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Hugo's Horrific Adventure 'Hugo Trilogy for Windows' is an example of something that we have long wished that more people would take an interest in doing. The trilogy is an enhanced version of 3 old shareware DOS games, upgraded by the original developer so that they will now run in Windows.

One man, David Gray created all of the games in his spare time. They are 'Hugo's House of Horrors' (1990), 'Hugo II, Whodunit?' (1991), and 'Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!' (1992... with graphics by Gary Sirois). All three games are about the adventures of Hugo and Penelope, high school sweethearts.

In Hugo's House of Horrors, Penelope answers a classified ad in the local paper for a babysitter, not realizing that a mad scientist who needs a guinea pig for his experiments placed the ad. Now she is locked in the dungeon of his old mansion, and it is up to Hugo to rescue her from the house and its evil occupants.

Penelope is the star in Hugo II. When Hugo disappears during their visit to see his great uncle Horace in rural England, Penelope must try to find him. But to do so she must first solve the murder of Uncle Horace, which she has witnessed. As in all good whodunits, suspects abound, and her search for the truth takes her all over the grounds of the estate.

Hugo's Mystery AdventureFinally in Hugo III, our two sweethearts unexpectedly have to crash-land their plane in a South American jungle, where a poisonous spider bites Penelope. Hugo must quickly find the antidote to save her life, but in order to do so he must first deal with all of the jungle's strange inhabitants.

The plots are simple, and there is no voice in the games (subtitles only). They are relatively short games. All 3 can be finished within 5 to 10 hours of playing time, depending on how much you rely on the hint book. We finished them in two evenings, but we did use the hint book some.

But the characters are wonderful, and there is delightful happy music with sound that has been enhanced. By default each game automatically alternates between 3 different tunes. However there are 9 different tunes in all for the trilogy, and you can choose to rotate between any or all of them at any given time.

Hugo's Amazon AdventureAnd the puzzles are memorable. They are original and imaginative, often appearing deceptively simple only to have you pulling your hair when you suddenly realize that your assumptions were incorrect. Fortunately hint files have been added to this new release, as well as some new simpler solutions for a few of the puzzles that used to drive DOS players insane because they had to use a keyboard instead of the mouse. These upgraded versions are all intuitive point and click, mouse controlled games.

Nevertheless you will still need to save often and under different names. Because you will not only run into many instances where you can be killed off (primarily in the first game), but you may also find that you have run into a dead end because you don't have the items that you need to progress. And so you will have to restore to an earlier saved game at an earlier location to find the necessary items.

If you would like to see what most of the first graphic adventure games were like and how far we've come, or just revisit some of them for old time's sake, then you will really enjoy these 3 games. They are still a lot of fun to play.

There is a real unfulfilled need for this kind of effort, and we hope that others will soon realize it and take an interest in upgrading some of the great old classic adventure games for modern machines, before they are lost forever. We would love to be able to share with the younger generation some of the delight that we have had in playing them.

Hugo's Horrific Adventure

Trilogy for Windows first released (1995) by David Gray and published by Gray Design Associates.

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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