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Comments About Sierra and LucasArts   from Dorothy of Canada

Hi Mr. Bill

I just found your site today and would like to add some comments about two companies in particular: Sierra and LucasArts. My first quest/adventure was Kings Quest 7 about 4 years ago which I enjoyed so much I went out and bought KQ 5 & 6. Last winter I was looking forward to the latest addition KQ 8 and was so disappointed. I first of all had to upgrade my computer to accommodate it and then found it was not rated general (for all ages). I did not like having to have a weapon handy at all times and getting killed or hurt at every turn. I could not relax and enjoy it as I had the previous games of the series. They had such a good format. Why did they change it so drastically?

My first Lucas Arts game was The Dig which was thoroughly enjoyable and then I did Fate of Atlantis - again a wonderful adventure. I should also mention Full Throttle, not the best for graphics, but still a good script and fun to do. I just bought The Infernal Machine and have given up on the first level. I am just not enjoying it either because of the format (no cursor to guide by) and there is too much action and violence. This game also cost about $70 (Canadian dollars with tax) which is a lot to pay for something I am not enjoying.

The lesson I have learned is not to buy any more games without trying a demo first. Age groups should not really matter in a good quest/adventure. I introduced my children and grandchildren to this type of entertainment and together we have shared in the fun: the installing, the adventure, and the helping of each other. As well as the foregoing games, other games I have played include: a couple of Monkey Island ones, Dust, Escape from Devil Manor (for my then 5 year old granddaughter), Pandora Directive, The Riddle of Master Lu, Myst and Riven.

Glad I found your site. It is reassuring to learn that others share my feelings on this subject.


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