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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Because we had gotten such a kick out of playing the prequel to this game Maniac Mansion we were really looking forward to this one. Much has changed in the 5 long years since that very popular game was made but, in our opinion, all of the new ideas are good ones and the result is a game that is a classic masterpiece.

Some of our favorite characters are back again in a brilliant plot about the most recent crisis caused by the mad scientist Dr. Fred. You are Bernard, the lovable nerd in the high water pants from the first game, and one night you receive an urgent and desperate message from your old friend Green Tentacle (who looks like a walking, talking octopus tentacle and is one of two such 'pets' created by Dr. Fred in his lab).

It seems that the good doctor has been dumping the byproducts of his experiments, toxic radioactive waste, into the local stream and Purple Tentacle made the mistake of drinking from it. Now he has mutated, grown arms, smarts, and a mean streak, and is out to take over the world. But worse, Dr. Fred has discovered it and now plans to destroy both Tentacles. So with your 2 roommates, a flaky med student named Laverne and a heavy metal roadie named Hoagie, you rush to the rescue.

But by releasing them you have doomed the world to a future ruled by Tentacles, so the only logical solution is to travel back in time and keep Purple from drinking the sludge. Unfortunately the time machine that you use is one of Dr. Fred's creations, so of course it malfunctions. Now Laverne is stuck in the top of a tree 200 years in the future, Hoagie is 200 years in the past, and the only way you can communicate with them is by using a crazy toilet!

This is a 3rd person, point and click game with an easy to use interface. You direct the actions of the 3 characters in his or her time periods (past, present or future) and you must collect items in one time that will be helpful to the character in another ..... 'flushing' them through time via one of Dr. Fred's Chron-O-Johns.

The puzzles that you have to solve are some of the best that we have ever seen. And, unlike in the first game, you can't die here, so try everything for unpredictable and often hysterical results.

The game is chock full of the silly '4th grade' humor that we love, with its many crazy characters all expertly voiced by prominent actors. The music is perfect, apropos to each location (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear some now), and the colorful and detailed cartoon-style graphics are superb, with a great opening sequence and funny animations that add to the hilarious story.

And for even more fun and some background information, you can take time out before you really get started (or do it after you finish) and play the old original game, Maniac Mansion. They've installed it on the computer upstairs in Weird Ed's room (2 games for the price of 1) and playing it doesn't affect this one.

This is simply a wonderful game in every way and sure to make you smile and brighten your day. We loved it!

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Produced (1993) and published by LucasArts Entertainment.  This CD ROM game also includes the even older prequel to it called Maniac Mansion.

This game is also available along with 2 other CDs ( Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisSam & Max Hit the Road ) in The LucasArts Archives: Adventure Collection.

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