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Anyone who loves adventure games should own this wonderful collection! Perfect for travel use with a laptop (especially on planes) instead of taking books, it contains, ON ONLY ONE CD, 33 of Infocom's revolutionary text only games, plus a bonus of 6 additional 'contest winning' text adventures, and will provide hundreds of hours of unforgettable entertainment for a nominal price.

Infocom was that great little upstart company which, way back in 1980, started the whole computer gaming phenomenon with their publication of ZORK, the first computer game ever made available to the general public. Created by a couple of guys at M.I.T. for their own amusement, it became wildly popular worldwide almost overnight and created an insatiable public demand for more of the same. So, working with a dream team of fantastically talented writers and developers, Infocom went on to produce some of the very best adventures ever made (and still unsurpassed today), reigning supreme until computers had evolved enough to be able to handle graphics and sound.

Whatever your preference or mood, this collection has it all (detailed below): great comedy, mystery, science fiction/fantasy and adventure, plus more, from the world's best writers. But unlike just reading, you take an interactive part in the story.

If you've never played a text adventure (interactive fiction), see our HOW TO PLAY TEXT ADVENTURES: you're in for a real treat! And if you already know them and love them, then this collection will give you a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane. Do yourself a favor and grab this if you can find it: it is sure to become a collector's item itself. But if you're unable to find this particular collection, you may be able to find shorter, smaller collections of Infocom games, detailed on our GAME LIST.


Released (1995) by Activision.

Minimum System Requirements: Hybrid Win / Mac CD ROM (Hybrid means PC and MAC versions are on the same CD.)

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"InvisiClues" for most of these games are available here!

"Walkthroughs" for most of these games are available here!

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