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Lewton P.I.When England's famous writer, Terry Pratchett, published his first novel about the Discworld 'The Colour of Magic' in 1983, he began one of the most phenomenally successful fantasy series in literary history. But although all of his stories are not about the inept wizard, Rincewind, they are all (to quote Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine) "consistently, inventively mad", and this story is no exception. In a radical departure from the theme of the first two Discworld games ( Discworld I and Discworld II ), this is Terry Pratchett's tongue-in-cheek version of 'Film Noir', the movie style made famous in the 1940's with the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall Private Eye mysteries, where "the weather is bad, the detectives are cynical, the broads are tough, and life is cheap" (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear some of the theme music now).

But you know, of course, that any Humphrey Bogart wannabe who has to live and work in the weird city of Ankh-Morpork (populated by trolls, dwarfs, werewolves, zombies, wizards and vampires, among others) would by definition have to be just a shade different from your average Private Eye, and so would his story. And so it is....

In this broad parody of 'Casablanca' and 'The Maltese Falcon', you play Lewton, the Discworld's first Private Investigator. You have very broad shoulders and a very strong chin, a slouch hat that you wear cocked over one eye and of course you NEVER take off your trenchcoat. You used to work for the city Watch, but were expelled for taking a bribe and have only just started to pull your life back together again after years lost in a drunken haze. You've opened your own agency and things are going o.k., and then one morning ..... you wake up dead. You've had bad mornings before, but this one wins hands down!

You solve the mystery in typical detective fashion: by talking extensively with everyone you meet and noting the clues and suspects in your notebook. But that's where anything typical ends. The story starts slowly, but stick with it for it soon evolves and you're hooked; and totally surprised by the unusual plot twist later on. And it is filled with some very funny one-liners, satire, and unforgettable characters which are great parodies of people you've met in real life, including one you haven't met yet ..... Death himself. No one does 'Death' better than the Discworld series and, in this one, he's better than ever!

This is primarily a 3rd person point-and-click adventure in a 3D environment, with a small inventory and a notebook which automatically records the clues which you discover. The interface is very easy to use but has a couple of unusual features (e.g., uses of the notebook) which you need to know in order to solve puzzles: all clearly explained in the manual. Even if you never read manuals read this one, not only for the tech help but also for the great introductory comments (reminiscent of the way manuals used to be and why so many of them became collector's items).

Occasionally some people have reported problems when loading or playing this game. If you are using Windows 95A (original version) you will need to download the FIX created by Chris McMullen. If you get an error concerning a CD1 folder during installation or don't have enough memory or are kicked back to the desktop, contact Mr. Bill for help.

Developed (1999) by Perfect Entertainment and published in Europe by GT Interactive Software Limited.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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