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Fun Things To Try After Playing The Game

Courtesy of  Infocom

  1. play as a man if you're a woman, or vice versa
  2. buy a beer in the bar before relieving yourself
  3. enter the men's room after entering the ladies' room first (or vice versa)
  4. flush the toilet
  5. eat the pizza (and then type VOMIT)
  6. urinate in something other than a toilet
  7. not go to the bathroom
  8. knock on the door of Trent's/Tiffany's cell before opening the door
  9. lead Trent/Tiffany into your cell (try in all three naughtiness levels)
  10. call Trent "Tiffany" (while playing as a man), or vice versa
  11. walk west in the Observation Room
  12. jump off the prison Roof on Phobos
  13. touch, examine, or put something on one of the black circles
  14. push Trent/Tiffany into the tree hole (Fork, Of Sorts)
  15. jump into the tree hole while being chased by the flytrap
  16. get into the tree hole after trapping the flytrap there
  17. ask Trent/Tiffany about the odd machine
  18. T-remove the tray and then examine it
  19. use the odd machine on the rabbit
  20. use the odd machine on the raft then put the raft in the canal
  21. run the cotton balls through the odd machine then examine them
  22. DIAGNOSE and examine yourself as a gorilla
  23. examine your body on the slab while you're a gorilla
  24. examine Trent's/Tiffany's body on the slab while you're a gorilla
  25. leave the Laboratory while you're a gorilla
  26. give anything to King Mitre
  27. shake King Mitre's hand
  28. examine (the unangled) Princess Theta
  29. marry Princess Theta (in both her angled and unangled forms)
  30. put the unangling cream on the pile of angles (or on King Mitre)
  31. touch the frog
  32. ask Trent/Tiffany to kiss the frog
  33. click the mouse
  34. sink the royal barge
  35. examine, awaken, or kiss the dead alien messenger
  36. put the lip balm on the dead alien messenger
  37. give the flexible black circle back to the proprietor
  38. show the dead alien's coded message to the Sultan/Sultaness
  39. ask the harem guard for a different number than the "correct" number (ask several times)
  40. ask the harem guard for the same number twice in a row
  41. wait instead of answering "yes" when the Sultan/Sultaness asks if you're ready for the riddle
  42. wait instead of answering the riddle right away
  43. SAVE your position in the Audience Chamber before answering the riddle
  44. return from the Inner Harem to the Harem holding the secret map after the Sultan's wife/Sultaness' husband warns you that if you leave that way "the harem guards will ..."
  45. thank the Sultan's wife/Sultaness' husband after getting the torch and secret map
  46. speak to the Sultan's wife or Sultaness' husband by his or her wrong number (e.g., SULTAN'S WIFE #123, HELLO, instead of SULTAN'S WIFE #789, HELLO)
  47. move around in the Catacombs without a light
  48. read the Cleveland phone book
  49. deflate the raft (and while it's in the water) (and while it's in the water and you're in it)
  50. put the raft in the Oasis
  51. take or open the buoy (if you've solved Zork I)
  52. talk to the robot baby
  53. kiss or rock the robot baby while it's crying
  54. suckle the robot baby (playing as both a male and a female)
  55. toss the robot baby into the canal
  56. count the leaves (that's also how many were in the pile of leaves in Zork I)
  57. tie the strips of cloth (from the partially-made rope) to anything
  58. go into space from the battleship without putting on the white suit
  59. tell Elysia/Elysium to shut up while he/she is screaming
  60. read the photo that Elysia/Elysium gives you
  61. ask various characters about the Leather Goddesses (such as Trent/Tiffany, the salesman, the mad scientist, Thorbast/Thorbala, Elysia/Elysium, King Mitre, Princess Theta, the Sultan/Sultaness, the Sultan's wife/Sultaness' husband, the Exit Shop proprietor)
  62. get fresh with the Leather Goddess in the Boudoir in TAME mode
  63. get to the end of the Plaza scene without Trent/Tiffany present
  64. get to the end of the Plaza scene without giving all of the eight parts to Trent/Tiffany
  65. use "four letter words" in your inputs while in the TAME mode
  66. smell the barge or the flowers in the Garden
  67. put the blanket, sheet, or sack on your head (if you've played The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  68. open your mouth
  69. give an age less than 5 while trying to enter LEWD mode
  70. LOOK with your eyes closed (or with your hands over your eyes)
  71. look through something that isn't transparent
  72. look inside your overalls, loincloth, or bikini
  73. type control-B followed by a carriage return (IBM version only)

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