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ALLY'S ADVENTURE: Through The Glass

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Ally can almost see the Window World This interesting and highly promising game, produced by a lone individual, attempts to address a niche that is not being adequately filled by publishers today: that of the intelligent middle school child to young adult who enjoys learning.

The game is loosely based on Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Looking Glass', and includes some of the same characters. Developed by a lady whose husband has been a teacher for 24 years, it is designed to be both educational and entertaining, and as such it succeeds despite the lack of the latest technological game innovations.

It is the story of a contemporary young girl who falls asleep and has a strange dream. In it she follows her cat through a window into a beautiful and mysterious world where even the flowers talk, and where she is challenged to use her mind by every strange character that she meets. It is a linear game, so she must answer their questions before she can proceed ..... on everything from algebra and natural science to logic and word games!

There is no sound with the dialogues and only occasional short pieces of music are interspersed throughout. But the photorealistic scenes and characters are beautiful and the music is good. Games in progress can be saved and the interface operates smoothly. However be sure to read the onscreen instructions for the game or you may miss a way to solve 1 or 2 of the puzzles.

The quizzes and puzzles, on a variety of subjects, are not all easy and require both knowledge and reasoning skills, and maybe even a little research. We would highly recommend making notes of what a character tells you. Fortunately the developer has provided both online hints and a message board for those who get stuck, and she even includes some interesting links for further study of some of the subjects. However we would like to see the hints arranged in the order encountered in the game as well as more hints on what to do next.

We enjoyed playing the game and learned a few things ourselves. This is the kind of game that has the potential for being used in schools as an educational tool (as 'The Oregon Trail' is today), especially if all of the quizzes in the game pertained to only one subject.

Developed (1999) and published by Pharos Games.

Ally's Adventure: Through The Glass trial version can be downloaded for free and if you enjoy the game, register it so that you can complete Ally's Adventure.

Ally's Adventure is also available on a CD-ROM with 3 other games ( Ally 2: Ben Franklin AdventureSerpentHead  and  Cedric's Quest ) referred to as Ally's Adventure Game Pack.

Ally's 2nd adventure, Ally 2: Ben Franklin Adventure has also been released.  Again a trial version can be downloaded for free and if you enjoy the game, register it so that you can complete the game.

Cherokee Trails, Pharos Games' newest release (2002), is available on a CD-ROM.

Cherokee Trails can also be ordered on a CD-ROM with their 4 previous games ( Ally's Adventure: Through The GlassAlly 2: Ben Franklin AdventureSerpentHead  and  Cedric's Quest ) and some Scenic Screensavers referred to as the Cherokee Trails Game Pack.

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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