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Fables And Fiends

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

This old game is Book One of a best selling and award winning Trilogy which is now considered to be a classic of the adventure genre. All 3 games in the series have a fairytale feeling which will appeal to both adults and children. In this one we are introduced to the fantasyland of Kyrandia, along with its major characters and culture, and a bit of its 'history'.

Many years ago the evil court jester, Malcolm, killed the peaceful King William and his Queen, stole the Kyragem and, with its magical power in his possession, declared himself Ruler of Kyrandia. Eventually he was caught by the Royal Mystics and imprisoned inside Castle Kyrandia, and the King's baby son and heir to the throne, Brandon, was raised, unaware of his heritage, by his grandfather, Kallak.

It is now 18 years later and we find that the psychotic Malcolm has escaped and is out for revenge against both the land and its people, and his first target is Kallak, leader of the Royal Mystics. Malcolm turns Kallak completely to stone except for his eyes: so that he will be able to see the destruction of Kyrandia.

As the game begins, the young Brandon returns home (in a wonderful tree house!) to discover the statue that is now all that remains of his beloved grandfather, along with a note instructing him as to where to seek help. But to Brandon's dismay, when he does seek that help he is informed that HE is the one who has been chosen to recover the Kyragem, and rid the land of Malcolm once and for all!

Complaining all the way in typical adolescent fashion ("Why me?"), he begrudgingly sets out on foot to comply. But he will have to travel throughout the land collecting both artifacts and magical spells, and avoiding Malcolm's attempts to thwart him, before he will be powerful enough to finally recover the Kyragem, defeat Malcolm, and discover the true nature of his own destiny.

This is a 3rd person, point and click game with a friendly interface and inventory which includes an Amulet to hold the spells you acquire, and the CD version has music and voice (both Brandon's complaints and Malcolm's wisecracks are delightful!). The charming story is set in a beautifully rendered world of enchanted forests and pools and caverns, and the mood is consistently upbeat (even from the not-really-evil villain).

The puzzles are original (we loved the idea of a teardrop from the Pool of Sorrow) and get harder as you go along, with some that are complicated (like the birthstone puzzle) and very challenging. And be sure to save often because there are some places where you can die, perhaps unexpectedly, and at least 2 puzzles where you must die to be able to solve them (by trial and error).

With its beautiful graphics, lighthearted feel, and story reminiscent of the early 'King's Quest' games, it is a fun game to play even today. We were captivated enough to want to play the entire Trilogy.

Produced (1992) by Westwood Studios.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (now defunct in the USA) published (1998) all three games, Books 1, 2, and 3, in one box called The Legend of Kyrandia, The Series.

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"Walkthrough" available here!

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