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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

This is a fascinating and unique game from Hong Kong. Developed by someone who obviously loved the game MYST, even to the point of including references to that famous game and snatches of its music within this game. Nevertheless COMER is definitely a work of art in its own right, with beautifully rendered graphics and great music that includes both New Age and Classical.

The story is very unusual and is based on an astute observation about past patterns in Earth's evolution. Why were there sudden .....very sudden ..... extinctions of whole species in our earth's history? How were these related to some our most famous men and women? What, or Who annihilated these species? Is mankind next? You play the 28th Comer, the last in a long line of famous individuals who have attempted to solve the mystery and prevent the extinction of humanity ..... which is going to happen, and very soon, without your help!

This is a lst person, 2D, point and click adventure with no inventory. The puzzles are beautifully designed and range from fairly easy to those which can create a high level of frustration until they are solved, requiring both patience and close observation to detail for success. There are no other characters to interact with ..... you are completely alone in this beautiful, surreal world on a mission which will determine the survival of mankind. However, be prepared: the game has a very unusual (and controversial) ending, but it is one which gives much food for thought.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and would not have missed the experience, and we were able to complete the game despite the fact that we had to play it with some technical problems apparently caused by the incompatibility of our sound card with Toolbook (the driving engine of COMER). Click HERE for the Windows 98 fix for the affected sound cards. There is no patch for Windows 95.

However, in our opinion, the game was well worth putting up with these minor sound problems. We have written a walkthrough, available below, which will guide players not only through the entire game but also past any sound problem areas that are encountered.

Produced (1998) and sold by Shine Studio.  Shine Studio also sells the Music Soundtrack.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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"Mr. Bill's Walkthrough" available here!

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