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Selenitic Age Oasis This is the famous, multi-award-winning game that has sold more (and been copied by more) than any other computer game in history, and for good reason.  It combines a brilliant concept and a truly original and absorbing story with unforgettable music and sound effects... and diabolical puzzles that will drive you crazy until you solve them.  It was the very first computer game that we ever played, the one that created our love for adventure gaming... the original motivation behind this website.  We didn't eat, sleep or even bathe regularly for a solid week while we struggled to solve its mystery.

As the story begins, you have stumbled across a very strange and ancient-looking book called 'Myst', which describes in detail an unusual island world.  Stoneship AgeYou are putting it aside when you unwittingly lay your hand on one of the pages and suddenly, without warning, your own world dissolves and disappears, and instead you find yourself alone on the beautiful but deserted island that was described in the book!  You don't know where you are or how to get back to your own reality so, having no other choice, you begin to explore.

It isn't long before you start to piece some things together.  A mysterious man, who calls himself Atrus, claims to have created books that lead to 'worlds', or alternate realities.  But something has gone wrong and now 'his worlds' are being destroyed.  He suspects that the betrayer is none other than one of his very own sons, driven by greed, but he doesn't know for sure.  And now he has no way to find out because he himself has been forced into hiding in fear for his own life.  Somehow, before it is too late, you must figure all of this out and find this Atrus... if you are ever going to get back home.

Sirrus' BedroomThis fantastic story evolves in a setting that is at once eerie and alien, and yet somehow strangely familiar and real.  As you search for the truth in this haunting tale, you will eventually travel to 5 of these worlds of surpassing beauty (the Myst, Selenitic, Stoneship, Mechanical and Channelwood Ages), each apparently partially destroyed and now deserted.  You will be alone, with no one to talk to or ask for advice... only occasional 'holographic' messages from those involved that serve more to confuse you than to enlighten.  So you must depend completely on your own powers of observation and logic to succeed.

It is a 1st person, point & click game with an easy, intuitive interface and a practically non-existent inventory (you can only pick up and carry one item at a time).  The puzzles are mind-boggling and unforgettable: we will personally never forget the ship or the giant tree, among others.  Looking towards the library on Myst IslandJust remember that everything in this game (buildings, decorations, devices) was put there for a reason, so pay close attention to detail, take notes on any words, numbers, patterns, sounds, etc, that you see or hear and, most important, "think of what you would do if you were really there".  There are no dead ends in the game and you probably won't die.  However do save periodically anyway (you will want to go back), with multiple saves at the end so you can try out all of the different possible endings.

The game has been re-released as 'Myst Masterpiece Edition' with enhanced graphics and sound, and a sorely needed built-in hint system, so we would recommend playing that newer version.

This game is the standard by which all other adventure games have been measured ever since it was made (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear a smidgen of the unforgettable theme music now).  It is THE classic graphic adventure game, and so every gamer owes it to him or herself to play it.  It is still, to this day, our all-time favorite game!

Stoneship Age
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Developed (1993 initially, 1996 for Windows 95) by Cyan.  Cyan does not sell the game, but they sell the soundtrack to the game, and books about the people, history and culture of Díni as they relate to the story of MYST and Riven (We had to have and read all three books).  Initially published by Broderbund, but now published by Ubi Soft Entertainment.

Myst Masterpiece Edition, an enhanced version with built in hints, was released in 1999 for Windows 95 / 98 and the Mac.

The Myst Trilogy is a collection of the first 3 Myst games ( Myst Masterpiece EditionRiven;  and  Myst III: Exile ) on CD-ROMs.

The 10th Anniversary DVD Colection (2003) is also a collection of the first 3 Myst games ( Myst Masterpiece EditionRiven;  and  Myst III: Exile ) that are playable on Windows 98, Windows XP and the Mac.

Rated:   E   for Everyone

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows   MAC

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