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The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

That bad boy of sorcery, the adolescent with an attitude, Simon, is back .....2 years older, but apparently no wiser. Oh he's 'cool' now (or at least he thinks so), and even sports a ponytail. But when a mysterious Wardrobe suddenly appears in his bedroom he (without thinking, again!) climbs inside and finds himself back in the fantasyland that he spent so long trying to get out of last time.

It seems that the evil sorcerer Sordid, whom Simon killed then, is back from the dead and wants a way to live again as well as revenge on the little troublemaker that thwarted his plans before, so he's the one who sent the Wardrobe. Simon, anxious to get back home before he gets sucked into the problems of this demented place again, makes inquiries and is told that it's really no problem: all he has to do is get some 'mucusade' to recharge or refuel the Wardrobe, and he can be on his way.

Of course, that's not as easy as it sounds so, once again, Simon is stuck here dealing with outrageous characters and solving their problems just to get what he needs to get back home.

Several of our favorite characters from the original game are back (the Swampling and Woodworms, etc), plus scores of new and very funny ones, and the conversations between them are hilarious, with practically non-stop jokes .....some of them had us grinning for days! Even the setups for them are funny: examples include an inspired spoof of McDonalds and the locals version of Dungeons and Dragons!

As for Simon himself, his attitude hasn't improved one iota. If anything, its gotten a lot worse, occasionally even downright insulting, so much so that you feel like slapping him at times! But, in his defense, he IS at that age where you think you know everything and besides, "it's a hard life being a computer game superstar".

The puzzles are as demented and convoluted as they were in the original, with many references to movies and fairy tales. But they have included things that help, like an improved map for travel, plus you can hit the F10 key to highlight all hotspots. A couple of things are new: the word commands (like 'talk to' and 'look at') have been replaced by Icons (a Magnifying Glass and a Mouth), and some scenes can be scrolled now, so make sure you always check the edges of every screen for new locations.

This 2D, 3rd person game is as much fun as the original (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear some of the music now), with lots of 'just for fun' moments included (like the opening credits). And be sure to just sit back once during the game and watch what happens to Simon when you leave him alone for several minutes. Finally, it has a surprise twist at the end that will make you scream, "Oh Noooo!!!" ..... and definitely leaves you wanting Simon III. We only hope that Simon grows out of some of his attitude by then and learns a few rudimentary manners!

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Developed (1995) and published by Adventure Soft Publishing.

Also both the original Simon The Sorcerer and this sequel Simon The Sorcerer II are available in one box called the Simon the Sorcerer Double Pack.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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