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Fun Things To Try After Playing The Game

Thanks to Arthur for these contributions

  1. ask everyone about everything, and use all of the feelings in conversations (too many individual possibilities to list: especially try threatening everyone)
  2. blow the whistle alone
  3. go down the Road to the South
  4. try to attack Canuk
  5. kill all of the different characters
  6. drink the whiskey in Boos Myller's house
  7. read all of the mayor's files, especially the one titled "Gazpacho"
  8. give wrong answers to Rebecca Snoot's questions
  9. play Survivor with Moodock repeatedly to hear his comments when you win or lose
  10. turn on the TV in your hotel room
  11. turn the dials on the radio in your hotel room
  12. click on the cereal box in Rebecca Snoot's kitchen
  13. give the sword to the Troll King
  14. examine the bonding plant
  15. turn on the oven in Rebecca Snoot's house
  16. open both doors on the incinerator
  17. at the bottled ship, go to the left and down
  18. lose at Survivor to Morpheus

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