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Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado

Expected Release Date: Available Now!.

TulioMiguel This is supposed to be a kid's game, but our spies tell us that adults are delighting in it also! Developed by the same talented team that brought us the "Broken Sword" games that we love so much, it is based on the film " The Road to El Dorado" by DreamWorks.

"In the fun-filled game, the two heroes (or con men), Tulio and Miguel, retell (and embellish) the story of how they won the map to El Dorado and found and rescued the City of Gold. As they tell it, they escaped the Spanish Army, faced angry hoards of Sailors, found their way skillfully through the Jungle and, finally, after defeating the mighty Monster, rescued El Dorado from the city's impending Doom."

But, of course, as you'll find out for yourself, there was far more to it than that and the game is absolutely filled with both the humor and challenge of the traps they escaped and the predators they avoided, resulting in a game full of puzzles that you'll need all of your wits (and teamwork) to solve.

Developed (2000) by Revolution Software.  Published and sold by Ubi Soft Entertainment. Available for PC, Playstation and GameBoy Color.

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Walkthrough available here!

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