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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

You are a young man named Criss, a modern-day magician, who finds himself in a time-distorted magical world called Azeretus, looking for his friend Tiche who disappeared there some 300 years ago. But once there, Criss finds that he cannot return, so his mission becomes both finding his friend and also figuring out some way to right what is 'wrong' in this world in order to save himself. And that problem, in the end, results in a moral dilemma in which he must choose the Good over Evil.

The world itself is unusual and beautifully drawn, and you encounter all sorts of characters: everything from humans and human-like alien species to tiny fairies, and even a couple of gods. The characters speak English, but subtitles are available in 5 other languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch & German), so the game might also be a helpful educational tool to learn a second language.

The puzzles are logical and follow the storyline, although the story itself is not always clear about where you should go next (perhaps a cultural difference because it's a Russian fairy-tale?). However it does have an excellent built-in hint system. But if the hint system tells you to "wait until dark", remember that you must yourself change it from light to dark on the interface, or you could be sitting there waiting forever! We do wish they had added a page that went into detail about using the unusual interface, because the length of time that it takes to learn it may be a turnoff for some (although we will say that, once we had learned how to use it correctly, it worked very smoothly).

The game itself runs surprisingly smoothly in every way, including the natural progression of the story. The drawbacks are relatively minor, and most appear to be merely the result of insufficient testing, because all of them could have been corrected fairly easily. They are merely things like: objects which have been destroyed appearing later apparently unharmed, spelling errors in the subtitles and subtitles which don't always correspond with the words being spoken, characters lips moving long after the speech has finished, a character telling you to use a particular thing, but then not showing it to you, etc.

However, despite these minor annoyances (nothing serious for us), we found the Russian fairy-tale very interesting and we enjoyed playing the game very much. The artwork gave this imaginary world such a magical quality! We played the European version of this Russian-made 3D game. An American version had been scheduled for release in the USA in September 1999. Obviously it did not make it and apparently never will. There is a PATCH available from Exortus Software, but we did not use it and don't know what it fixes.

Visit the LIATH website in order to view some gorgeous screenshots.

Co-developed (1999) by Exortus Software and Amber Company. Published by Project Two Interactive (no longer esxists) in Europe. Was never released in the United States.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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