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Please Note!  This page contains two types of free games that are available to you, Games Played On Line and Games You Download To Play From Your Hard Drive.  Have Fun!

On-Line Adventure Games:

Need to be connected to the internet in order to play these games.  Enjoy!

The Mystery of Time and Space The Mystery of Time and Space

by Jan Albartus

You find yourself locked in a bedroom, but don't know how you got here. You also don't remember who you are. You must find a way to get from one area to another through doors that are locked in various ways. Hopefully one day you will find your way out and learn just what happened to you.

This game requires the Macromedia Flash Player

Walkthroughs for each level are provided HERE

The Road to El Dorado In order to play The Road to El Dorado you need the Flash Player by Macromedia.  It's a really cute mini game that is being offered as part of the promotion of the DreamWorks movie by the same name.  But strangely enough the website does not promote a new children's game called Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado, which is also based on the movie.  Believe it or not folks, this game, which adults are also enjoying according to some reviews, was developed by Revolution Software, the makers of our beloved Broken Sword games.  Wouldn't it be nice if it could grow into a series equivalent to the 'Monkey Island' series? 


Leo's Great Day - An Adventure GameIn order to play Leo's Great Day and Leo's Great Day II  you need the Flash Player by Macromedia.  They are short and sweet games, but also quite clever.





Tower of Hanoi Puzzle In order to play the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle  you need the Flash Player by Macromedia.  Can be changed in difficulty by indicating how many layers you want.  The object is to move all the layers from the left column to the right column stacked with largest on the bottom to smallest on the top (like it is on the left when you start .....simple, eh?  Hah!).  You cannot ever stack a larger block on a smaller block.  This will give Adventure Gamers some practice for those appearing in adventure games like 'Legend of Kyrandia, Book 2: Hand of Fate'.  To properly play this game, change your browser to full screen.


Games to Download:

These can be downloaded and played on your hard drive.  Enjoy!

   Beneath A Steel Sky

   by Revolution

   - CD Version (67 M)
   - Floppy Version (7.3 M)

"After the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy setting of Revolutionís first game, 'Lure of the Temptress', Revolution decided to go down a completely different avenue with its second adventure game 'Beneath a Steel Sky', that of Science Fiction.  A bleak vision of the future was imagined, where mind control and medical science combined forces to repress the populace.  Leading comic artist, Dave Gibbons, joined the design team to visualize this desperate landscape.  The result, released in 1994, was the cult classic 'Beneath a Steel Sky'.

Beneath a Steel Sky was produced for Amiga and PC but is no longer available for purchase.

In August 2003, 'Beneath a Steel Sky' was made available for free download and is now classed as freeware.  The sources and resource files are available from SCUMMVM  Using this new engine, 'Beneath a Steel Sky' can be played on XP, MacOS, Linux, Amiga and pocketPC.  Revolution extends its thanks to the SCUMMVM team for all their hard work in bringing the game back to life.  Enjoy!"

Walkthrough available here!

   The Uncertainty Machine

   by Ratracer Adventure Games

This is a traditional, 3rd person, point & click adventure, with a sci-fi plot.  You play Susan Gant, a young and curious newspaper reporter living in a western city sometime in the near future.  One day you accidentally stumble upon a conspiracy of monumental proportions:  in a bid for power, several groups are plotting to use something that will totally change society as you know it.  You must stop them, even if it costs you your own life!

A full length game, with approximately 90 different scenes to explore, 40 dialogues, and 80 inventory items.  Highly rated by all those who have played it.  We enjoyed it very much.

This game was developed using the Adventure Games Studio which is both free and easy to use.

Download The Game Here  If Necessary Right Click on the Link and then choose Save Target As

"Walkthrough" available here!

   Lure of the Temptress

   by Revolution Software

"Lure of the Temptress was Revolutionís very first adventure game and work began on it in 1989, even before Revolutionís inception as an actual games development company.  From the start their aim was to consider the contemporary adventures of the day and then bring something new to the genre.  From this came the Virtual Theatre engine.  VT allowed in-game characters to wander around the gameworld independently of each other, living their own lives and doing their own thing.  Another feature allowed the player to give direct orders to helper characters (in this case a character named 'Ratpouch'), who would then go off to perform the task.  These technology concepts were certainly unique, though Revolution was not sure how to develop them further in subsequent games.  Nevertheless, the result was a quirky and entertaining adventure game that kicked off Revolutionís fondness for characterization and in-game humor."  Click HERE to read our Review of this great old game.

"Walkthrough" available here!

                 King's Quest I VGA Remake

   by Anonymous Game Developers Interactive

" King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown, a revolutionary game designed by Roberta Williams and released in 1984, epitomizes the adventure gaming experience.  It was the first of its kind, the game that started graphical adventure gaming on the PC.  It allowed the player to interact in an entirely original 2.5D world, a groundbreaking concept that was so popular that it was followed by seven sequels and made Sierra famous.  In the early 1990's, Sierra released a remake of the original King's Quest game with newer technology and graphics, but it was a total market failure, so it is highly unlikely that Sierra will ever try to update it again.  Consequently, the people at Tierra Entertainment (Anonymous Game Developers) decided to take matters into their own hands and have remade it themselves, all for no pay or credit, only hoping to convince Sierra with the renewed interest in the game that it would be worthwhile for them to market the good old adventure games again."

During the first year nearly half a million copies of their remake was downloaded!  This new version 4.0 (102 MB download) has speech and music built into the game (earlier versions had separate voice and music packs that you would also have to download and then you would have to add them to the game).  Highly acclaimed by those who have played it.  Click HERE to read our Review of the Sierra 1990 remake of the game.

Walkthrough and hints available here!

               King's Quest II VGA Remake

   by Anonymous Game Developers Interactive

" King's Quest II was the sequel to the original King's Quest game designed by Roberta Williams.  Many people felt that this was the game in the series most in need of an upgrade, thinking that the puzzles were illogical and the storyline was too sparse.  In addition, the graphics in the original, which were impressive for its time, are now painfully outdated.  Many modern computers can no longer run the original game with sound, and it is no longer available in stores.

Consequently the Anonymous developers at Tierra Entertainment now offer this King's Quest II+ VGA remake, with upgraded graphics and interface of the original King's Quest game, but also with added storyline, puzzles, art, music, atmosphere, depth, and culture."  They have also just added a voicepack for this game to their website, but you must have the latest version (2.0) of their game to use it.  The whole adventure gaming world is heralding this excellent remake.  Click HERE to read our Review of Sierra's original 1985 game.

Walkthrough available here!

   Teen Agent

   by Metropolis Software

When some gold starts mysteriously vanishing from Megabank and the RGB can't solve the case, they finally get desperate and call in a fortuneteller to ask for help.  And she chooses you, Mark Hooper, a typical 16-year-old teenager, as the one who will be able to solve the mystery.

This is a 2D, 3rd person, point and click game with inventory and dialogue.  First published in 1994 and sold as shareware, it was released to the public as freeware in 1999 because of outdated graphics.  An entertaining and humorous game with many ingenious puzzles that is a lot of fun to play.  Be forewarned that this is a DOS game and may require to be played in DOS Mode rather than under the DOS Prompt.

This download is available from Good Old Games.  Be sure to check them out for many wonderful old vintage games made compatible with XP and Vista, some free and others for a very small price.

Walkthrough available here!

Herman in the lobby of the Crippled Badger Motel   Night of the Hermit

   by Roy Lazarovich

Night of the Hermit can be downloaded from the Adventure Games Studio Website  "One day, while Herman Toothrot ponders his fate on Monkey Island, a message in a bottle shows up saying that his grandfather has died and left him his big mansion on Badger Island, somewhere in the Caribbean.  So with visions of starting a new life, Herman packs his few belongings and sets out to claim his inheritance.  But the thing about bottle mail is that it's slow, very slow.  So by the time Herman gets to Badger Island, he finds that someone claimed the mansion years ago, and turned it into the sleazy Crippled Badger Motel.  Herman decides to spend everything that he has left (which is 12 dollars, 45 cents, and some moss) for one night at the motel, determined to find a way to reclaim what is rightfully his.  And this is his story..."

Read our review for Night of the Hermit.  A walkthrough can be found at the bottom of the review.  Solutions to finding all of the Easter Eggs can also be found on our review or on the walkthrough.

Voodoo    Voodoo

   by Ralf Sesseler

Voodoo is a point and click adventure based on the story of the King Diamond album 'Voodoo'.  You are Salem, the butler of an old colonial house.  The first owner of this mansion, Jean Le Noir, was a mighty voodoo priest, but he died some time ago.  Now David and Sarah Lafayette, together with her Grandpa, move in.  They heard rumors about the Loa house and its past, but they didn't care about all that superstitious gossip.  Maybe they should have.  Can you, as Salem, defend the Voodoo cult against disbelievers while serving your new employers?

To play Voodoo you will have to download both the Game Files, and the Game Player Engine,  Next create a folder called Voodoo and unzip both of these downloaded files into this Voodoo folder.  To Start the game use Windows Explorer to find and Double Click on the AdvPlay.exe file in the Voodoo folder.  If this is the first time that you have selected this file, you should be given the option to choose Deutsche or English.  Double click on the language of your choice.  Next you will have to select the game file voodoo.adv by clicking on it and then clicking on Open.  The game should now start.

If you need help with any of the steps given above, then go to number 8 on our How To page where you will find 4 different step-by-step lessons with lots of pictures to help you.

Walkthrough available here!

Treasure of Drunk Island    Treasure of Drunk Island

   by Edmundo Ruiz-Ghanem  and   MonkeyGames Entertainment

Treasure of Drunk Island can be downloaded  HERE.

For the Manual, Right Click  HERE  and choose Save Target As.

This is another fan game, an entertaining takeoff on Monkey Island.  We enjoyed it.

"You are William 'Willy' Alexander.  Ever since Willy was a kid he was eager to find adventure.  But much to Willy's disappointment nothing interesting happens, and he grows up and finds himself working for a big corporation where he finds even less excitement.  It all begins when you are fired due to budget cuts.  As you are clearing out your office, you find a clue that leads you to a treasure map hidden in the building's construction.  Suddenly you find yourself in the adventure of your lifetime! "

Walkthrough available here!

Farlor, The Wizard and Fudd Newby, The Hero?     Thod Trilogy

     by Joe Townsend  and  Sephware (now Laminated Goat)

NOTE:  Each of these games should be played in order.  Do not read the Thod II description below until you have first played Thod I.  Likewise do not read the description of Thod III without having first played Thod I and Thod II.

Wendy Mann's Review of the Thod Trilogy

Thod I  throws you into a faraway dimension unreachable by people of our world... except for Fudd, who witnesses his TV coming to life and turning into a portal right in front of his very eyes.  Since Fudd is in his mid-teens, his TV is very special to him, so he dives in after it.  In the new dimension, Fudd discovers that his TV was possessed by the deceased wizard 'Thod'.  After destroying the TV, the spirit of Thod travels back to Fudd's dimension to possess something else..."

Download Thod I    Walkthrough available here!

Thod II  starts off where the first game finished. Fudd has defeated Larfor and returned back to his world, only to witness the two worlds suddenly merging for a split second. Fudd knows that this must be involved with the other world, and attempts to head back. To his amazement, upon re-entering the portal, an exact copy of himself is formed, and he begins to exist in both his world and the world of Jert.

He has no clue why, until Farlor explains to Fudd that there is a large glitch in the portals, and somebody must be controlling them. Farlor then says that this could only be Larfor, who turns out to have not been killed by Fudd in the first place. Fudd ventures out to seek and destroy Larfor, but ontop of this, Fudd must also destroy the portal link between his world and Jert. Farlor tells him of an adventuress who will help Fudd out, an adventuress who happens to be Fudd's never-met sister, but who is it?

The story of Thod II begins here. Who is his mystery sibling? Will he find and destroy Larfor?

Download Thod II    Walkthrough available here!

Thod III  Although Larfor was defeated, the events of Thod II led to disaster. The two worlds merged together, becoming once, and the hero, Fudd, drowned in the ocean of his home world.

And so Thod III begins. Fudd awakens in the spirit world, an afterlife reserved for wizards who accomplished great things in their lives. Fudd is greeted into this neo-heaven by the four great wizards of Jert, who explain to Fudd that the two merged worlds have been taken over by Ein No Yami, the guardian of the barrier that origionally seperated the two dimensions.

Helpless in the spirit world, Fudd decides he must still find a way to escape from death and return to the lviing worlds, and save his friends... and the entire population of the multiverse.

Download Thod III    Walkthrough available here!

The following three DLL Files are needed to run Thod I, II and III.

Benji and Lola     ISLAND

     by Joe Townsend  and  Laminated Goat

"Benji Rosenbloom is your average Joe on a plane journey minding his own business. However, his confidence in the safety of air travel is suddenly challenged when his plane crash lands on an island in the middle of nowhere and he finds himself to be the sole survivor. Initially disoriented, Benji soon befriends a young woman named Lola, one of a group of survivors of a shipwreck that occurred on the island some number of years prior who have now come to make the island their home and learned to live at peace with a group of primitive island natives."

Read our  ISLAND Review.  A walkthrough can be found at the bottom of the review.

We enjoyed it, and we think you will too...  just take a look at the  trailer.

A Pirate's Life 3     A Pirate's Life Trilogy

     by Joe Townsend  and  Sephware (now Laminated Goat)

"A Pirate's Life Trilogy is Sephware's first series of Adventure games.  You play Toeph Illock, eventually a skilled pirate, who travels the Caribbean, and visits Britain for 10 minutes or so."

A Pirate's Life - "Toeph Illock, a pirate fresh from training school, seeks a nice holiday on Palm island, when a huge tidal wave sends him off course and he hits the wooden island known as Shipwreck island.  After escaping the island, Toeph soon learns of an evil pirate, Goatbeard, who must be stopped at all costs."

Download A Pirate's Life I

A Pirate's Life 2 - "After the first adventure, Toeph returns to a quiet life of pirating.  He travels to a British town called 'Brixham', which isn't as peaceful as it seems, after he is ambushed by two bad aiming hitmen."

Download A Pirate's Life II

A Pirate's Life 3 - "Toeph and his crew decide to take a break and get away from all the Goatbeard scenarios, by joining the crew of the largest ship to sail the seven seas.  The ship eventually lands on Peril island, where a battle takes place."

Download A Pirate's Life III

The following three DLL Files are needed to run A Pirate's Life I, II and III.

The Chief and Larry   Larry Vales: Traffic Division

             by Phil Reed

Larry Vales is an officer in the traffic patrol of Stagnant, Tennessee.  Experimentation in the field of parking enforcement has been in full force for years now, but just recently local insane scientist Professor Semprini has unveiled the new Lovely Rita 4200 Parking Enforcement Cyborg.  Unfortunately it has gone slightly berserk and has been sentencing citizens to death for even the most minor traffic violations.  Larry Vales and his less motivated partner, Charlie Striker, are called upon to disable the machine at The Jolly Parasite Motor Estates, the site of its last... sight.

Walkthrough available here!

Larry and Some Maybe Not So Honest Citizens?   Larry Vales II: Dead Girls Are Easy

                  by Phil Reed

This is about the longest day of Larry Vales life.  His patrol car is about to break down.  His girlfriend is about to be pushed out of a window at the Gates Motel.  He is about to lose his job.  A long-missing co-patrolman is about to be discovered.  His sideburns are about to grow another quarter-inch.  And Larry Vales himself will uncover a disturbing conspiracy against the town that will shake Stagnant, Tennessee to its core.  Or at least it would, if anybody paid any mind to the traffic division.

Walkthrough available here!

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