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REAH: Face the Unknown

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

You are a Press Correspondent sent by your Editor to a very cloudy, humid, and relatively unpleasant planet called Reah to investigate a top secret Military Base.  Just as you prepare to leave, the Base Commander reveals to you the real reason for the Base: they are there to study a Transfer Portal of unknown origin that leads to an alternate reality.

He tells you that this alternate reality is actually located on Reah, but it is not modern: it is very similar to an ancient city on Earth. And this alternate reality will not let modern technological devices function, so the scientists who have set up a scientific colony in that strange world must rely on the simplest of mechanical devices to aid them in their everyday living and with their studies.  Since they are several centuries back in time, they have also had to manually document their findings through sketches and manuscripts.

You are given the opportunity to see the strange Transfer Portal and visit the colony, when suddenly it is announced that the portal has become unstable and may soon disappear.  So not wanting to miss your opportunity, you quickly step through the portal into the alternate reality, and then the portal disappears behind you.

It is at this moment that your story begins.  You know very little about this world and yet you find you are trapped here along with several scientists.  You will have to learn all you can about this strange place, gathering knowledge from those that have traveled here before you, and hope that you can eventually find a way out.

Reah is a 1st person, point and click Puzzle Adventure, set in a beautifully detailed and ancient-looking world.  The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The acting, however, left a lot to be desired and, after the introduction, the story is somewhat sparse.  Fortunately the lead character you encounter the most, the Alchemist who prods, goads, and sometimes encourages you (giving clues and hints), was also the best voice actor, and the person doing our voice (the correspondent) was also passable, although he did seem bored or indifferent much of the time.

But, for all of you puzzle lovers out there, this game is loaded with them, and they range from relatively easy to almost impossible.  Fortunately most were very reasonable, but we did find that clues for some of them were quite obscure, and a few were so difficult that they forced us to use a walkthrough.

However, in spite of the weaknesses mentioned, we enjoyed playing the game very much.  Visit The Official Reah Website in order to read more about the game and its puzzles, view many beautiful screenshots, and more.

Developed (1998) by LK Avalon and published by Project Two Interactive (out of business).

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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"Walkthrough" available here!

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