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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Sometimes it's like a breath of fresh air to go back and play one of the old classic adventure games just to remind ourselves of what we love about them.  And this game does just that!

Based on the famous movies, the game begins (to the music from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'... turn on your speakers and refresh to hear it now) in typical Indiana fashion and, by the time he has crashed through about his third wall, you're wondering why he doesn't just stay in bed with the covers pulled over his head.  But then it settles down and the game itself is typical, and very well done, old-timey adventure fare.

However, unlike in most games, you get to choose how you want to play the game (your 'Path').  There are 3 choices: action (fists), teamwork (with the female heroine as your companion to give you hints along the way), or wits (figuring it out all by yourself). Now we ask you, folks, if they could give you a choice with the technology that they had way back then (1992), why do they say they can't now?

Your path is determined by how you approach the first few puzzles (your natural inclinations), and our path turned out to be 'wits'.  You can, however, choose a different path if you so desire (Sophia will ask Indy if he wants to go it alone) and, once you reach Atlantis in the last part of the game, all 3 paths converge again anyway.

The year is 1939, just before World War II, when Jones hears a wild theory about Atlantis supposedly corroborated in a 'lost' dialogue of Plato, and definitely believed in by a previous female colleague-turned-psychic, who's been 'channeling' one of their gods ever since she started wearing an Atlantean necklace that she found.  Of course being the pragmatist that he is, Indy doesn't believe a word of it but, as usual, it isn't long before he's up to his trademark jacket and hat in Nazi Agents out to steal the Atlantean power source in order to fuel their tanks ..... and bombs!  Soon he's flying back and forth to far flung exotic locations around the world to find the artifacts mentioned in Plato's dialogue and locate what is left of Atlantis.

The story is interesting, the pace of new developments is fast, and the occasional injection of off-hand humor is a delight.  We loved Omar's curses ("May a goat be the mother of your children!"), the fact that Indy had to go into the bathroom and close the door in order to change clothes, and the name of the sandwich that we made on board a submarine (what else?)!

It is a 2D, 3rd person, point and click game with voice and music.  It ran smoothly with the exception of the music being too low (and the available patch didn't help), but we'd rather have it that way than the reverse.  The interface is easy to use with an inventory and pop up choices of questions and comments during dialogues.  But don't just automatically start with the top choice or your conversation may come to an abrupt end, and you don't want to miss valuable clues (and some funny lines).

The puzzles are varied (with examples of virtually every classic adventure-type included), logical and part of the story: none are too difficult and there are multiple endings.  And, of course, the hero never dies in a LucasArts game, so the feeling is always light and playful.  We enjoyed it!

Developed (1992) and published by LucasArts Entertainment.

This game is also available along with 2 other CDs ( Day of the TentacleSam & Max Hit the Road ) in The LucasArts Archives: Adventure Collection.

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"Walkthrough" available here!

"Walkthroughs" available here!

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