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Recently we have received several questions about who we are and about our website, so we decided that perhaps we'd better explain.

Unlike most other gaming websites, this one is an individually owned and operated, not-for-profit site.  It is neither maintained nor contributed to by a group, but instead is run solely by my wife and myself.  Occasionally some of our friends may write a review, but as a general rule we are the ones who play all the games, write all the reviews, answer all the questions, etc, etc.  We do it as a public service, and have always (since 1997) paid for everything out of our own pocket, including more than 99% of the games.  Any advertising that we do accept is just to help us cover the steadily increasing costs of maintaining the website... and the site of the Adventure Games Coalition.

We do it all simply because we love adventure gaming and so we want to promote the genre, thereby encouraging the producers and publishers to continue making adventure games.  We do it because we want to help other gamers like ourselves.  And most of all, we do it because we value the many new friends that we make along the way.

But because there are only the two of us, you will notice some major differences between this site and most of the other gaming websites.

For one thing, you will notice that very little new material gets added to the site during the Summer months.  During those months we work 12 hour days outdoors in our Plant Nursery, and so we usually only have the time (and energy!) to answer a few questions at night from 'stuck' gamers.  We do most of our game playing and reviews from Fall through Spring.

You will also notice that not every game is reviewed here.  Although we do maintain a comprehensive  Game List  for our readers, which includes practically every adventure game ever published along with a brief description of the story, we do not (indeed we could not) attempt to personally play and review every game.  Just like most other people, we pick and choose what we want to play, researching the games as much as possible beforehand so that we aren't disappointed later.  We try to pick something that we think we will enjoy, that sounds well done.  And we try to avoid those that contain excessive violence or horror, since we personally don't enjoy games with such content.

And last but not least, you will notice that we do not rate or grade games here.  We don't even give a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down'.  In fact, most of our reviews have a positive overall tone, not a negative one.  There are several reasons for this.

First of all, we really do love adventure games.  And we carefully research those that we play beforehand, so we usually wind up playing only the better ones.  But the primary reason that we take this approach is because we think of ourselves as 'Reviewers', not 'Critics'.  So we conscientiously strive to maintain an unbiased point of view and to simply describe (that is, review) the content of a game, noting what we thought was well done and why, and what in our opinion could have been improved... plus noting any unforeseen violence or technical problems that we encountered.  We try to give a fair assessment and to keep our own personal opinion of the game secondary.

We do it this way because we do not believe in telling you what to think, or in assuming that we know best what you would or would not enjoy playing.  Different people prefer different kinds of games, and you may enjoy something that we did not.  So we try to simply give you the facts so that you can make up your own mind about whether you want to play the game or not... without being unduly influenced or intimidated by us.

But for those of you who are new to adventure gaming and not familiar with many of the older games, we have compiled a list of some of our own  Favorite Games,  just to help get you started.

Finally, a brief note about how our website got its name.  Mr. Bill is a nickname that was given to me by my college students many years ago, soon after I first started teaching... and it stuck!

Welcome to our website,

Mr. Bill and Lela

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