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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill and Lela

The story for this game is based on the movie by the same name.  You find that you are a prisoner on an alien space station and that the operative who came before you has been killed by them.  The aliens have been performing experiments here at the station on various living species and mining the nearby moon for ore, while they work on a weapon designed to elevate earth's temperature and destroy humanity so that they can take over.  They have temporarily evacuated the station due to a potentially hazardous situation, but may return at any moment.  You must find a way to escape and disarm or destroy the weapon before they return.

The game can be played in either a Timed (the aliens will return) or an Untimed mode, with the exception of the end game.  We, of course, chose the Untimed mode because we don't like anything timed, and we then found that our only problems were getting killed off by stupid errors in judgment: like going through a door that we shouldn't have or otherwise exposing ourselves to some mechanical or environmental danger.  We also found that, although there are a few areas where you do see the bodies of some who have been tortured or killed by the aliens, for the most part they have been rendered in a less realistic way than the rest of the graphics, so (thankfully) the emotional impact is not as great.

If you are one of the many gamers out there who enjoy doing the puzzles in an adventure game and could care less about (or even actively dislike) a lot of conversations, then you should really enjoy this game, because it is indeed primarily a puzzle game, with little or no dialogue.  Set in the futuristic, high tech world of space stations and outposts, the simple science fiction story (nasty aliens about to destroy humanity) serves only as the background for doing the puzzles at various locations.

But the background is fantastic and believable: highly detailed and very technically realistic.  And the video sequences are absolutely beautiful, including spaceship flights and a very real-looking alien.  The puzzles themselves, although basically unrelated to the story (solving them opens doors or gives inventory items necessary for another location), are original and varied and range in complexity from easy to mind-numbing.  Fortunately the game has a built in hint system for most of the puzzles, accessed by hitting the question mark key on the keyboard.  You get up to 3 hints and, if you still can't solve it, hitting the key a 4th time will solve the puzzle for you.

This is a first person (with the exception of the video sequences), point and click, non-linear 3D game with 360 degree turns, inventory, and multiple endings.

  September 2000  Mr. Bill and Lela

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Developed (1997) and published by Enteraktion Inc..

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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