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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Spud discussing his probable fate with a SkullDying to have some fun?  Then this unusual little gem may be just what you've been looking for!

From the very beginning, when we saw our cursor (a cross-eyed skull) and the Quit icon (a coffin... like quitting the 'Game of Life'?), we knew that we were in for a real treat.  And we were not disappointed.  This game was obviously created by some very talented people with a wonderful sense of humor.  It makes fun of every major horror movie since Frankenstein, and effectively turns the horror of those movies into laughter.

Big D and Uncle Franken-StampYou play Spud, a laid-back smart aleck redheaded teenager with an Australian (?) accent and a sheep on his T-shirt.  You have come to this small Gothic town, Warty Hollow, in response to a mysterious plea for help from your Uncle Franken-Stamp, who is a card-carrying member of the Mad Scientist guild.

You discover what the problem is soon after your arrival.  Your uncle, in one of his bumbling experiments, accidentally opened a portal to Dimension X.  He has thereby allowed every major and minor resident of hell to re-enter our world, including the famous horror movie monsters, torturers and murderers, and assorted demons and imps... all led by the biggest baddie of them all, known only as Big D.  You must figure out a way to send them all back to where they belong, without getting killed yourself in the process.

Snake Charming ImpBut of course against such odds you do get killed, hilariously and often (but never with blood and gore).  Your only hope is to sacrifice, without conscience, the adorable little imps that you find along your way.  You must let them do all of your dirty work... and be snatched up whenever you want to save your game.  Fortunately there are unlimited imps in the game, although only 8 will appear in the beginning.  But note that you must have used your last one to Save and then Restore before more will appear where you first found them.

It is a 1st person, point and click, 360-degree game, with 3D characters in detailed graphic worlds that parody famous movie locations and sets.  It has an easy interface and very imaginative puzzles.  Spud with Uncle (as a Raven) in TheaterWe did despair once, in the end game, because of a timed semi-arcade sequence there (we are not good at timed puzzles).  But with help from some friends, we discovered that it was easy to do once you knew how.  And we are so glad that we completed it, because what follows is one of the best endings that we have ever seen in any game... all to the rocking beat of a great song by Charybdis called 'Take It To The Point'.

We thoroughly enjoyed this game and we highly recommend it.  The humor is original and refreshing, often taking you by surprise.  You will definitely never be able to think about horror movies in quite the same way again.

So in the immortal words of the King (which we heard so many times while we were playing)...  "Thank You, Thank You Very Much"  for this delightful adventure game!

Imp Imps ready for sacrifice... and the King!
Imp and Full View Screenshot in Inventory

Developed (1998) by Charybdis and published in Europe by Alternative Software.

Rated:   11+   for Ages 11 and Up  by  ELSPA  (European Leisure Software Publishers Association)

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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