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The Wonderful
World Of Zork



Curfew playing from the game Zork Grand Inquisitor

Everything you always wanted to know about Zork...
but didn't know who to ask!

  • What is Zork?

  • In Loving Memory of Infocom and Zork

  • What is a Grue?

  • Zork Cartoon  by Iliad of User Friendly

  • Complete List of Zork Games  arranged by release date & fictional history

  • How to Play Text Adventures (Interactive Fiction)

  • Easter Eggs and Fun Things To Try After Playing Zork Games

  • The INFOCOM Homepage  If there is anything that you want to know about Infocom, the exciting computer gaming company of the 1970s and 1980s, then this is the site to visit.  Walkthroughs, maps, etc. are available for all of the games from Infocom.  This is the company that created the wonderful Zork world (the GUE or Great Underground Empire), and the first commercial game that was ever made for the computer.  Here you can download the first three Zork games for free.  In addition you can also download a text adventure created by Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn (two of the original developers at Infocom) in honor of the release of Zork Grand Inquisitor.  Enjoy!

  • Chronology of Quendor  Anything that you wish to know about the history of Zork (the Great Underground Empire) can be found on this website.  The rulers and the years that they ruled, the various life forms that roamed the Empire, a listing of all the spells and magic artifacts that were used, and many other interesting tidbits of information.

  • Encyclopedia Frobozzica (HTML Version)  The Encyclopedia Frobozzica is great reading about anything and everything related to the Zork underground world known as the Great Underground Empire (GUE).  Some people believe that the author took a few too many liberties in the writing of this epic, but I enjoyed reading it very much.  It is hilarious!

  • The Zork Library  Very informative and helpful site.  Gives some of the timeline history of Zork and the Zork games.  Also provides information, screenshots, music, sounds and hints for 'Zork Grand Inquisitor'.

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