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TOUCHE': The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Geoffroi le Brun (right) is the Fifth MusketeerIf you ever happen to stumble across this old game in some bargain bin, do yourself a favor and grab a copy, for it is one of those all-too-rare gems that shouldn't be missed.  It had us hooked from the very beginning, when the irrepressible hero first burst upon the scene. And it kept us happily bemused and challenged throughout, only to then surprise and delight us once more with a very funny (and eminently quotable) ending.

This is pure adventure stuff of the old school:  3rd person, 2D, point & click with inventory, and puzzles ranging from the simple to the ludicrous and frustrating, but you can't die in the game. And the music is great (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear some now).

Where does it hurt, m'sieur?The year is 1562, and you play Geoffroi Le Brun (Geoff), a young musketeer who is seeking adventure with a capital 'A'.  You promise a dying nobleman that you will deliver his will to the rightful heir.  So with honor and glory being what they were in those days, you immediately set out to fulfill that promise, conquer your world and win fair lady, with all the unbridled enthusiasm that only the very young and/or inexperienced can have.

You must travel back and forth across France to accomplish this (certain conversations trigger new locations on the map) accompanied by your wisecracking manservant, Henri (every gentleman had one).  And of course you meet with new adventures and uncover much skullduggery along the way... in other words, all the elements of a good adventure game.

But it is the excellent writing with non-stop humor (reminiscent of the Monkey Island and Discworld series) that sets this game head and shoulders above the herd.  Henri, your manservant, never lets up with his typical tongue-in-cheek digs at his 'Master'. And the insightful satirical look at the real world of the lauded late 16th century will have you in stitches.  For it was a time "renowned for its culture, art, and almost total disregard for personal hygiene... when a man's worth was judged by the speed of his sword and the size of his moustache... when men were men and women were really, really bored"!  You get the picture.

Wherefore art thou, Juliet?
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Developed (1995) by Clipper Software and published in Europe by US GOLD.

Screenshots courtesy of Gordon Aplin of Quandary Computer Game Reviews.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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