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Box PictureFolks we've got trouble here, right here in Atom City! And that's trouble with a capital "T", and that rhymes with "P", and that stands for ..... Phobos!

Published in 1992, this early point and click graphic adventure with music and sound was developed as a continuation and sequel to Infocom's original 1986 very popular text adventure (interactive fiction). Like its predecessor, it was aimed at the 'adult market' and was billed as "another gripping intergalactic adventure" in the ongoing saga of the sex-crazed Amazonian Leather Goddesses.

Written once again by the very funny Steve Meretzky, you can still choose the gender of the character you play and this time you can also choose to play as a certain alien. But unlike the first game, this one doesn't give a choice of 'naughtiness level', the entire game being "pretty darned naughty" with a warning notice included in the front of the manual to that effect for the "prudish of heart". However here again it is not really lewd or offensive by today's standards, just suggestive innuendo in an otherwise traditional adventure game. It is basically a broad spoof of 1950s science fiction 'B Movies'.

Main road into Atom CityThe story begins in 1956 in dusty and isolated Atom City, Nevada, a military base town with a nuclear power plant. You (Zeke) own a small run down filling station there with 3 employees: buxom mini-skirted beauties named Flo, Zoe and Doe. Suddenly an alien craft crash lands outside of town and you learn from the unsightly survivor, Barth the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X, that his race is being held hostage as love slaves by the evil Amazonian women of Phobos, and he needs your help to rescue them from their unspeakable torture. But as you will soon learn, its all part of just another devious plot by the Leather Goddesses to divide and conquer Earth. So your job then becomes not only liberating the denizens of Planet X but also exposing the evil plan, and you will need to travel to both Planet X and to the Goddesses' Pleasure Palace on Phobos to do so.

This game was developed after Activision had bought Infocom, and unfortunately it doesn't live up to the high standards that Infocom always had as an independent company. Yes, the women are sexy looking and Steve Meretzky's brilliant humor still manages to shine through with some silly fun, but the actual gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired and appears to be the result of rushed and economy-minded work.

Goddesses of Planet X: Barth's HomeAs noted previously, this game has only one 'naughtiness level': to have more than one, as they did in the first game, would have required taking the time to write the humor for all 3 different modes. And whether you choose to play the male or female character, the actions and conversations are practically indistinguishable. Add to that the fact that the game is way too short, and this very hard to find game becomes one that will probably be of interest only to collectors. Which is really a shame, because the original Leather Goddesses of Phobos was a great game!

But it is interesting to note that the developers at Infocom themselves were apparently distressed over these same flaws, because the manual includes a disclaimer from them at the end which states that "nefarious agents of evil, dressed in black" slip into their offices and grab and prematurely release "not-nearly-ready-for-release" games.

Produced (1992) by Infocom and published by Activision. Comes on 17 3-1/2 inch HD disks.

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