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Reviewed by  Laura MacDonald

The first thing of note is that the game is multi-platform and will load on PC and Mac with equal ease. It loads perfectly by the way, and I had no glitches at all. It is mouse driven and has a very simple interface.

Those who have played Wanadoo's other games, Vikings or Crusaders, will be familiar with the game construction. For those who are not, the interface is fairly self-explanatory. You view narrative cutscenes and then are given static scenes to view. You pick up inventory items at the scenes and through the game encyclopedia. Sections of the encyclopedia are accessed through highlighted key words in text associated with the puzzles or any of the accessed encyclopedic pages.

Your goal is to follow the evolutionary path of mankind from 500,000 BC to the 22nd century. You do this by viewing the different episodic cutscenes and by viewing scenes and solving puzzles related to key milestones in this development process. For example: the discovery of fire or the development of the telephone. The puzzles are interactive and can be as simple as matching items to their place on a sheet, or more complex such as outfitting a boat destined to circumnavigate the globe.

The musical overlay is non-obtrusive and beautiful. I frequently didn't bypass the opening when I reloaded, just to hear the first musical interlude again. Jeanne Moreau provides the voiceover and narrative portions of the game, and she is superb.

This is a game that doesn't strain you mentally, but is engaging and addictive. I played through it relatively fast, simply because I played it pretty much non-stop.

I would highly recommend this game for family play also. It is an edutainment game and is wonderful for children to play either solo or alongside their parent. My copy has already been yanked off to load on both of my highschoolers' computers.

I think that if you want a game that:
... captures your interest without making you feel like a mental gymnast
... but still provides you with challenge
... all wrapped up in a beautiful package

Then this is a game for you.

 2002  Laura MacDonald

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Developed (2000 ) by Galilea Multimedia and published by & Wanadoo France Telecom Group.

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows   MAC

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