too much for him and very few believe in his monster of the lake story. He did say that Simon Steiner was the designer of the Krystal, so Kate will go there first to find out if there are by chance any duplicate keys available. Well Mr Steiner has already left to take the prosthesis to Kurk at the clinic. Sarah does not know anything about a duplicate key, but she agrees to let Kate look around and gives Kate a crank that will let her look more closely at the model. When you go down stairs and get somewhat close to the model (see screenshot on upper left of this paragraph) a hotspot shows up. Left click on it and you are zoomed in to a location where the crank fits (look at screenshot on upper right of this paragraph). Left click on the hotspot and If the crank is in the workable location of the inventory (right center and named) then a use should show up with the picture of the crank (see second screenshot on the left in this paragraph) - click on it . Now turn the crank clockwise until the cover is removed. After removing the cover we get two hotspots as seen in the second screenshot on the right of this paragraph. The hotspot with the yellow arrow pointing at it allows you to see and read the Commemoritive Placque (third screenshot on the right in this paragraph) that was placed with the model at the time the Krystal was launched. When you click on the second hotspot that I am about to click on in this same screenshot another security puzzle begins (see the third screenshot on the left of this paragraph). Mr. Steiner is not going to let just anyone steal his and Mr. Voralberg's secrets.This screenshot is the beginning of this security puzzle. Notice numbers (10, 30, 50, 70, 90) in the round areas in the cover over the water wheel. The answers to this puzzle are in the Commemoritive Placque. There are numbers mentioned in the placque (2 years and 98 days, 60 meters long, 80 automoton workers, 30 years from now). Two other things stand out in the plaque (if I had to sum it up; add up certain skills and when the need arises, to know how to think backwards). OK, we have numbers and so does the model of the Krystal; Sum it up or add up is difficult to picture, but the anchor chain seems to go down a little each time if the right number is put in at the right time (order of numbers); think backwards (Do we place the numbers in backwards from the way they are listed in the placque?) Hmmm, 98 and 2 (there is little difference between 98 and 100), numbers don't really go any higher than something around a hundred on the ship - lets use the maximum high for this number. To finish this off then we have 100, 60, 80 and 30, but backwards is 30, 80, 60 and 100 (max). Let's Give it a try and see what happens. If you see the anchor go up, start over (back button). You left click on the hotspot on the left (third screenshot on the left in this paragraph) and while holding the mouse button down start circling the mouse clockwise until the arrow like projection points at the correct number (like eighty in the fourth screenshot on the left) and then release finger from the left mouse button. Do not release the finger if you go past the number, just reverse your direction until you are back down to eighty and then let go. Be patient, you are not being timed here. I've been up and down several times on these, just do not let go of the mouse button till you are sure you've got the number. After you get the four numbers done correctly a hotspot will form at the top area of the anchor chain like in the fourth screenshot on the right in this paragraph. When you click on it and pull (hold mouse button down and move mouse downward-toward you) something interesting occurs. The top of the so called Quarter Deck of the model lifts up and exposes what appears to be a small key (see the last (5th) screenshot on the left in this paragraph). Kate already knows it is too small, but when she carefully examines the key she notices that the key says it is 50% the size of a usable key (last screenshot on the right).in this paragraph Now what do I do, she says, so she heads up stairs to see if Sarah has any ideas. Sarah says to try her grandfathers key duplicating machine that is near the model on one of the counters. Can it duplicate a full size key from one half the normal size? Hope so.

Duplicating a full size key for the Krystal.

Left picture - Location for Mr. Steiner's Mechanical Key Duplicator; Right picture - Location for key blanks

Left picture - Click on box of key blanks, zoom in on it; Right picture - Take key blank, goes into inventory

Left picture - Click on hotspot (white arrow), gives closeup on right; Right picture - Yellow arrow where miniature key from Krystal model goes, white arrow where key blank goes, red arrows are areas that determine size of key being made.

Left picture - Round Box closeup from clicking on the one under the yellow arrow in the previous picture. Left Click, hold down button and move mouse to left to open door.; Right picture - Click on hotspot (white arrow) and if miniature key is in active area of inventory a use with a picture of the key will appear (see next picture). Click on it and the key will go into this small round box.

Left picture - The key was in the correct part of the inventory so you could add it to the round box; Right picture - shows the key in the round box and it needs something to hold it in place while it is being copied so left click where I am and move the lower part of the button downward towards yourself (like rocking a button or switch)

Left picture -Rocking the switch in the previous screenshot results in locking the key in position. Close the door.; Right picture - shows the next place to left click so we can place the key blank into this round box.

Left picture - Click left mouse button and hold down, move mouse to right to open door.; Right picture - Is key blank in workable position in inventory so you get use with its picture? Left click on it.

Left picture - Shows key blank being held in position in round box. Close door now; - right picture - Turn crank handle (red arrow) to move round dark red ball (yellow arrow) down to 200 %. Key was 50% of real key size. 100% would only produce another 50% key so to get a usable key need 200% setting.

Only picture - Push small red button where I'm going to left click now. Starts machine to cut new full size key for Krystal.


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