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Welcome, friends, to Mr. Bill's Adventureland... a wondrous place with a down home family-oriented atmosphere that is devoted to Adventure Games.  Pull up a chair and sit a spell.  We invite you to read ABOUT US and to browse our entire site, briefly summarized below. Don't be afraid to email and ask questions, get help... or just to reminisce and chat about adventure games. Take care!

In our REVIEWS section you will find an index of those games which we have played.  If you click on the name of a particular game on that list, you will access a review of it (some with music from the game), along with where you can probably buy it and a walkthrough for it as well.  We personally try to avoid games with violence or blood and gore.  But if we find that a game does include such elements, we mention it in our review so that you are aware, and can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to purchase the game.  Occasionally one of our other writers will play and review such a game, so we also provide you with the ESRB Rating, if it has one, at the bottom of all reviews.

Note that we also have a special KIDS REVIEWS section, where you just might find that perfect gift for your child or grandchild.  In our PREVIEWS section you will find a link to the websites of those adventure games still in development, or our Preview of the game that includes a brief summary of the story, developer, publisher, and expected release date.

In addition we also maintain a comprehensive GAME LIST for our readers, which includes practically every adventure game ever published, both those we have played and those we have not.  Its purpose is to make you aware of other games that are (or were) available, and it provides the name of the game, a brief description of the story, the developer and publisher, year made, type of software, and the operating systems it will run under.

In our WALKTHROUGHS section (hints and walkthroughs), you will hopefully find all of the help that you may need to finish a game, and get out of that place that some players refer to as 'Stuckville'... a quaint but very sad little village, consisting of lost adventurers not eating, drinking or sleeping, but instead just wandering around muttering things to themselves.

Or if your problem is more technical in nature, perhaps you will find the solution in our HELP section, which provides the answers to some questions that other gamers have had.  For example, what to do with a saved game that is attached to an email, or how to tell if your CD ROM drive can be read in DOS mode, etc.  This section also includes basic information about adventure gaming, such as 'What is an Adventure Game?' and 'How to play an Adventure Game'.

And if none of the above answers your questions, then you can always  EMAIL MR. BILL directly.

One of our most popular features is our WHERE TO BUY section... and for good reason, because here we list current sources for games worldwide.  But also remember that at the bottom of any game we review, there is a section telling you where you may be able to find that particular game.

Another very popular feature is our FAVORITE LINKS section, where we give you links to interesting and pertinent adventure sites around the world.  It includes both general online adventure gaming magazines, and sites devoted to only one specific game.  Plus other places where you can find help, information about developing your own game, or information about text adventures (known as Interactive Fiction).

And we also have a separate WONDERFUL WORLD OF ZORK section that contains fun, information, and links... all devoted exclusively to the famous game that first introduced computer gaming to the general public, way back in 1980.  Since then 13 Zork games have been published: 10 Text and 3 Graphic Adventures.

In our VIEWPOINT section, you will find some of our readers opinions (and ours) about adventure games, as well as the article that tells you all ABOUT US.  We have also included a list of OUR FAVORITE GAMES there, for the benefit of those of you who are unfamiliar with many of the older adventure games.

Last but not least, don't fail to visit our JUST FOR FUN section, where you will find many things worth remembering from adventure games... fun things that totally cracked us up while playing them.  And we have also included a section of FREE GAMES for your enjoyment.

Finally, on a personal note, the GAMES WANTED section lists those games that Mr. Bill is still looking for.  Any information on where they might be found would be most appreciated!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about this site, just EMAIL MR. BILL.

Take care, and ENJOY our website!

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