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Hand of Fate
  (Fables and Fiends)

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

In this second game of the very popular Kyrandia trilogy, a tongue-in-cheek story created from a cliche and an independent female heroine combine to produce a refreshing change of pace.

As the story begins, we learn that the beautiful fairytale world of Kyrandia has suddenly started disappearing: piece by piece and tree by tree. The Royal Mystics hold an emergency Council meeting to decide what to do, but no one can come up with a plan. Then a mysterious stranger, a giant Hand, claims to have a solution to the dilemma, but it will require retrieving the Anchor Stone of the land from the center of the world ..... a dangerous mission.

Zanthia, a beautiful young alchemist and sorceress, is the low-ranking newest member of the Council of Mystics and so, despite her protests, she is the one selected to fetch the stone. But when she returns home to pack for the trip, she finds her place ransacked and all of her equipment missing. Someone or something is trying to sabotage her even before she begins! More determined than ever, she packs whatever she can find in a knapsack and is on her way .....

Although the plot is built around a cliche (a major character is 'The Hand' and you wind up having to adjust 'The Wheels of Fate'), it plays like a mystery to be solved and includes a nice twist at the end. Kyrandia itself is still weird and wonderful, with talking trees and bizarre inhabitants, and to accomplish your mission you will not only travel through this fantasyland but also across a spectacular Rainbow Bridge, to the tops of high cold mountains, and to a very strange place called 'Volcania'.

The graphics are even more lush and beautifully rendered than in the first game, and the music (on the CD version) is good and enhances the mood. There are many different characters to talk to (and persuade to help you!) and the dialogue is cute and funny.

The puzzles vary from easy to hard, with different adventures and problems to be solved at each of the frequent changes in location. And we would recommend saving at each location in case you have to go back for something (as we did!).

It is a 3rd person, point and click game with a simple interface, which includes a small inventory (your knapsack) plus a spell book and cauldron (with a built-in 'flush' handle!), and you must concoct potions and cast spells to solve some of the puzzles.

But it is Zanthia herself who really makes this game. Sort of a cross between Lara Croft and Barbie, she has long beautiful blond hair and she carries a seemingly endless supply of wardrobe changes in that small knapsack of hers! She is a thoroughly modern girl with a contemporary attitude and is totally unflappable in the face of any situation, whether it's a useless sidekick, an unwanted suitor, or an apparently insurmountable problem. And with one hand on her hip, she keeps up a stream of funny wisecracks and rueful self-conscious observations that keep you laughing until the end.

It is another fun game in the series ..... a departure from the norm that really works.

Produced (1993) by Westwood Studios.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (now defunct in USA) published (1998) all three games, Books 1, 2, and 3, in one box called The Legend of Kyrandia, The Series.

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