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FREDDY PHARKAS: Frontier Pharmacist

Fun Things To Try After Playing The Game

From the Hintbook written by JOSH MANDEL

  1. Opening the coffin next to the Church
  2. Looking at and talking to the graves in Reboot Hill
  3. Talking to the Moosehead in the Golden Balls Saloon
  4. Giving the snails to Mom
  5. Talking to Hop Singh twice in a row in Act 1
  6. Giving things to P.H. Balance at the Bank of Bob
  7. Touching the man with the bowler hat who walks through town
  8. Giving the Claim Check to everybody in town
  9. Talking to the piano player in the Saloon
  10. Watching the Ending Credits ALL THE WAY THROUGH
  11. Talking to and touching all the people in line at the outhouse near the water tower
  12. Reading the book titles in the Pharmacy Office and the Pharmacy Bedroom
  13. Looking at the bottles in the Saloon
  14. Touching the rug in the Pharmacy Office
  15. Talking to the sheep in the 'Orehouse at night
  16. Touching the brunette in the 'Orehouse at night
  17. Going into the outhouse near Reboot Hill
  18. Going into the outhouse near the water tower
  19. Talking to the little girl jumping rope by the schoolhouse
  20. Looking at the posters in the General Store, the Sheriff's Office, and the Bank
  21. Putting water in the empty beer bottles during the "contaminated water" puzzle and drinking it
  22. Shooting yourself with the cleaned, loaded pistols (Save your game first!)
  23. Doing the target practice without cleaning your guns first (Save your game first!)
  24. Going to the Anthill twice in a row right after saving Srini
  25. Walking off Robertson Cliff (Save your game first!)
  26. Trying to jump on the Schoolhouse roof... while swinging BACKWARDS (Save you game first!)
  27. Jumping off the Schoolhouse roof... and missing the seesaw (Save your game first!)
  28. Getting all the groaners when you click one inventory item on another... or on itself (like clicking the pie on the pie, or the wax ear on the boots)

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