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Fun Things To Try After Playing The Game

Thanks to Arthur for these contributions

  1. type HELLO SAILOR at any point in the game
  2. type CHLOE at any point in the game
  3. read all of the books in the library, especially "My Best Excesses" and "Interview With a Grue"
  4. at the underground mine, set the mine cart toward Air, Water, or Fire instead of Earth
  5. play all four horns at the entrance to the observatory
  6. visit all the different time periods in the gallery
  7. in the gallery, get the icicle, then go forward too far in time
  8. ask Venus for a hint in one of the other worlds
  9. in the Monastery, try opening the collection box and looking inside
  10. in the Monastery, put the zorkmid in twice to read the different fortunes for the Emotion Gods
  11. in the Monastery, try walking through the wall of fire without the shield
  12. in the Conservatory, try playing each of the records, forwards and backwards
  13. in the Conservatory, repeatedly knock on the door to the auditorium
  14. in the Conservatory, try looking at all of the play backdrops and reading all of the theater posters
  15. in Irondune, try all of the different torture devices in the torture chamber
  16. in Irondune, take out the Thaddeum and let it explode
  17. in Irondune, repeatedly try to open the doors leading outside
  18. in Irondune, send a radio message with the incorrect codes
  19. in Irondune, play all of the military simulations in Kaine's strategy room
  20. drink the potion the alchemists offer you
  21. try going anywhere but the central room in the Temple after the alchemists begin the ceremony
  22. let the alchemists finish their ceremony

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