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AZTEC: The Curse in the Heart of the City of Gold
( The Sacred Amulet )

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill and Lela

This is another one of the excellent historical adventure games from Cryo that have been developed "under the scientific direction of an international team of archeologists" for up-to-date accuracy, and it gives the player a first-hand feel for what life was really like in ancient times.

The year is 1517 (two years before Cortez and the Spaniards invaded) and you are Little Serpent, a young huntsman who lives in Mexico in Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec Empire at the height of its glory.  A mysterious plague has been gradually decimating the population, the doctors are powerless, and the Emperor himself has been accused of causing the horror by angering the Gods. Then one day you accidentally witness a murder ..... and you are given information by the dying man which you should never have heard and which changes your destiny forever.  You yourself are accused of the murder and your parents are taken hostage. On the run, with little time to save them, you must uncover the sinister plot that connects the murdered man to the plague, unmask the traitors, and save your parents and your homeland.

The game has an 'Automatic Save' feature but it also has a 'Manual Save' option, which is the one that we would recommend using because, although the sense of urgency in the game does not always mean that you are actually in grave danger, there are a few situations where you can be killed.

It is a lst person, point and click game with an easy to use interface.  It includes an extensive encyclopedia on Aztec Life and Culture which can be accessed either by itself, as you encounter something in the game that you are curious about, or during a tour of the area either before or after playing the game.  In our opinion it might be better to take the tour and read the material prior to playing the game, as it would familiarize you with both the area and the customs and thus reduce interrupted game play later.

A glimpse into an ancient culture, with fascinating characters, customs and architecture.

  April 2000  Mr. Bill and Lela

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Coproduced (1999) by France Telecom Multimedia and Cryo Interactive Entertainment.  Published (1999) by Cryo Interactive Entertainment in Europe.  Published (2000) and distributed in North America under the name The Sacred Amulet by  DreamCatcher Interactive  (now part of  Nordic Game).

Minimum System Requirements: For the PC only!

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