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ATLANTIS: The Lost Tales

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill and Lela

Atlantean Flying ShipWe are not big fans of action-adventure games, but for those of you who like that adrenaline rush, we will say that this is a good one. It has a lot of action, but no blood and gore. And even we enjoyed it, despite the timed play sequences (and a few problems with another special 'feature' of the game) because, other than that, it has all the makings of a great adventure game.

In this mythical story, Atlantis is an island continent whose origins have long since been forgotten. It is a technologically advanced, yet pastoral, civilization which exists hidden from the sight and knowledge of the rest of the still tribal and barbaric world. Atlanteans try to avoid interfering with the natural development of those more primitive people: instead they merely observe their progress from the air ..... traveling from place to place in flying ships, which are propelled by the great crystals and directed by the power of their own minds.

Consort's Throne RoomAtlanteans primarily worship the peaceful and benevolent Moon goddess, while the fiery and combative Sun god is of secondary importance. Consequently Atlantis has always been a matriarchy, with all major decisions being made by women, and is ruled by a Queen along with her Consort, who is challenged and perhaps replaced every 7 years. Queen Rhea has ruled for the past 13 years, a time of peace and plenty, with all of the citizens being well provided for.

But there is trouble in paradise: brewing discontent with the status quo among the followers of the Sun god. You are Seth, a young good-looking man who has been offered the great honor of serving as one of the Queen's personal companions. And soon after you arrive in the city, you stumble upon a dangerous plot which not only threatens your Queen but also the continued existence of Atlantis itself, and you must risk your own life in an attempt to save them.

Mythical AtlantisThe story is absorbing, with numerous subplots and insights into Atlantean 'history' to hold your interest, and there are enough story-related puzzles included to satiate the most avid puzzle lover (and give you an occasional breather!). You will travel to 5 different continents, each with its own distinct culture, and interact with over 40 fascinating and realistic-looking characters. And it is a 1st person, 3D, 360 degree, point and click game with such gorgeous full screen graphics, 3rd person cut scenes, awesome sound effects (is it really raining outside?), and rocking music that it makes you want to just sit back and stay awhile, and enjoy!

But unfortunately you soon find that you are surrounded by enemies and traitors on every side, with constant danger of being killed at any moment, and so you must not only keep your wits about you at all times, you must also have split-second reflexes for timed play sequences in which there is almost no time to think, let alone react. And to make matters worse, the game saves for you automatically (you can't save where you want to) which necessitates redoing some long sequences if you do get killed off! However it does save fairly often, almost always after you have completed some difficult feat or puzzle, and it autorestores when your character is killed ..... and so, with patience and persistence, we were finally able to complete the game.

The question is: can you stand all of the stress and frustration involved? If so, then you should definitely enjoy the game.

 1999, Revised 2001  Mr. Bill and Lela

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Developed (1997) and published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment.  Published in North America by DreamCatcher Interactive  (now part of  Nordic Games).

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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