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SINKHA: The 3D Multimedia Novel

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

The Beautiful HyleynSinkha is not an adventure game but is instead one of the first 'Novels' (actually a short story) done for the computer: sort of a mixture of illustration, cinema, narrative and comic strip. The 'Book' is divided into chapters (you can quit and pick up again at any given chapter), and you move through the absolutely stunning, atmospheric graphics and text of the story (no voice) at your own pace with a simple finger click.

The story itself is terrific, a fascinating Science Fiction Adventure about Virtual Reality, which immediately captures your imagination and holds you enthralled until the end. It may even leave you with a few questions about the true nature of your own world, for it also includes a living starship, Darcron, a part of Sinkha which in many ways too closely resembles our own actual, tangible world.

Darcron, the Living ShipThe story begins, innocuously enough, in a real world on a grim planet called Thalissar, but even that is a world whose 'reality' is variously questioned by the characters themselves. It soon gives way to a multiplicity of virtual realities which "lie in wait for the characters like looking-glass traps in which they may become imprisoned, until they are once again thrust back into vivid, shocking reality".

It has a sexy young heroine, Hyleyn, who could put Lara Croft to shame (a restless, unconventional human-type girl, who is doing everything in her power not to get caught up in the grim atmosphere of her home planet, Thalissar); a young hero, Aker (a "God", an immortal being and consequently fearless, who only finally takes a stand merely out of boredom); a Villain (who may not truly be as evil as he seems); and a twist at the end that totally takes you by surprise. Fascinating! Winner of the 1996 NEW MEDIA INVISION AWARDS Bronze Medal in "Best Electronic Book" Category.

Hyleyn looking out over her home planet, ThalissarAnother chapter of the saga in the Sinkha Universe called Meltdown was promised, only this time it was supposed to be a completely interactive adventure where you would be the protagonist and decide your destiny by the choices that you make. But this is no longer mentioned on their website. We can only wait and hope that it will be developed.

Developed (1995) by Marco Patrito and Virtual Views. Published by Mojave (no longer in business).

Minimum System Requirements: Hybrid Win / Mac CD ROMs! (Hybrid means PC and MAC versions are on the same CDs.)

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