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Rodrigo Princess Rescue ServiceWe had heard about this game and had searched for it for a long time when suddenly it became available again (but who knows for how long?). It is a wonderful little game made by an Austrian Company and is innovative in many ways, winning the coveted ANIMAGO Award (1st place for Computer Animation) among others.

Rodrigo is a professional hero and runs a Princess Rescue Service on the island of Tol Andar. It is a fantasy land which has benefited for many years by the ancient discovery of Gloomstones: magical rocks which give off light and heat and even have anti-gravity properties, thus enabling the citizens to fly.

But Heroes For Hire are a dime-a-dozen on Tol Andar. So even though rescuing princesses is the least glamorous of all the occupations available for heroes, competition is fierce, clients are few and business has been very poor for Rodrigo. It has been all he can do to make enough for an occasional brew and keep his Glider repaired (an airborne futuristic motorcycle).

He knows that he has the talent. All he needs is an opportunity to shine: a real quest, some great deed to give him the riches, fame and glory that he longs for. And so he is delighted when he hears that the normally fairly harmless pirates have suddenly taken to the air in flying ships and are sacking the cities. His day has come!

This is a 3rd person point and click game with an easy interface and typical inventory. It was developed using a combination of 2D and 3D techniques (what the pros call 2.5D ) and reminds us of some of the old LucasArts classics, but updated and modernized with super graphics and animation. The music is so good that it's worth listening to all by itself! And some of the subtle tongue-in-cheek humor is hysterical (like the humor in 'Monkey Island'). There is even a so-called "X-rated" Easter Egg hidden within the game ( to see it click HERE ).

It has many features which make it an especially good choice for the novice adventure gamer. The plot is linear and the puzzles are not too difficult. A short segment included in the introduction itself is designed to familiarize you with the interface (a nice feature for those who never read manuals), and they have even added a small pop-up Help screen if the computer detects that you've been in one place too long!

Nevertheless you can still get stumped. Because of the linear plot a needed item may suddenly appear at another location only after certain things have been accomplished elsewhere, so remember to go back and check all locations for something new. And be aware that sometimes you have to try something several times to get it to work.

The only real drawback that we found with this game was its length: it is way too short for an experienced adventure gamer. But what there is of it is delightful and well worth playing ..... it's just that you want it to continue.

It's great little game and we'd love to see a sequel, but longer and with a more complicated plot and puzzles.

Developed (1996-1999) by neo Software and published in Europe by THQ.

Rated:   For All Ages by the ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publishers Association)

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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"Walkthrough" available here!

"Walkthrough" available here!

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